Sunday, 10 November 2013


Demographi​cs, Greed, Apathy and Solution  

Attn:  El Gringo Viejo,
"Remember the Alamo!”
We are outnumbered.
      The results are settled?  There are more of them than there are of us?  The Haves are a dwindling species and the Have-nots are about to have it all… that being free subsistence.  We are still stunned at the progressive coup that is holding the Constitution hostage.  The ransom is to give up our freedom.  The hostage takers will take the ransom and kill the hostage anyway.  The minority of the conservative element are negotiating with the perpetrators; however, their methods are weak due to a lack of leadership.  The guys with the megaphone (McCain, Graham, McConnell, Rove, etc.) are offering compromise but the hostage takers want our soul and will not settle for less.  The bad news is, the negotiators are inept and the majority of the population doesn’t know or care.  The potential good news is Obama and the gang are aiming at their collective feet (with black rifles).
    Nobody really knows the makeup of the population but it is clear that the majority consists of either those that do not care what happens to them, or they who have bought into the Obama tripe.
     El Gringo Viejo and El Zorro are aware of the demographics generally and how they affect the outcome of elections.  Rural areas are typically conservative.  Metro areas are typically liberal.  Throw into the mix North and South, East and West and the distribution becomes convoluted.  Other variables are divergent types such as libertarian and single issue voters.  With enough data an outcome can be predicted at a given time; however, over time swings occur due to changes in events.  Depending on how large the affected population and significant the event, the outcome can be instant and dramatic.  We saw in Virginia a typical outcome in the Governor’s race where Cuccinelli was as much as 9 points ahead until the large metro areas were counted and McCauliffe won by 3 points.
     If all things are equal, the metro Northeast, North, West and DC are mostly liberal.  Those populations pretty much outnumber the rest of the country which are conservative split by moderates/libertarians.  They are also top loaded with low information voters and government dependent enclaves. 
     There are some exceptions where there are large numbers of immigrants, mostly from Mexico, Central,  and South America who are eager participants in the welfare benefits available.
      In the recent 2013 election there was a proposition to amend the Texas Constitution as follows:
“Proposition Number 8
(HJR 147 and SJR 54)

HJR 147 would repeal the Texas Constitution’s maximum tax rate for a Hidalgo County hospital district; the maximum rate is currently set at 10 cents per $100 valuation. This rate is lower than the maximum tax rate allowable for hospital districts in all other counties in the State (75 cents per $100 valuation). The repeal of the constitutional cap would authorize hospital district tax rates in Hidalgo County equal to the hospital district tax rate laws applicable to all other Texas counties.”
     This is a special consideration that was written into the Texas Constitution at a time when 10 cents per $100 was higher than the rest of the state.  This was a special consideration for South Texas.  Now that the population of Hidalgo County is much higher, the taxes collected for the hospital district are insufficient to support the overwhelming indigent use of the emergency rooms and those who do not pay for services.  This proposition was on the ballot for the entire state.  This was a fair proposition but the point is that South Texas is a demographic that is more liberal than the rest of the state (exception being Austin).  This proposition passed. The elimination of the maximum rate for Hidalgo County will not alleviate the condition of misuse of the hospitals because of Obamacare mandates that the states cover what it will not.  In fact the 75 cents per $100 will not cover the costs for underinsured, subsidized, and pre-existing condition provisions in the law in Hidalgo and surrounding counties.  The repeal of Obamacare and sensible immigration reform are desperately needed here.  At the time El Zorro was a young man growing up in the Rio Grande Valley, Hidalgo County was rural.  Today it is metropolitan in nature. 
     The population of the United States is upward toward 330 million.  A rough breakdown hold the conservatives at 39%, liberals at 23%, and moderates at 37% (Pew Research Center).  So why do the liberals have so much control over the electorate?  The moderates obviously vote democratic and republicans stay home.  It is clear that moderates like free stuff and republicans (we didn’t say conservatives) don’t care.  The democrats are the elite handing out cell phones.

In order to change the tendency of government toward socialism the conservatives have to participate.  The moderates have to detox from dependence on Uncle Candy.

 mark levin photo: Mark Levin levin.jpg

     We have strongly supported Mark Levin's "The Liberty Amendments but have been some what critical (unfairly) that he has written the book and stopped there.  Mark still works at his radio show and with his legal foundation to work for us.  What we have to recognize it that he has done his part and it is time for the rest of us to do our part.  The challenge is to find charismatic leaders who can consolidate and coordinate the effort to set state conventions leading to amendments to the Constitution that will strengthen it per the intent of the Framers.  One individual has raised his hand and we should follow this closely and see where we can fit in.

     Indiana state senate president, David Long  - (R) has invited all states to participate in a meeting to discuss conventions as allowed in Article 5 of the US Constitution.  This is encouraging.  It is hoped this keeps going.  It will be a long hard slog.  It has taken 100 years to get to where we are… we have to have commitment, focus, and patience to make this work.  We also have to find and promote true conservatives to displace all democrats and RINOs.  We have to primary those Republicans who are doing as much or more harm than the progressives i.e. McCain, McConnell, Lindsey Graham to start with.

     To reiterate, more conservatives need to displace progressives/liberals/democrats/RINOS to gain majorities in the Congress in 2014 and the Presidency in 2016 for the short term.  Then the Constitution needs to be strengthened to stop this downhill slide to Marxist, socialist hell. 

     Support your local Tea Party if only to subscribe to their email.  It is an individual responsibility to keep oneself informed.  Do not do so at your own peril.  America needs all of us or she won’t be America any more.

We are only outnumbered because of apathy and greed.  We can overcome both of these.  Then we can say, “The results are settled”.  We cannot wait!