Sunday, 10 November 2013

Chasing Our Tails? Or Psyching Up for the Big Game?


The Coming Bailout of Obamacare:    This linkage will take the OROG back into the chapel of the Anglican Curmudgeon.   He excerpts a bit of a piece from the American Spectator, and wraps his own particular wisdom around other weavings of advanced thought.   A very short read, perhaps two minutes.   The OROG has already had to suffer through the sobering lamentations of both El Zorro and El Gringo Viejo....neither is icing his birthday cake with icing made of optimism.
     On the morrow, we shall renew the interchange....perhaps not as Emerson and Thoreau....when El Gringo Viejo will respond to El Zorro's observations.   We do wish to point out that Anglican Curmudgeon folds very salient points about the tribulations brought unto the citizenry by the present Regime ensconced in Washington, D.C. into his most excellent analysis of interior wars affecting Anglican Orthodoxy.   He includes material from other intellectually conservative fountains of information and do we.
    Is this a case of us chasing our own tails?   I think not.   It is necessary for us to know that there are others among us....many others....who think well and passionately.    Each of us is "....una fibra mas en el metate..."  as the country Mexicans say....."another fibre in the rope".  The more fibres the stronger and longer the rope.  A smaller force that is intelligent and resourceful can beat another that is larger and full of sloth.   And further, perhaps we are not even the smaller force.
   To be blunt....the conservative women.....?   Prettier and smarter.   Black conservatives?  Infinitely more intelligent and capable of critical thought and deductive reasoning.   The conservative Latin element?   There is not even the remotest comparison in terms of intellectual BTU's.  But we need to feed to, on, and from each other.
   We shall win.   To-morrow, more.
El Gringo Viejo