Monday, 11 November 2013

Habitual Derangement


obama clown
     We had wanted to wait until we were certain.   We are certain now.   It could be readily predicted what would happen.   The Soros and Co. cabal runs a garbage piece of legislation through a slack-jaw Congress. barely passing an income redistribution programme known as the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI).  The programme provides free medicine and medical services up to and including maternal pre- and post- partum, and a tempore services to men's and women's  pregnancy and childbirth issues.  It also allows unlimited re-reverse sex-change operations for those who have a hard time deciding exactly where they might stand in the old issue of "To be a man or a woman, that is the question."    In any regard, the entire issue could have been resolved long ago had the millionaires and billionaires only paid their fair share.
     We had tried to disbelieve Alice's wild stories about having fallen into a subterranean  madhouse somewhere in the centre of Washington, District of Colombian Redskins.  But alas, the child bore us true tidings.    Someone took a cumbersome, inefficient medical system that was expensive to operate and cared for those who cared not for themselves first, while charging those who tried to provide for themselves for the costs of the entire system.   While it was not perfect, it functioned fairly well.
    Most of the inefficiencies of the old system were things caused by overregulation and government intervention on various levels.  So the solution to what problems there were, of course, was deigned (literally) to be the passage of a Congrefsional Act of Human Bondage and Perpetual Slavery which authorised even more....yea! much more... central government intervention.
     That Act, now more commonly known as the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI), could not even be read until it had been passed, because the deranged sponsors and designers wanted to, in the words of the then Speaker of the House...." ....give the American people a very, very special Solstice gift of free medical care.  But remember,  we can't read it until we pass it.  No peeking."
      Santa Roberts dutifully delivered little boxes down the chimneys of all, each box containing  a card for the occupant of each Section 8, reading "This card entitles the bearer on demand to free medical care.  Call 1 - 800 - lotsoluck or click on to FREEMONEY.Com in order to select the amount you will be required to pay for your free medical care."
    Some weeks later, there is another advisory that is made stating, "If there are problems in the implementation of the OSMI or in communicating with the programme, blame one of the following:
                    (1)  George Bush
                    (2)  Tea Party
                    (3)  Republicans
                    (4)  Millionaires and Billionaires
                    (5)  The guy down the street who jacked a bigger flat screen than
                            you could because you were too drunk and stoned to carry
                            anything out of the house that you all were burglarising
Now, against that relatively accurate description of how we managed to arrive at this point....two airliners on the same runway, one taking off, the other landing, both doing 179 mile per hour....all the usual suspects return.   The socialists, the moderate Republicans, the un-thinking self-centred Americans who want a "reasonable and immediate fix because I'm me", the illegals who have come to trough and not to toil, the low intelligence and information personalities and all are clamouring for "THE SOLUTION".   And Beelzebub smiles.
     He sends Lucifer and Lucifer says, "Sign here, and your problems are over."



     Congrefs authorises 932,000,000,000 USD per annum additional free money to the budget to "....subsidise necessary expenditures that the Administration always said were necessary but which were prohibited by the hostage-taking wealthy radicals within the Republican caucus who are totally opposed to sharing the American Bounty with the people who have been historically exploited.   Now that the obvious nature of their iniquity is so clearly demonstrable, we can move quickly to subsidise all Americans in their purchase of free insurance so as to obtain the free medical services they so richly deserve.   Finally, America can begin to speed up the original purpose of the foundation of this wicked country and provide the social democracy that works so well in the ant-hill and the bee hive.
     Of course, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D - Massachusetts) affectionately known by all Americans who love her so very much as "Pocahontas" because she is a Princess of All Red Skinned Native American Aboriginal Indians,  will be named to oversee this redistribution of ill-gotten wealth from the millionaires and billionaires back to the slaves and downtrodden, huddled masses from whence it came.
    Also, Eric Holder has informed us that he has incontrovertible evidence that the Insurance Company Cartel has conspired to engage in price gouging, simply because we were requiring them to pay for life-time re-reverse sex-change operations and abortions for 79 year old men.  Therefore, we have called Barney Frank back into public service to oversee the new Federal Insurance Alliance, a division of the Internal Revenue Service, to oversee the operation of this new, fully free, free health care system for all that is totally free.   Just pay additional shipping and handling.
     In other words, Obama will say, "Let's just fix this by subsidising those who have had their premiums go up.  That's only fair."
     The response to that insanity is "NO!!"   The only acceptable path in this matter is to completely reset the chessboard.   Clear all the pieces, and return to them to where they were on the board five years ago.   Prohibit any government fix.   Pass one original promissory law that allows for insurance companies to sell across State lines.   It is amazing how cheap life insurance and automobile liability insurance for responsible drivers  has become.  And, on top of it all, there is simply not the money to pay.  It would be the camel that broke the straw-stem in two.
     After that, privatise Medicare, and return to the States the responsibility for paying for what is now Medicaid....which is essentially the refuge for the slugs, addicts, illegal aliens, multigenerationally dependent welfare sloths, and the occasional down-on-your-luck folks that might really need it.   The States and localities can sort that out much more readily.   They will be in a better position to say "NO" instead of grovelling before Uncle Obamaham for a few more inflated, borrowed, and deficited dollars to pay for some welfare recipient's sore throat or the leavings of the last shoot out between four street corner drug dealers.
And that ladies and gentlemen, is the name of that tune.  NO SUBSIDIES to cure what Obama caused!!!   Nay, Neigh, Non, No, Nyet, Nein!
El Gringo Viejo