Friday, 8 November 2013

He did not really cheat or lie

     We must remember that marxists have no true morality or sense of fair play.   One of the most basic rules of those who cleave unto that system of ordering lives is the certainty that anything that advances socialism is truth.   It matters little how far removed from the truth their truth is.    So, in defence of our Dear Leader, he certainly thinks that his mendacity should be seen as a different form of truth.   That truth, which seeks to dress the populace in grey muumuus and eat low-fat tofu throughout the entire 30 years of their lives, requires whatever necessary to force everyone into some form of the NHS.
     When Miss Fluke was demanding that my granddaughters and my daughter pay for her birth control, because Miss Fluke was a poor beset-upon girl who had to pay 3,000 USD per year for her pills, Obama came forth with his choir of white-coated dullards standing behind him to pronounce, "I am ordering that all insurance companies must include FREE contraceptive coverage in their policies according to the provisions of the Obama Socialised Medical Initiative (OSMI)."
     There are so many mandated conditions and inclusions that insurance companies were and are faced with either raising rates or retiring to the sidelines of the industry....veterinarian, body-parts insurance, professional athletes and belly / ballet dancer injury insurance, etc.   Finally, even those things would be brought under the control of the Central Government.
      For the "reasonable Republicans" who think that we need to have some "amendments" to the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI), please understand that it simply cannot be done.   They immediately began to suggest that a bill should be passed to allow people who have lost....or who are in danger of losing....their medical insurance policies (incorrectly referred to as 'health care'), to keep their policies.   Such cannot be done.   Insurance companies are not going to offer policies for long-term health considerations when the political barometer is so volatile.  They are not going to offer policies that are subject to the review to lunatics such as Janet Napolitano, Kathleen Sibelius, Eric Holder, Valerie Jerrod, and Nancy Pelosi.
     It simply cannot be done.   The only solution to the Monster of Frankenstein
Socialised Medical Initiative is to turn "settled law" into kindling and garbage wrapping paper.   The Act of Revocation could replace 2,900 pages of "settled law" and its accompanying 180,000 pages of rules, regulations, and requirements with perhaps two pages of legal construction that overturns page alpha through page omega.   It will simply require a veto-proof United States Senate, which would then be, by definition, a filibuster-proof Senate...ready to overturn any last-ditch defence of the horrid legislation by the horrid Community Organiser in Chief.  Republican control of the Lower House is all but certain, but it would help to hold a few more seats, and then perhaps there would be enough Democrats to join with a unanimous Republican commitment to become a 290 vote block total required to overturn a veto from the White House.

      Perhaps Hizzoner, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Wise Latinas could hold off finding the veto of the Obama Socialised Medical Initiative un-Constitutional.


     The press is pointing out that the sign-up for the OSMI in Kentucky for the is doing very well.  Almost 300,000 people have visited the fairly well-functioning web site operated by the State's OSMI Registry.   We invite the OROGs to use whatever search engine and look for the glowing reports  about the "Kynect Miracle".   The only problem is that the State of Kentucky fell for the deal about "free money" from Father Obamaham.   That free money came in the form that the OSMI offered States two "free" years of Obamastash money....and that at the end of that time, all people signed up on the OSMI Medicaid section would have to be converted to the State's budget.
     That is why Governor Perry and the great majority of the Republic of Texas's population favoured not participating in the "free money" offer from the OSMI.   Thank the Lord we refused that millstone.

    So, when analysed only a slight bit it turns out that over 80 per cent of the people being signed up for the OSMI are being assigned into the Medicaid Program.  They will never pay any premiums of any kind...opting for some degrading, parasitical relationship that can only serve to dehumanise the participant.    What will they do when the two years have passed?

     Another argument is the ancient saw one hears when a particular Senator or Representative is being lauded or is lauding himself before a campaign crowd,".....and we have to really give old Kennedy credit for having BROUGHT HOME THE BACON!!"   (roaring cheers in the background).
     The cheering stops for a moment when a hayseed in the crowd asks to speak, and Old Kennedy recognises the man and tells him to take the floor.  The man draws himself up and asks, "I was jist a-wondering, if'n it took all that work and trouble to bring all that bacon back here from Washington, then why did we send it up there to begin with?"

    All charity begins at home.   That feeds into the steadily increasing realisation that the Republic of Texas is a theoretical and spiritual reality. It must become a concrete legal reality.

Storm clouds and earthquakes....  
 El Gringo Viejo