Thursday, 7 November 2013

Back in Town

  We made a run of it to-day, leaving the Quinta in the rain at 07:00 hours and pulling into our borderland stomping grounds right at noon. Some areas to the south had received as much as six inches of rain overnight, and we had a little more than an inch.   All in all, the Autumnal rainy season has been quite wet for a large part of Southern Texas and northeastern Mexico.
     Our place has suffered a bit from the heavy rains.   Repairs will take a while, but the home is intact and functioning. The cats and dogs are fed, and the gardens, natural areas, and general surroundings can only be described as idyllic.  We have lost a little weight during the Summer, chiefly from laziness and not eating much.   El Gringo Viejo resolved this time down to do more walking around and to eat at least one big meal per now the weight is back up to 176.
     One of the "exercise routines" employed is just simply walking about a mile down to and along the Rio Corona, and then ambling back up.  The mainly gentle grades make for a bit of extra work, the dogs and cats seem to enjoy the running around, escorting the El Gringo Viejo during the hour or so it takes.  It has been an especially fine period for birds and butterflies.   It seems like each walking episode produced one or two new, previously unseen bird  and/or butterfly specie.....lots of little "jellybean" - type birds. 
     We watched and listened to the developments on this Obama Socialised Medical Initiative.   The march continues, wreaking havoc where there should have been no action.   Each action taken by the administration has been intentionally designed to eliminate the insurance industry from the theatre of the medical industry.  The Rules for Radicals guide to administration for the Community Organiser in Chief plays out the same in each cycle....promise the dull and parasitic people something grand, tell them that the rich people are denying the oppressed a fair share, demonise the appropriate people and/or industries, and then force the implementation of a solution to a problem that did not heretofore exist.
     That solution, of course, will simply aggravate the problem, thereby giving the community organiser community more opportunity to propose and implements solutions to the problems that they themselves created.   The complicity of the obsolete press helps by allowing the intellectually straight-jacketed press to direct the thought processes of the limited intellectual community and takers in the incessant attack on the givers. 
     It is difficult to listen to Senator Reid, who has been in the forefront of the effort to build another pyramid of enslavement to place on the backs of the citizens.  He declared that the "....American people have their beloved Social Security and Medicare...." which literally made this listener nauseous.   Social Security and Medicare are both cultural cancers that are ill-founded and born of the perverse desire of politicians to buy votes for themselves with other peoples' money.   That Social Security is a Ponzi system is not is in fact, a perfect example of that scheme.
      The Texas Teachers' Retirement System provides employee-owned retirement accounts that accrues interest, can be willed to survivors, and can build surprisingly during the period of employment.   The administration is small and very professional, and the governors have been a responsible lot for the long history of the institution.
      How the American public can sit, stand, or lie down in the face of this usurpation of every vestige of control and privacy held by us as sovereigns or our own natural, Providentially bestowed Rights cannot be understood by this observer.   We shall be making more observations and comments as the days go by, as usual....some Mexico news....some personal tales....and, of course, hopefully interacting with my fellow Neanderthal Troglodytes Community members.  
El Gringo Viejo