Thursday, 14 November 2013

Potpourri of Important Stuff.....A note from El Zorro and a Haunting Glance to Chill Your Bones

     The other day, tired from the drive, and after working pretty much for three weeks on stuff that involved quite a bit of heavy lifting....and (ugh) spending money, El Gringo Viejo was shot (exhausted).  For thirty-six hours he moped about, feeling sorry for himself and trying to "get straight".  But then he read the planning notes from about three weeks earlier that El Zorro had sent...just some nebulous thoughts, but experienced notions about how to attack this issue festering in Washington, D.C.   Before the next six hours was up, El Gringo Viejo had hopped to and was making submissions, contacting this and that party and generally making a pest of himself.   It went to the idea that El Zorro had about insertion where and when every opportunity....without being forbearing.   But it was necessary to back up our team.   Neither of us is a Tea Party member per se, but intellectually, we cannot believe that any victory is worth winning if it is not grounded in principle...and the willingness to implement said principle while in governance.   Our principles are grounded in a view of the future without debts for our progeny...our nation.   Your humble servant is convinced at this point that the re-establishment of The Republic of Texas must occur and that it will occur.   But I genuinely do not wish ill for the American Union. My grandchildren come from a line that has 400 to 450 years on the North American Continent depending upon which line they follow back to Boston Harbour or Vera Cruz.  El Zorro is in the same situation in many ways.   We know that burdensome debt is a greater slayer of nations and the will of the populace of those nations than even War.
     Welfare dependency, crony capitalism, overly entitled labour unions, a fractious citizenry arrayed group against group for economic and/or cultural reasons....all represents internal rot of the soul of the nation.   We are forming a wave to re-instate equality before the law and sociological union of the populace and freedom from central government largess and bondage.  In short, we are going to re-establish Americanism.   Texianism we have already, just about as close as it can be.  We'll work on that some more as well.

JH commented on your status.
James wrote:

      "DC, I am in!
     The current major issue is the audacious deceit perpetrated by Obama regarding the OSMI (Obama Socialized Medical Initiative). The projected number of Americans being ejected from their formerly private sector medical insurance is 93 million. That is something under one-third of the population. These people had insurance that would qualify as an exemption from Obamacare but because of Obamacare they have lost the exemption and are forced into it.
     This is such a blatent fraud by the president it should qualify him for impeachment, indictment, and felony conviction. He has knowingly and intentionally misled everybody. That by itself, not including all the above, is worthy of removing this man from the presidency. Where are the representatives that could have stopped this before it has become all but impossible to stop? Are there any among them to stand with Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and a hand full of others to call for impeachment?
     Folks, this is serious. It is not just a handful of trouble makers who know what needs to be done. It is the entire conservative culture, most of the independents, and a growing number of democrats who are awake: however, the lead has to come from incumbents to make real change back to the Constitution. If the incumbents now cannot handle the job we need new incumbents. That is what we can do now. In the longer term, we can strengthen the Constitution with the method prescribed in Article 5. That has to start now. We cannot wait. We should be very concerned that if this cannot be initiated peacefully now, other not-so-peaceful methods might be employed later to restore the letter and intent of our beloved Constitution. I and many others are with you."
     Yes, it is very serious.  El Gringo Viejo has set forth a call to the Blogosphere of the Right, calling on all the serious minor league rightwing bloggers to begin the beat of the drum.   The organisation of the troops.  The preparation to make noise....noise that is wide and deep....that can be heard in Boise and Mobile, Reno to Lexington, Massachusetts and Virginia and Texas.   This is being done so that the "Quesos Grandes" will be able to quickly click on to any laptop or PC and see that several score thousand of bloggers who have friends and followers and readers numbering into the millions are logging onto sites with which they have substantial agreement.
     Compatible issues are, for instance, the melding of the Fifth Amendment Movement with the pressure to bring the "I' and "C" words to the fore.  Impeachment and Conviction must be held over the head of a man who would blame some poor dumbo Coptic Christian for inciting a "riot" so as to cover up his and his Secretary of State's own dereliction....criminal dereliction...resulting in the deaths of several Americans, including a full Ambassador...and several Libyan guards who were compromised and probably murdered for having held in with the Gringos.  Nothing important, save for those of us who believe in honour and the compliance of the American way, of protecting our own and being loyal to those foreigners who stand with us.
    Further dereliction comes in the form of the president's citing of the specific group "Seal Team 6" when speaking publicly as if he was somehow the strutting, ball-spiking general who braved the bullets on Normandy Beach and led the way to the killing Usama bin Laden in a far off land.
     Enough!   This show to-day, at the "press conference" and "statement" about a "fix" by a person who thinks he can write some laws and not enforce other.   By the Constitution he is wrong on both points.
     And this is the person who pre-supposes that she will succeed the current poseur.

"I know I saw him.   I tell you, it was him.  He was sitting right back there!
Listen to me, dammit!  I know Vince Foster when I see him.!  I've been
seeing him more and more recently.   Him and that Ambassador. What
was his name?   Oh, what the Hell difference does it make."


It is really, really strange how so many people wind up dead, once they
cross paths with this person.   Perhaps that is what comes as a by-product
of having done so much for women.....and children.....and minorities,
and everything.   Just think of all she has done for others.
Ah! Benghazi...if only she could have answered the
call at 03:0o....but it might have been Ron
Brown, calling from the "other side".
The eyes are the mirror of the
 soul;  Assuming that
 there is a soul to
 be mirrored.

 El Gringo Viejo