Thursday, 14 November 2013

Honour, Class, and Duty

     Finally, we have arrived at a point where we can engage with our learned counsel and lifetime friend concerning this miserable situation in which we are enmeshed.  El Zorro and El Gringo Viejo have a tremendous amount of common traits....size, shapes, proclivities, talents, dispositions, ancestries, and the like are all right out of the Southern, White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant Wasp Manual.  Of course, we are both mestizo...each having Indian ancestry, although El Zorro's is a bit greater.   And, as Protestants, that is a wobbly post along the fence-line, because most of the old Episcopalians consider themselves to be Orthodox and not Protestant....and certainly members of the the congregation of Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Churches.   But then, El Zorro is also a philosophical Theist by inclination...a believer in The Cosmic Force....while El Gringo Viejo is a dull, unthinking Traditionalist...set his groove by a family whose surname actually is Christian.   Both of us were good, serious, acolytes although we were a bit mischievous when not actively serving.  And, El Zorro is a better warrior than El Gringo Viejo.
     We have come though life this far, however, only to debate and discuss things we could never have envisioned during the previous 60 or so years.  The nation....will it survive?   Is the control group so bent on maintaining control and placing puppets into the control points of the governance, that it will kill the thing they are attempting to control?  Is there anything so ridiculous, or so obvious and urgently necessary as the re-establishment of the Republic of Texas?
     And, we are.   Sitting around with no particular power, but yet almost perfectly free from any shackles of any control group or any individual.   El Gringo Viejo would like to throw out first that it is long past time that Barack Hussein Obama should have resigned from office.  To-day's high-handed (and running late, as usual, as is the case with all terminally narcissistic empty chairs), is a case in point.   The President of the United States is stating that he is ordering a change to a law.   Such cannot be the case in a democratic republic.  If he intends to order and enforce that order to amend in any substantial way, that is prima facie usurpation.
     Further, when speaking to the Spanish-language television network "Univision" during the 2012 presidential campaign, Barack Hussein Obama declared that he knew nothing of the program Fast and Furious until he was informed about it a couple of months previous to his appearance on said programme.   He said it was a programme that was put in place by the Bush administration and he ordered it closed down.  The bald-faced lie was so blatant that the two interviewers could not really say much, because it put them in the position of having to call Barack Hussein Obama a bald-faced liar.   They had to protect their own stupid self-interests in trying to keep the president at least on superficially positive relations because he was also saying that he was still trying to push illegal alien amnesty through the (according to the press people present) resistant, racist, anti-Mexican, United States Congress.
     But, that one event should have opened up a challenge to the legitimacy of the Obama presidency.  It was a clear lie on several levels.   Not a different interpretation of the truth, but a clear lie.   It was a lie that contradicted the legitimate interests of persons and institutions both foreign and domestic.
     Likewise, the silly, arrogant, and dangerous treatment of the Benghazi situation....before, during, and after the incident....definitively require the drawing of Articles of Impeachment and the subsequent Conviction of Barack Hussein Obama, as well as the indictment, conviction, and incarceration of the then Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, for criminal dereliction..
     His incessant use of executive edict also calls into question his willingness to respect the division of powers.   His amending established law by the granting of waivers to certain interests, especially those private and public interests to whom he is beholden for political and financial support is a primordial transgression against the compact between governor and governed in a democratic republic.    The head of government must include and defer to processes based  upon the rules of Common Law and a Constitution that provides definite procedures and roles for each of the three Divisions of the central government.
     One danger Barack Hussein Obama fails to consider in granting these administrative gifts such as waivers and loans and government grants is that he almost certainly is violating the concept of equal protection before the law.  Further, he is doing it for the purpose of personal and political advantage.
     El Gringo Viejo is teetering and tottering between various inclinations and desperate responses to all of this.  It is almost certain that to-day, when the muumuu clad blobs come home from having their nails done, and the bankers come back from counting the money that has been deposited from the negotiation of food stamps at the various grocery stores and other outlets that participate in the national socialist "safety net"....they will be cheered up,   Why?  Because Obama has stated that he will allow the insurance companies to extend their old policies for another year", thereby demonstrating that he is decisive, and that he will protect the little people against the Republican Wehrmacht.    The terminology even boils El Gringo Viejo's blood...."Obama will allow".
     King Huabungo deigns....and he waves the scepter made from the femur of a defeated warrior from some  insignificant tribe from over there somewhere....and thereby causes Law to happen.  Too many Tarzan movies, too much dope smoked and cocaine snorted.  Too many people telling someone who is so obviously a puppet that he is great and grand and that his raiment is the finest.    Oh! What fun it is to be, An Hugo Chavez for a while.   T0-day the medical sector, to-morrow I think I'll just order a complete shutdown of the coal industry.  Then, maybe I'll nationalise the loan industry for advanced education.
     This screed is and is not suited for a treatise.  You have things to do, as do I.  To list the several hundred egregious transgressions against the sensibilities of the Constitution and the truly established law of the land would take several hundred, if not thousands, of pages of enumeration and explanations.  But I truly believe that if Obama had the remotest notion of the concept of Duty, and/or if he had one drop of blood with any Class at all, or if he had the soul of a person who valued his personal Honour.....he would be gone from the office by this point.    Furthermore, he would be gone by his own hand....returning to his native Hawai'i or perhaps Kenya or Chicago, or someplace such as Jamaica.
     Perhaps he and Michelle and the girls and Michelle's mother, and Reggie Love could all move in and room-up with Uncle Omar Obama Onyango at that nice little house in the Boston suburbs for a while.
     The final and real question is, should all the minor-league bloggers begin to beat the drum for removal from office, or should we just sweat out the next three years and hope that we aren't sent to Fort Leavenworth for "de-briefing"?
El Gringo Viejo