Monday, 18 November 2013

A Trollybus of Thoughts, Impressions, and Grouchy Mutterings


(1)   Hayley Barbour, one time Republican National Committee and Governor of Mississippi is a dolt.  He explained at length to a report the other day that it was necessary to "do whatever was necessary to win" and that is why they had to block the candidacy of Cuccinelli for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia because there was no way he could win and he was an embarrassment to the Republican Party.   So, he and a few other country club Republicans arranged to fund the candidacy of a no-chance-to-win Libertarian because they knew that that candidate would siphon off enough votes to block Cuccinelli and throw the election to the Democrat....who happens to be a New Yorker, an arch-socialist, a Hillary Zombie, and arrogant jackass, and a hypocrite.    Thanks, Haley, for being such a loyalist, and for doing those things that are so necessary to "Win".   If this is your idea of winning, you will understand why all of us...the little people out here in nowhere land....think that RINOs are afflicted with some kind of a serious brain syndrome.

      With the slightest SINCERE positive involvement by the GOP kinder, gentler, moderate, reasonable, and real Republicans we could easily have had a conservative Republican at the helm in this pivotally important State.  But, guys like you, Haley, take votes gladly from us right wing crazies, and then ridicule us as you turn your support to your "good friend" Terry McAuliffe , as you call him, as you actively arranged to raise money for the third party candidate and thereby torpedoed the GOP chances in the Old Dominion.
(2)    We have another "Lincoln freed the slaves moment" as the notion that "Bush did nothing" about Katrina continues to become an axiomatic truism that is false.   It has been repeated so much that, unfortunately, a falsity is becoming the truth.
     Governor Blanco of Louisiana dallied for four days after the failure of the essentially unattended and essentially dysfunctional system of locks, canals, and diversions that were designed many years ago to protect, at least in a small way, the interior of New Orleans from flooding.    Overflow from the Mississippi River is so catastrophic that any true breach of the improved, but essentially natural levees of the Mississippi could never be defended.
     The problem was with the incoming flow that originated in the Florida Parishes to the east of Baton Rouge and New Orleans, that inundated Lake Pontchartrain and thence overwhelmed the locks and diversions a bit north of New Orleans. 
     The next problem was that almost none of the gate keepers and engineers who are supposed to operate the locks and gates decided to stand their ground and deliver their services.  Being political appointees, making massive salaries while doing next to nothing, or in some cases, absolutely nothing...when the time for even the most basic selfless service came...they ran like the cowards, thugs, political hacks, bums, self-centred little squibs that they were and are.
Just like the school district personnel; administrative, teachers, janitors, bus drivers, and almost everybody.   Only the private schools, Catholic, Episcopal, Protestant kept their heads and tried to help others.    Mayor Nagin was nowhere to be found, as were the vast, vast majority of firemen and policemen.  Gone!  Puff!  Evaporated!  Except of course for the ones who also participated in the looting and ransacking of stores and private homes while what few cats there were left were being overwhelmed by the hordes of mice.
     And remember , while this is going on, Governor Blanco of Louisiana is still in Baton Rouge, 80 miles to the northwest, asking her staff if ".....these pants make my butt look too big."  The White House, of those days, thought that it was a odd thing that neither the Governess nor the Mayor had deigned it necessary to request a preliminary designation of the Crescent City and its surroundings be given a Federal Disaster Declaration.
     In a federal republic, such prerogatives must necessarily rest with the locale.   The central government cannot intervene unless requested.  They never requested until finally strongly exhorted by various heavy-lifters, including the entire command of the Louisiana National Guard.   But, by that time, the disaster was complete, people were coming out of the ghetto, wondering how in the name of the Great God of Food Stamps they were supposed to take care of themselves.   And, of course, it was all George Bush's fault, and that we know because even Shepard Smith make sure that no one,,, and we mean no one who had ever even looked at a Republican placard or television advertisement could ever again be considered remotely morally equal to him or any real reporter or any liberal...because they felt things in their hearts and the Republicans only care about money.
    Fault in the issue:   Blanco and Nagin and the entire corrupt New Orleans political machine.  They had 60 years to prepare for a relatively minor hurricane and a relatively minor flood episode...and failed.
     But Gringo Viejo, Gringo Viejo...Katrina was a devastating category V hurricane!!!!   No,  for a very brief period, while still in the distant middle of the Gulf of Mexico, Katrina made Category V.  When the eye of Katrina came  ashore near the border of Louisiana and Mississippi it was already a Category II.   The backside winds flowing from the north-northeast gusted a couple of times up to ninety miles per hour, but were sustained over hurricane force of any speed for only 3 hours.   The biggest disaster of the storm for New Orleans was State and City sloth and corruption, the blatant stupidity and sloth of the inner city residents who could do little or nothing for themselves, and the failure to make any....any....preparations.    The United States Representative William Jefferson Hamilton evidenced great heroism, however by commandeering a double-axle 7 tonne National Guard ordnance and commissary conveyance...that he used to rumble through the his house....where he went in and extracted 100,000 USD in cash of bribe money paid to him by an African government for favours rendered.   Since there was no electricity he saw no reason to have to keep the money any longer in his freezer.   When they tried to leave, the double-axle became mired in the mud of Rep. Hamilton's expansive front yard and another similar truck had to be summoned to chain up and extract the first truck.    It's amazing what public servants have to suffer when they are serving the public.

(3)    Next, we have to suffer a woman who has managed to deduce that people do not like Obama.  And when people do not like Obama there is a whole lot of racism going on.  What a brilliant deduction.   A woman who is exactly like Obama in the sense that she is artificially created and controlled by an unseen management group.   They are to be lauded because they took an unattractive woman with scant interest in men, intellectual substance, or anything beyond  the most superficial and dysfunctional "charitable" operations and pulled the marionette magic of making her a "celebrity'' ...nay! a "personality"....even a "star"....and she manages to say that people do not like Obama because he is a Negro.   Brilliant.
    Uh....Opie....people who have an IQ over room temperature do not like Obama because he is a fire engine Red socialist who wants to enslave America for his Massa, George Soros...and lead as many white dogs to the guillotine as possible.   Among the first white dogs will be Herman Cain, Col. West, Mia Love, and every conservative of Black African ancestry he can root out.  Then he and Bill Ayres will start on the rest of the retrograde rightwingers.
     Oprah....good grief.   Being a slob, ugly, and very dull intellectually, one would think that you would have the grace, at least, to appreciate that you are not combing through the garbage in Nairobi searching for scraps.   Imagine the august and noble statement from Booker Tecumseh Washington who intoned, "In my estimation, it is better to have been born an American dog than an African King."  And...Opie....Booker T. was a much better human being than you....and a much better human being all the way around in terms of being an example of dignity, intelligence, forthrightness, and positive instructive influence for white man and black.

(4)     We thank the Lord that Texas had the good sense to  remain away from the Sirens' call to take the "free money" for Medicaid that Obama offered to those whom Father Obamaham and Valerie Jerrod considered to be dunces enough to take the dreaded poison.    One thing that the dumboes who took the poison have to understand, of course, that once that State takes the filthy lucre, within two short years, at political entity must pick up all the cost, AFTER the program has globbed on several million dregs, slugs, addicts, wounded drug traffickers, and others who are incapable of self-management.  AND, those entities will be allowed that great favour of dealing with those nice folks, like Uncle Omar and Auntie Zietuni, EXACTLY AS PRESCRIBED BY FATHER OBAMAHAM AND THE CABAL OF ANTI-AMERICAN SOCIALISTS DEMAND.

Ulysses lashed to the mast to avoid the
lure of the Sirens.  Look carefully to see
the wax in his ears, placed there to silence
the irresistible song of the seductresses.

     The OROG should be aware that only about 10% of Medicaid participants are people who arrived there through no moral or social fault of their own.  Only 10% are actually folks who are "dealt a bad hand, or down on their luck, or who have had a catastrophic event overwhelm them."

     As an addenda to this topic, all welfare and charity should and must be as locally administered by private agencies as is humanly possible.   It cannot be done as part of a National Welfare Scheme such as did the National Socialists of 1930s Germany nor the Bolshevik programmes of the past century.   We see even the ruin that national programmes have brought to the insignificantly small countries in northern, eastern, western, and southern Europe....all of whom have proud histories....and each of whom are now drab places filled in their majority by proles on the doles.   Grey, grey reality.
  (5)     Finally....there is no apology when a person apologises and says...."I am real sorry that the dolts and dumbasses of the American Union failed to understand my teleprompter."
       Obama has ridden this horse exactly to where he hoped it would be.   Promise much....cause a train-wreck....go back to the "Rules for Radical Playbook, Rule No. 3" and blame the capitalist structure (in this case the Insurance Industry) and finally run from third base to home plate.....and home plate is the implementation of the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI).

(6)     Benghazi gun-running to Al Qaida sponsored "Freedom Fighters"?   Was it possibly a "for profit" operation being run for personal interests within the Obama administration?   Why was Mubarak driven out of office ?
The only possible result would be massive destabilisation of Egypt...a more than nominally reliable and almost noble ally in the complicated Rubik's Cube geo-political game in the Middle East.
     Where have all the Generals gone?
     Where have all the very, very highly trained actual combat Sergeants gone?  (El Zorro and Sgt. Cesar know from when El Gringo Viejo speaks.
     Why is homosexual tolerance and women in front line combat more important than actually having combat units whose job it is to break things and kill and wound the enemy?
      Why is it okay to invent stories out of whole clothe about "offensive videos about Mohammed, when such inventions can only be used to further humiliate an already diminished image of American competence?

     And, who will answer for 600 Mexicans who are totally innocent or involved in honestly going about their duties who have been killed in cross-fire incidents and in combat with the Cockroach Infestation that is the assembled cartel sub-human contamination.   The Fast and Furious programme was designed strictly for the purpose of defaming legitimate gun dealers and legal and compliant American private firearms owners.   It is like the Hillary - Reno - ATF and E conspiracy to do the same defamation job against private firearm ownership that resulted in the burning down of a religious kook's compound with the resultant deaths of 43 children.  There, an in the case of Fast and Furious, every possible explanation made by Janet Reno and her lackeys wound up being an assembly of lies....much of the mendacity aimed at protecting the fact that (Sir Edmund)Hillary and Reno co-ordinated on the project and somehow managed to coerce the willing participation of Gen. Wesley Clarke, the Hero of the Battle of Mt. Carmel, to violate the rule of Posse Comitatus by the employment of combat helicopters from Fort Hood in the execution of a matter that pertained to civilian, domestic affairs.
     About the Mexican thing, El Gringo Viejo has issues with real and perhaps imagined indignities inflicted by the Mexicans upon the Americans' best interest.   But in the main, they are an overwhelmingly positive factor for American interests and it serves no good to allow or facilitate the killing of so many solely for the purpose of advancing the cause of disarming legitimately armed Americans.  Good Grief.....and the explanation?  Lies.

(7)    Finally, in the matter of subsidies, we are fortunate that we are bald.  There is no more hair to pull out....(very little anyway).   Father Obamaham even stated, as he trots out explanation number 232 about why George Bush forced him to lie at every turn in his administration, that if a person wants to keep his "sub-standard, old, private plan" a little longer, that's okay with him.  And what if it costs more when that plan is given the "breath of Lazarus"?   No problem, they will qualify for a subsidy.  Stroke of a pen; Law of the Land.  Stroke of a pen; Law of the Land. Stroke of a pen; Law of the Land.

My Country 'tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty.  
We resign from this submission with the fervent hope that The Republic of Texas can be re-established at the earliest time possible so as to avoid these useless foreign entanglements with foreign powers, over which we have no real and final control.   It would be much better, obviously to be a friendly neighbour than a floor mat for every foolish socialist scheme that can be dreamed up for which Texas must ultimately pay.
El Gringo Viejo