Friday, 15 November 2013

In the Spirit of Intertwining Messages Among the Adam Smith Crowd....We are many!


This young man stuck it in their pipes and lit them up.  El Gringo Viejo urges a Secondary Diploma at the end of the 10th grade, the return of the office of :"teacher" to the ranks of "calling" and that the notion that teaching is a profession to be abolished.   No feeding of children in school.  No bus transportation to the schools.  If football, basketball, and baseball are necessary, the various baseball programs have demonstrated that sports and band. including ensembles, can be developed more than adequately in the community.
Furthermore, people who feel like they can teach should be allowed to do so without the need of having an "education" degree.  The tiers of administrative levels bespeak of a force designed to impose political correctness, and to teach to the test ad infinitum until the horizon arrives to our front porch.  We send our children to school to learn that Washington owned slaves and that Earth is going to explode in a flame of CO2 fuelled horror while also being barraged by asteroids larger than the moon.  And that it is all the fault of white males, especially George Bush.  It's just not worth the taxes we pay to have a place where insolent snots can shout profanity and perform degrading and disgusting acts and gestures without the fear of any discipline, and where the main activity, besides sexual innuendo, is breakfast, free lunch, free afternoon snack, free summer lunch program.
     "Mommy, Mommy, I went to Mary's house after school, and her mother was walking around in something called a kitchen....boiling stuff and putting things in a really hot box with a glass door.  I bumped into it while I was texting and almost burned myself.    There was a man who came home, but he wasn't stoned or drunk like the boys you bring home....Mary called him 'daddy'....what is  'daddy'?   Can we have a daddy?   He's taking Mary and her brother to Port Isabel to fish for flounder.   Mommy, what is fishing?   What is flounder?  Mommy, where is Port Isabel?"
     McAllen football team in 1953 went all the way to Port Neches.  Two coaches, one volunteer doctor and a Latin fellow who said grace over the equipment.   McAllen's populace leased a special 14 car train, plus a diner and a club car.   Twenty-four hours up and twenty four hours back.   The entire budget for the athletic department, including golf and tennis was less than 100,000 USD, including salaries.  That would be right at 1,000,000 USD now.
That 1,000,000 USD presently does not even touch the beginning of paying the salaries of the 12 coaches that the football team has now....and almost  every male coach is pregnant, and wearing spray on outfits that make them look like some kind of pregnant clown doll.   And back in 1953 the stands were full of townspeople and, if it's a good night, maybe the stands are 1/3 filled.   The opposition side is almost entirely empty.   Sometimes there are more players ....considering the band and the athletes...than there are spectators.
Oh, well.  Such is life.
El Gringo Viejo