Monday, 18 November 2013

Stork Report

File:Carl Spitzweg 029.jpg      We interrupt our breakfast of Airwick and No-doz to celebrate with all OROGs a blessed event.   A baby was mis-delivered by The Stork in charge of that particular zip code in Central Texas.   We have proof of the "failure in delivery".  One reason is because a nice man made a picture of the event, a certain Herr Carl Spitzburg, just as the Stork flew over the waiting family and passed them by.   One can see various of our extended family waiting to catch the baby, immediately below the flight path.  Cradle crib, swaddlings and everything was ready.

     Finally, after considerable wrangling with the authorities in charge of mis-directed deliveries, the Master Stork Guild finally conceded that the wrong address had received the baby and authorised the re-delivery to the correct address.

     All is really well.  And all the family of El Gringo Viejo and his better three - quarters are elated.   The mother and father of the baby and her two older brothers are overjoyed,  and the child has blossomed in her new environment in a way that not even this old man has ever seen a child respond so quickly and positively.   The child is not only attractive but she is also lightning quick of mind, which means that she is in the right

     El Gringo Viejo and his better three-quarters are the Great-uncle and Great-aunt respectively.   We are not really able to contain ourselves about bragging about my nephew and his sainted wife, and their two boys who had normal and predictable stork arrivals and their new addition.   The fact is that we are very proud of all five of them.   Each is very accomplished, and they interface with civil society in such a way that it brings to mind those times, quite a long while back, when civility and social formulae were admired and almost required.   In short...they are just good folks.

     Although they have posted on facebook and the parents are very high profile in the "extreme Central Texas" area, we defer from naming names or identifying the particular folks involved,  any further than what we have.  However, the  above-pictured  does show  our new Angel looking back up at the Angels who sent her to "extreme Central Texas", where she belongs.

     The entire clan is tickled pink, literally, and we are hoping to be able to invest a bit in the nurturing of this wonderful "bundle from Heaven.   As there are updates, we shall provide them discreetly, as we do with our other grandchildren and children.   It is strictly selfish on the Gringo Viejo's part, so that he can show that he comes out of the cave occasionally and actually does enjoy the beauty and goodness around him. 

We thank all the OROGs for their indulgence.
El Gringo Viejo