Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Zombo Queen of Mendazia

You know?  Sometimes a picture
just doesn't need a caption
      This is a hard one to figure.   We have not been able to determine if this individual is a Zombotron from the Planet Zombo, or out of a parallel universe called Mendazia.   She is, as almost all of the Obamabots, and as almost all marxists, completely incapable of telling any form of the truth.  Her main claim to fame is that she is an advocate of partial birth abortions up to and including the age of 26, since all such medical procedures are now free if the child is living with his parents....who are also free...if the Soylent Green factory is running low on do you say
     Her greatest moment in terms of public service was like Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco in Louisiana.   The saying is, "First, do nothing.  Then, wait for the Obsolete Press to pour into the flooded-out scene of New Orleans.   Then, do nothing.   After a couple of days, blame Bush."
     This is what the above-pictured individual did during the floods that affected her State while she was governess of said State.  She declared that she could not do much to abate the flooding because Bush had taken her National Guard soldiers and equipment off to the Iraq War.  Her own adjutant had to contradict her the next day, while adding that all necessary works had been done to prevent major flooding in the areas that could be defended, according to Plan A, about which her governorship knew nothing.  She did know how to lie however, and when called on her mendacity, she giggled and said, "Well, that's what they told me to say at the DNC  (Terry McCauliffe was the head of the DNC at the time)."
     How many mendacious marxist hags could one administration have in eight years.  We thought that Billy Jeff Blythe had set an unbreakable record.
Wondering if the Republic can withstand any more Hope and Change, we remain,
Sincerely appreciative for the presence of OROGs in the Cosmos.
El Gringo Viejo
El Gringo Viejo