Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Special Message for Charlie Rangel, Paragon of Virtue

     United States Representative to the United States Lower House of the Congress took issue with the demonstration by the Veterans over the past few days.  He was especially dismayed to note that the Tea Party, right wing extremists were showing their Klanner characteristics when it was noted that there was a Confederate Battle Flag seen at the congregation near the White House.   One.  A single flag.   Among thousands of truly distressed people who resented the idea that something so innocuous as a monument commemorating the contributions of fallen soldiers from World War II would be blocked from visitation, and the accommodation of illegal aliens to demonstrate their hatred for their hosts would be permitted,  while the same grounds were prohibited to Veterans to visit, in their latter days, a monument to their fallen buddies.

     Charlie, you are a slug.   You call us racists, when your entire life...with very few exceptions...has been guided by your own particular brand of self-serving demagoguery and racism.  Without it you would never have qualified to be a part-time relief taxi driver.  You were willing to shill and mislead so that you could lounge around with your walrus carcass by your pool in Santo Domingo.
     Concerning your reference to the "racist" Confederate Battle Flag, and your assumption that it was there because Obama is a Negro....there are two points.
     Point One:   Barack Hussein Obama has no chromosomic relationship to anything that has anything to do with the American Negro Experience.  His father was a misogynist, communist, anti-colonialist, low-grade terrorist, polygamist, drunken drug addict who finally killed himself in a drunken, drug-stewed stupor while taking his last drive in the Kenyan outback.  Obama's Negro ancestry had nothing of the American experience.  It is Kenyan, and his father only briefly moved around on American soil, and most of that movement was in the pursuit of women of whom he could advantage himself sexually and beat up.   He also managed to abandon his one child that he fathered by an underaged American female.
    At the time Barack Hussein Obama's father had at least three other wives.   Barack Hussein Obama never had any significant relationship with his father.....the one who gave him his passport into the Negro race.   So therefore, do not lecture me or anyone else if you wish to be a logical arguer of fact, that somehow it is "racist" to vigorously oppose the policies that white people who are communists and marxists have crammed into the vacuous head of an empty suit whose forte is the reading of scrolls in a teleprompter. 
      Point Two:   Barack Hussein Obama knows nothing of the American Negro Experience....Nat King Cole, Jackie Robinson, Frederick Douglass, the War Between the States, Booker Tecumseh Washington, the Platters, and on and on. Slavery?   Manumission? Black Confederate Veterans?  He knows nothing of those things and could care less.  He is a marxist and a narcissist.   Not a good mix.
     So, Charlie....with hands and soul thoroughly stained by corruption....please understand one thing.  Were Barack Hussein Obama to be a white man like Clinton or Carter there would have been hundreds if not thousands more Confederate Flags at the White House fences. The Confederate emblems, in these times, means little more than that of being a symbol of the defence of the 10th Amendment and deference to local control.  Your symbol is that of a wasted old man, flopped on a pool lounge chair with a "tropical drink" sunning yourself.,,,,living on the blood, sweat, and efforts of the productive masses.
Submitted to the attention of Charlie Rangel.
El Gringo Viejo