Thursday, 17 October 2013

Contemplations on a Debacle


This is analogical picture.  The Strawberry is the body of socialists
 who are in charge of the central government at this time. 
  It is a very happy strawberry.   It scoffs at the terrapin.
  The terrapin is ugly and everybody hates him.
  The Strawberry is pretty, and everybody loves him.
   Right now, the terrapin is having a hard time trying
 to grasp a hold of the Strawberry.   In another few
minutes, the terrapin will be very happy, and the
 Strawberry will be gone.

The terrapin is the Cruzites, and the Strawberry
 is the socialist cabal and the lackeys who
 zombie-walk into the abyss of debt
 that the socialists have created.
As in the case of the hare and the turtle,
 against all odds, the terrapin will win.

We are now done with it.   Only 92 more days before the deadline is accomplished for the next debacle.   About three months between now and that time that there will be further authorisation to publish another few trillion dollars worth of Yankee greenbacks.....thereby further devaluing the worth of the greenback dollar.
     At the very moment that it became apparent that the Congress was going capitulate and follow Harry Reid into the Palace of Oz, the American dollar lost four - tenths of one per cent of its value against the Mexican peso.  Reason?  In spite of everything, the Mexican national budget is within some reasonable position of balance, and the overall deficit is in a better posture than our own.  The American running budget and deficit and overall debt is now edging into the zone of psychotically catastrophic.   The Mexican budget and debt situation is moving from bad to not-so-bad.
     The average American understanding about the debt is that the Red Chinese hold much if not all of the outstanding American Treasury paper.   In actuality, they hold a little less than 10 per cent.   The average American understanding is that most of our oil comes from Saudi Arabia and a cartel of six or seven other Arab countries in South America or Austria or somewhere.   But, most of the natural gas and oil used in the United States comes from ...... the United States.   After that, Canada and Mexico generally exchange first and second place with each other....although Venezuela can be found in first, second, or third place depending upon the month.
     The point of this diversion in the screed is simply to point out that the folks who go about their business every day are not, and cannot be expected to be, experts on macro-economic or resource provision.   The Obsolete Press does everything it can to make certain that the general public remains in that penumbra of mild ignorance so that when push comes to shove the folks will make only one decision about who is at fault for the manifestation of any particular artificially created crisis. 
     To do complex thought, for instance such as:   Why do the Republicans do things that seem to be so injurious to them?  Is it possible that they see a damage being done that is so severe that they feel that they must risk their own political popularity in order to confront that injurious thing?  Why are the hard-line conservatives voting the way they said they were going  to vote when they were elected?   Why are we spending so incredibly much more than we are taking in?   Why does the president always invoke the notion that he is going to go back to work to strengthen the middle class when every action he takes injures the middle class and the productive elements of the society?
     Why has the American dollar lost four per cent of its value against the Mexican peso in the last 36 hours?
     Why has gold increased by fifty dollars per ounce in the last 36 hours?

Why does the Fernandez de Kirchner's administration  have an Argentine Peso  that looks like it does as it relates to the American dollar during her horrid, socialist regime's administration of the nation's business.   We urge that OROGs remember that El Gringo Viejo has stated that this insane woman and her equally insane cabal of ultra-socialist elitists are bound and determined to  invade the private pensions....confiscate them....because " just doesn't make sense to have so much 'dead money' sitting around doing nothing when there are so many poor people who need so much."   This is among those ultimate objectives of Obama - Soros - Annenberg and the Bolshevik vultures who radiate from them.

     Please review the effects of just the past three and one-half years of hyper-deficit spending by Mrs. Fernandez de Kirchner.   She, like (Sir Edmund)Hillary, had the good sense to utilise a medical emergency briefly last month.   She went in for a brain operation, literally, and has sense been returned to the Presidential Palace (literally known as the Pink House).  Rumours circulate, of course, that she is intellectually incapacitated, but in that I do not know, nothing shall be stated.



This note:   Please click onto the linkage "" just below the graph so as to arrive at a very user friendly familiarisation with economic disaster.

     The above graph shows the price of profligacy.   Argentina has been printing money at four times the rate that Obama and Bernanke have been printing money.   Therefore, in the lemming-run to the cliff, Fernandez de Kirchner and her loons should arrive before Obama  and Michelle in the three-legged sack race.

More later.
El Gringo Viejo