Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Asking "Who?" and asking "How?" Are you all kidding?

     Pundits  and wise ones are asking one to the other, "How could something like this happen?"   They also ask the correlative, "Who was in charge of this, and why did he (or they) not intervene?"
     The notion that a given number of American uniformed personnel has been killed in action and there might be a breakdown concerning the funereal attentions along with the established remuneration pertaining to those fallen and their families is very improbable.   The entire matter is far too coincidental to be anything but a purposeful attempt, planned well in advance, to permit Obama to  announce to the people of the United States that the President is pained by the acts of the Republican extremists in the House of Representatives.   He regrets that by shutting down the government, the Republicans have left these heroes in a cold-locker in Kabul and their families stuck at home, without the funds to come and receive their departed and take them home for burial.
     It is the next act in a play that includes closing a War Memorial to the visitation by nonagenarians of a memorial that commemorates a War in which they fought over 70 years ago.
     And, while the War Memorial is closed, there is the simultaneous allowance of the use of the Mall by illegal aliens....and a big "Thank You!" shout out to Father Obamaham from Nancy Palooza....who nervously adds a bit of a note of appreciation that Father Obamaham has given his permission to "let" the Veterans visit the World War II Memorial as well.  The world already knew that the Veterans had forced their right of access on Obama, and Obama backed down, as do all bullies and cowards when confronted by those in the right. 
    These acts of and by Obama are of a lower form or class of human who would order the White House closed to visitations by tourists.....because of the "Republican Sequestration"....and then also blame his own Secret Service detail for the if that lower form of human life ( the president) would think we would believe that he does not order such actions.
     It is the nature of the beast.  It is the quest of the cabal of the Soros - Ayers - Chicago Mob - Valerie Jarrett "personalities" that we have chosen to our peril as our governors.   The White House is under the control of nihilistic sadistic marxists and criminal types who desire the Death of America. 

Looks like a real winner..
"Kill all the rich people!  Bring the revolution home!
Kill your parents!  When a pig gets iced,
 that's a good thing!"
One of the great, inspirational statements
from community organiser
friend of Barack Hussein
Ayers only regret about his murderous "revolutionary"
days is that he did not do more.  He walked on a
murder charge, via a legal technicality.
He is now a university professor
dedicated to turning America
red, and Israel dead.

     It would be well to consider that the administration decided to-day to cut back on Egyptian military aid.  This is a form of punishment because of the fact that the Egyptian Army deposed Obama's preferred head of government of Egypt....Mohammed Morsi....who also happens to be the head of the Muslim Brotherhood.   The Muslim Brotherhood is involved in a serpents' dance to the death that involves Al Qaida, Hezbollah, Hamas, and several score un-affiliated and semi-interrelated Muslim nut-case World - Caliphate loons.  With luck they will all kill each other before they kill all the remaining human population of the Earth.
Will Karma please set itself in motion?
El Gringo Viejo