Sunday, 13 October 2013

Rules of the Alinsky Game - Out in full force

     Saul Alinsky is that wondrous bottomless pit of inspiration.  Just a bit of re-read, and we know exactly every step Barack Hussein Obama, the Obsolete Media, the Soros Zombies, and the Annenberg Foundation types are going to do.  The problem We,  as the undesirable Republicans, must recognise is that the Real Republicans do not wish to accept the predictability of Obama's actions based upon the Alinsky formula for "revolution".   Oddly, the Real Republicans practice a variation of the Alinsky formula in their own approach to governance and the political process.

File:Narrenschiff Titelblatt.jpg
The Fool Mirror - The Wholesale
Ship of Fools
1549 - Sebastian Brant's lament

Do not include Ted Cruz, Mike Lee
or Dr. Carson as those inscribed
upon the list of passengers.
    How is that, one might ask?  It is in the manner by which they choose to isolate and ridicule anyone who speaks the truth about the condition of the Republic and the processes that have mired it into the Autobahn of Perdition...and there seem to be no exits from that highway.   Ted Cruz, for instance, has nothing to do with the ridiculous  state of the finances of the Republic.  He has had nothing to do with it, and he bears no fault for it.  But, of course, he must be blamed for the present predicament, caused by Barack Hussein Obama, and he must be ridiculed for being stupid and ignorant.   It is such an odd characterisation 0f a person who is obviously both extremely intelligent and learned.
     The 17,000,000,000,000 USD debt has been accrued by pleasant idiots grinningly going along with deranged Keynesians,  Marxists, and Socialist Utopians in the quest to spend our entire passenger list on the Ship of Fools into bliss, comfort, and ecstasy.  The pleasant idiots are the RRR's, who are more commonly knows as the Reasonable Republican RINOs.  Their motto is, "We have to be reasonable here, and work for a compromise.   That way we shall all fall off the edge of the Earth six days later than that for  which the Democrats have us scheduled."
     Other pleasant idiots are "moderate" members of the electorate who say things like, "Both sides have a lot of the blame.  They should all get together and do what's best for the country."   Anyone who has ever said that, or any variation of such a statement, should be led away to the Soylent Research Institution for Hope and Change.  People who say such things are dully unaware that the Democrat cabal is totally dedicated to "fundamentally transforming" the nation into a "democratic socialist republic".  They are also blissfully unaware of what such a thing as a "democratic socialist republic" is.   The Democrat leadership knows what a "democratic socialist republic" is, but the pleasant lady having her pedicure at Maggie's Beauty Parlour and Cupcake Emporium does not deal in these matters.  Her "hope'' is that someone will "changes their minds" and "solve the problems" like she has to do.  She has to take her Social Security Check and decide if she is going to buy 200 USD of lottery tickets or take the overnight tour to Injun Joe's Barnacle Pirates Casino Den two hundred miles by charter bus over in the other State for 20 USD, and gamble 180 USD on the slots and lines.
     College students do better than this lady because they "just know" that Obama cares more about them than that stupid meany Fred Cruise. They know because it just a thing about all that stuff that everybody always knows all the time because my professor showed us how the thing is that everybody is getting the shaft because all the rich people aren't paying any taxes and the little people get stuck with it and all the racism and everything.
     There are many and sundry useful, pleasant idiots who smilingly, or even in serious tones, further the notion that a solution to the economic mess created by leftism, accommodation, and  compromise is to spend more money than last year on Head Start because it is the only and last first chance to make up for hundreds if not thousands of years of racism, marginalisation, and discrimination.  It makes no difference that the program shows no evidence of doing anything more than developing the participants' world view to include the notion that food comes from government, and that there is no need to provide for oneself any of the basic requirements for a happy, fulfilling life.
     Repeat the above paragraph by the formula Solyndra X subsidies X entitlements X bureaucracy X tax-tax X spend-spend X elect-elect and one finds the mathematical formulae from Hell.  One also finds the path to destruction of a Republic.  Any republic....any monarchy.  The socialist countries are mired in the muck anyway, so they receive a de facto inclusion.
    The Alinskyites are practitioners of another of the great communist negotiation practices.   It is simply and best described thusly:
           As we enter into these negotiations, the first rule shall be that what is yours is negotiable and what is ours is not.   It is a fair starting point.
     And if the OROGs will be so kind to note, the minions of Obama - Soros have made it clear that if the Republicans first give Obama everything he demands, he will then be willing to "listen" to the Republicans with reference to any of their petty, grovelling pleas for a crumb under some table in the servants' quarters.   That is what marxists call negotiation.   They also call "moderate, reasonable, Republicans".....useful idiots.
    Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Dr. Carson are not extremists or stupid or mean-spirited.  They are truthful men who know and understand natural law.   Water flows downhill because of gravity.  People who are paid for not working become lazy, shiftless, and dangerous to themselves and others.  Business that produce for payment by subsidy rot from the inside.  Un-natural practices result, naturally, in horrid diseases. 
Fodder for thought as we trundle to the Gulag.
El Gringo Viejo