Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Extracted from the Weekly Standard


Extracted from Jonathon Last, writing in:
TheWeekly Standard:
The Last Word
October 9, 2013

One by one, even the sophisticated media is meandering off the reservation. First it was the Economist last March, daring to notice that the prophesies of doom weren't being fulfilled and that the data shows we are about to fall out of the 95 percent confidence level of the prediction from Settled Science.

Now it's Der Spiegel, the bien-pensant magazine of
mainstream German thought.

In the story, Der Spiegel looks at the unpredicted "pause" in global temperatures and investigates the internecine fight between researchers who want to acknowledge this empirical truth and those who do not. It concludes by asking:
The researchers' problem: Their climate models should have been able to predict the sudden flattening in the temperature curve. Offering explanations after the fact for why temperatures haven't increased in so long only serves to raise doubts as to how reliable the forecasts really are.

This is an astonishing reversal. Time was, the "climate change" movement was one of those unstoppable political forces which was going to remake American politics. Today, even the Europeans are beginning to have second thoughts.

It's yet another reminder that in politics, nothing is foreordained.

    One is moved to suggest that Der Spiegel should have said....."...Their climate models should have been able to predict the sudden flattening of the Earth."


      One of the main reasons this writer continues to be loyal to the notion that the Republic of Texas must shuck off its disguise as a sister State within the American Union and re-establish its independence as it did with Mexico in 1836 is because of these events of these past days.   The backdrop of it all is the looming disaster being brought on by the printing  of 85 billion dollars per month by the Federal Reserve in order to prop up a churlish poseur who cannot even act as if he is playing the role of a real live president.   And, consider that he has a supporting cast of ghouls, lackeys, thugs, and "journalists" that any real live tin-horn dictator would envy.

     Allow a very small point be made to prove a very large point.   The other day, down here on the frontier with Mexico, an apprehension was made by a local police officer in a small town near Brownsville.   The fellow who was detained and cuffed and hauled off was an illegal alien with an outstanding warrant and even a set of warrants out of Mexico.
    All Texas police officers, upon a stop to interrogate, request identification, by the way.  Illegal aliens are always detained and turned over to immigration officers who are associated with the central government's Department of Homeland Security.   This individual was dealt with in that manner.
    What is of interest is that Gary Holder, the pitiful, mendacious, corrupt, and useless Attorney General who befits an administration such as the Obama regime, files lawsuits against the State of Arizona and others to prohibit local police officers from detaining illegal aliens and/or even inquiring concerning the legal status of a detained person.
     But, as stated in the news of the day in the area of concern near Brownsville, it was pointed out that the officer detaining the illegal alien with warrants on two sides of the border was being subsidised by a central government funded program that re-enforces patrol efforts by local and State officers, accentuating the arrest and detention of illegal aliens.

     Yes, we know that it might even require a re-reading of the above.   That for which Holder sues one State, he subsidises another for essentially the same activity.   It is called grandstanding.  This particular contradiction is designed for the sake of the Obsolete Press to have an issue so as to endorse Obama and to confuse an electorate endowed with limited intellectual discernment.   It allows Obama and Holder to beat up on Arpaio in Phoenix, while buying votes of local politicians in Small Town, Wherever.

    This set of facts, coupled up with the debt, the deficit, the foreign policy and military lunacy, the unwillingness to adhere to Constitutional precepts that founded the United States of America, just keep reminding a fellow that  we probably are already beyond recovery as a viable American Union.   Texas, with all it peculiarities, is much more viable, even with the loons within our ranks.

It is all a heavy weight on the soul.
El Gringo Viejo