Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What is the point? What difference, at this point, could it possibly make....?

     Remember folks, the alternative is to dedicate the last 10 years of life to re-establishing the 2nd Republic of Texas  (or parliamentary monarchy, really don't care at this juncture).
      If the best the Grand Old Party can do is to have Boehner and Cantor trundle up to the microphone and mumble about giving the President the authority to whatever, especially if it has defined chrystallic methodicalery of the laubrique influence.  And we are sure everyone will agree that trebbuscity is the most critical horbatic thurbsplyut of this issue.
      So, now we have to hold our breathe and see exactly how Boehner and Cantor are going to be really tough as they tweak the Obama Socialised Medicine Offensive to keep the good parts and fix the bad parts so that babymothers can have my son and daughter not only pay for their useless old parents' free medical attention, but also all the babymothers and babyfathers and slugs who have degrees in left-handed basket weaving but will not take a manager's trainee job at Lowe's because it only pays 29,000 USD/yr.   Besides they have "free" insurance on mommy and daddy's "free" medical policy.
    With Republican opposition this stiff, we'll be able to hold the overall deficit to well below 200,000,000,000,000 USD (two hundred trillion) by 2020.  Oh!!! Forgot about the Bin Laden's Memorial Parque at Arlington.  That's another 10 trillion.   The building that houses the Al Sharpton Concession Stand there in front of the Arlington Mansion (now re-named Al and Jesse's Hot Wings and Babes Entertainment Centre) will also have valet parking, and we will have people who opposed the National Free Ride Act providing rickshaw to and from the Bin Laden Memorial.  The rickshaws will be powered by crackers and Latin and Black conservatives who have been determined to be Traitors to the Race....the worst crime in the world.   NO TIPPING!!!!!  Let the dogs suffer and wait for their scraps.
      Boehner, we are unaware what Valerie Jarrett has on you from your FBI raw data file.  Whatever it is, try to override your own sense of embarrassment and think of the Republic. I implore you....think of the Republic. 
      You are walking into a door.  Read some of the more responsible and less irresponsible releases coming out of the Mid-East.  Listen, think, do the right thing.  Unless you are one of the Manchurian Candidate's pre-appointed handlers....what is your point of existence if you cannot stand up to a poseur who has been caught like a deer in the headlights in this Syrian matter?  He was caught siding with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and you are allowing this fraud to crawl out from underneath  the rubble of the collapsed building that he himself built!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     Romney whimped out and said he even agreed with getting rid of Mubarek...WOW!!!! Great foreign policy statement.  Oh! And Romney was going to keep the good parts of the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative.  Do I have to lug a vomitoreum around with me for all my remaining days!!!!????
     Will all the people on the floor of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the increasingly useless central government in Washington, D.C. who have any testosterone left...please stand up and fight?
       There is nothing in the Syrian issue worth defending.  Send 10,000,000 greenback dollars to the Docteurs Sans Frontieres and forget about it.
Happy trails.
El Gringo Viejo