Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Diet, Smy-ette....please read this for your own good

(this advisory is sent by our reconnaissance agent who hides out in Extreme Central Texas on the Big Sandy Creek.   He, and I, are concerned about your health, but we shall pass no laws against your right to eat and smoke and sky-dive)
     We are hopeful that you all will at least consider this.  El Gringo Viejo is not a doctor of any kind.   He does not play, nor has he ever played, a doctor on television nor the radio.  He does have certain life experiences and he knows a lot of people who have life experiences.   He also has had people at his little place in the Mexican outback who have had experiences, that quite frankly have surprised them, but that did not surprise El Gringo Viejo in the least.
     The OROG is invited to review our webpage for the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre.   Down and to the right there is a section that deals with the nature of the food we serve.   We urge that each OROG review the menu and the drinks.   No low-cal, no lite, no 2%, etc.  Strictly butter, olive oil, heavy beer, straight Coca Cola, red meat, grilled chicken and other meats.   Each can even see the short menu that suggests the kind of meals one might expect.  There are changes, depending upon the availabilities that might arise at our favourite suppliers, but the plot and theme of the diet remains the same.   No de-caffeinated anything.   Nothing with the word "healthy'' on the label.
     Why?   One reason is because El Gringo Viejo is a spoiled, narcissistic jackass in many ways.  The other reason is because I know too many Old Cowboys, too many rural Mexicans of the white race and the mestizo race and the Indian race who all have remained loyal to the heavy beer, heavy Coke, greasy concoctions, corn tortilla ten-per-meal, beans - black and pinto cooked in bacon grease/lard, eggseggseggseggseggs forever and more eggs, fish of all sorts, meats of any sort (including armadillo), churned butter, cheeses of all sorts, and so forth, who are 164 years old and in trouble with their wives because they have four mistresses and who are jumping out of airplanes for fun.  (Well, almost)
     My own experience with diet proves one thing to me.  I eat "heavy" food.  I eat everything.  If it does not move on my plate, I eat it.  Sometimes, things that were still moving might have been ingested.  By everything it is meant, everything that is not labelled "healthy" , "country vegetables", "natural", "light", "lite", "lo-cal", "fat-free", "recommended by doctor", "recommended by nutritionists''.
     Sugar substitutes and diet drinks cause diabetes and weight gain.  "Healthy" foods cause heart disease and cancers.   Please read this linkage.  It is written by a contrarian doctor.  The lead-in is a very short paragraph quoting the conventional wisdom, placed at the head of the article as a form of sarcasm.  I am not a big fan of the Doctor's sarcastic and condemnatory attitude towards business and the medical community's motivation.  But, he is in the broad-brush sense, very "right-on".
    Please avail yourself of the above link.  It is a fairly long read.  The average OROG will need about seven minutes.  The processes of logic and evidence will change almost everyone to at least the point of considering that their friends, children, relatives, and even their selves are causing a lot of dietary problems that did not exist two generations ago.
     Because of the vaccines and better public health....cures and elimination of diphtheria, polio, tuberculosis, smallpox, malaria, dengue fever, whooping cough and the panoply of childhood diseases have been accomplish. Bin Laden is dead and we are still alive.  Oops that line has already been used.

     So, perhaps we are "living into the maladies of old-age".   But most of our early on-set maladies are caused by our "healthy diets", artificial exercise, and sedentary natures.   A regular, 1954 Eisenhower diet and a thirty-minute walk every day, a happy attitude and understanding of the Beatitudes and Golden Rule, and a serviceable, loaded firearm in an accessible place(out of the reach of children, of course) is probably the best approach to enjoying the bounty of the Lord.
    As is written on our webpage, we have had clients who have remarked about how much weight they lost, eating "heavy" old-fashioned grub and rich semi-gourmet French and Mexican grub.   The secret was and is, of course that the person eating is reaching a "full" point more quickly and has better fuel that is ready to expend.  Then, even the least walk....ambling better said...of a mile or so results in the correct tuning of the engine....especially the carburettor  (remember, English English).
    Finally, many of our clients who suffer from this or that allergy or allergies notice that in our dusty, pollen-infested, animals everywhere, extreme tropical neo-wilderness, with intense agricultural overtones all very nearby....have no allergy problems.....without taking their medicines.   We have concluded that the many and multiple allergens "kick-start" the immune system into working instead of just hanging around and letting the host take some kind of poison to abate the symptoms. 
We end our pontificating with these secret words:  garlic, onions, lemons/limes, heavy beer and soda pops, brown sugar / honey, good appropriate wines at meals or evening's rest, one aspirin /day, two 1,250 fish-oils /week,  complex diet with all vegetables and meats included, four meals per day with three tiny ones and one big one, canned sardines, tuna, and salmon in any presentation, (we eat whole fresh salmon and other fish as well, of course), corn tortillas, and chilis...especially serrano, or jalapen~o if just getting started.   Two small bags of junque food of your choice are permitted per week.
Please read the article. And refresh your memory by visiting the webpage for the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre.   The Linkage is over to your right, right now.
El Gringo Viejo