Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Beware the White, Liberal / Progressive / Social Engineer Elitists : They want to eat your children.

      The continued use of Trayvon Martin as a sanctified icon of the secular religion of the left is self-defeating, insulting to those capable of critical thought, and a useless investment of human energy.  We would point out that Trayvon was not minded by his parents.   Even as they extolled him as an exemplary, nearly perfect personality (My boy pulled his Daddy out of the fire.  He saved my life), even the Obsolete Press could not stick enough fingers in the dike to cover up the reality of the boy's criminal behaviour.
     Not only was he not the nicest boy in the church choir, he was more like the three boys who nearly beat the boy to death on the school bus some weeks back;  probably worse.  Trayvon had a history of beating up nerds and physically abusing girls and selling drugs and marijuana on campus and something considerably larger than petty theft.
     He was wandering around with the fixings for a popular-with-druggies meth-load, late at night, while waiting out a ten-day expulsion from school....(the last measure before final complete expulsion and/or referral to juvenile criminal process).   The meth load, by the way, is Arizona Watermelon Cocktail drink, Sudafed, and Skittles candies.   Mixed together and shaken (not stirred) vigorously the devil's brew produces a rush that produces various effects, all bad.   Among those effects is a drunk-like stupor, waves of aggression, feelings of paranoia, and hallucinations usually of past images in the mind but distorted.  Good stuff.   Much better than Thunderbird or CML.
     We return to the point, made several weeks back, that Trayvon while on expulsion from school, had no responsible adult who was willing to supervise him.   His mother had no time for him. She was an important and overpaid, public union, city-county employee working in the water and utility department.   She was  used to being overpaid and underworked and being able to complain about it, and she did not have time to take some troublesome whelp under her wing and whip him in to shape.
     The father, even less so.   He says that Trayvon and his cousin went out, they said that they would probably go to the movies, and when they did not come back he figured that "....they would probably come back later."   (?)
     Is this how normal parents treat a child who has one foot hanging over the slammer?  His next felony was going to mean hard time in the big house to-night.  The next felony was gong to be him being tried in adult court.  Then he really would "come back later",
     And now we are treated to this new "awakening" of the campaign.  Yes, please tell me to let it rest.   I shall.  But this blog entry is not really about Trayvon Martin, or Tracy Martin, or Sybrina Fulton.   It is about mainly white liberal/progressive/social engineers.
Yes, I know.  She forgot the apostrophe in sun's.

The lamentable answer to this poor, unknowingly deranged woman is the following:
     While the nominally black race constitutes about 11% of the population of the United States of America, the odds are that 1 of your 13 suns will not be killed.   There is, however, a heightened chance, as opposed to other racial and ethnic groupings.
      One of the thirteen sons has over 6,000 % ( 60X) higher probability of being murdered or killed inadvertently per 100,000 Black people as does an American of principally Japanese ancestry.   He has 5,000% (50X) greater chance than if he were to be a Caucasian of any ethnic background, including Latins who count themselves within the white race.   And, isolating the Latin group of any description, he has a 4,300% (43X) higher chance of being killed.
     The odds of a black person who is killed by violence having his assailant drawn from the Negro cohort of the population is 96 to 4 in favour.    Interestingly, the odds of a Caucasian person of any ethnicity being murdered or unjustifiably killed by a Black person has steadily risen from the single digits in the 1950s to now better than even....even being 50 - 50.
     So we should all run out  and hate black people or Trayvon or his family?   No.   We should all run out and scruff up every haughty liberal who puts our money where his mouth is...who feeds the children....who takes care of the multigenerational single babymother with someone else's money, and then pats himself on the back.   All haughty progressives / liberals / social engineers have all this blood on their hands and they should be deported to Somalia, where they could do some good....or not.
     So, lady holding the sign. Go home, sue your school district, sue the NAACP, sue the Democrat National Socialist Party who promised to "take care" of you.  I seem to think you are the same woman who was on the television news not long ago, asking the camera "Whose gonna feed all these children?"  I seem to recall that you prohibited your brothers from taking your children by taking legal measures against them when they were trying to show that you were non compos mentis. You were afraid of losing your  public assistance benefits, which are considerable.
    It all weaves together.   Willing serfs, arrogant lords, crime, sloth, indolence.  All part of the "landslide" vote for Obama....Hillary to Chappaqua, Obama to Martha's Vineyard, Kerry to a boat slip in Rhode Island.
El Gringo Viejo