Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mulling the Previous Two Posts

(A gentle word to some of our newer OROGs:   Some spelling errors are mine, in spite of all efforts.  Other spelling oddities can be attributed to El Gringo Viejo's determination many score years ago, to write to the extent possible in Britannic English.  Please forgive and/or indulge us in our peculiar affectation.)

We were troubled by the writings and submissions of yesterday's contributors.   But.....the notion that one can say, "Oh, just let things work out for the best.   It can't be as bad as everyone says..."  just is not true.   If we go to the trouble to tie just a few loose ends together, the images presented by El Zorro, the observations and the article submitted by our collaborator on The Big Sandy, if anything, should beget more despair.
To wit:
     Barack Hussein Obama increasingly moves to legislate.  He enacts legislation by the wave of his sceptre.    His closest advisors and minders, led by noteworthy marxists Valerie Jerrett and Eric Holder.   Jerrett is Iranian by birth, born into a family of privilege back in the 1950s, when American imperialism forced people in Iran to live under a despotic King.   Jarrett is on record as saying her time in Iran was wonderful, and her love of rice and lamb traces itself back to those wonderful days.    Fast forward through time in London for her father's medical studies, more time back in Iran to set up programs of health and farming sponsored by the Americans, and then it was to the land of the heathen and unwashed.   Chicago was a good place to learn how to be a player in leftist, union-based, bloody, low-class, and very corrupt politics.
     This was her crucible.   From her position she recruited proles and slaves who would kneel to her masters, probably the least of whom were the American version of Assad the Father and Assad the Son.....The Daleys.   It was during the terms of the son that Jerrett ran across a dolt by the name of Michelle Robinson.   She must have been impressed with Robinson's intellectually inarticulate, racist, and socialist  worldview and so she hired this dunce to be an understudy in how to implement the Law According to Saul Alinsky.
     This is the person who influences and controls Barack Hussein Obama.   She met Barry on the same day as her interview with the now-famous for taking the extra jet, Michelle.   It occurred to her that with another simple minded dolt, placed further into the witches' brew of Chicago-left politics, and with Michelle allowing that she and Barry were soon to be man and wife, that these two could serve to forward the dual task of destroying America and establishing a socialist Republic.
     Having wrested the Annenberg Foundation away from any reasonable control by the family, and connecting with the famous ACORN (and similar Alinsky ultra-radicals), and by establishing membership in the peculiar religious gulag of Jeremiah Wright's church, she could shape the pair into a tool-kit designed to "fundamentally transform America".   For the first time in her adult life she could finally be proud of America.  What difference, at this point, could it possibly make?

File:Greek Phalanx.jpg
A type of phalanx military formation, effective for offence or defence.
Associated with the Roman legions, it was actually first developed by
the Macedonians and perfected by the Persian Alexander, the Great.

     Jerrett had considerable help.   The entire Daley machine, the press, certain huge donors, especially among the largest banking and business families and interest grouping, along with the historically racist and bigoted labour unions, the various Marxist and progressive groupings, Negro organisations, and pseudo-anarchists were fairly quickly forged into a phalanx unified for political purpose and cultural destruction.

          Eric Holder, on the other hand, is exactly like Valerie Jarrett.  Mean, petty, vicious, mendacious, selfish, and corrupt.   He is also a racist to the ultimate degree as well as being a marxist.   His previous high water mark in his career was to have served essentially as the bag man for the mutual shake-down of two parties who were shaking each other down at the same time.  Marc Rich, the famous investment fund defrauder and income-tax evader.....something like 400,000,000 USD.
    Rich took flight after his indictment and wound up somewhere.  Actually, he took flight by standing still, because his indictment occurred while he was in Lucerne, roughing it in some of the best accommodation available in Switzerland.  He was convicted en absentia, and had to keep on the move.  
     As the good times came to a close, and America was going into the "unmentioned recession of 1999 - 2000" supposedly brought on by the "tech-bubble"  Eric Holder was busy recruiting scumbags and slugs with enough money on hand to interest the Clintons "establish their Presidential Library".   One of the best ways was to pay for the pardons, of course.
      Rich lost his first wife, Denise Eisenberg, to being on the run.   She came from an upper-drawer Jewish family and tried to be the good wife and mother, but she was always walking on the edge of complicity.  She just threw in the towel, (el gringo Viejo's best interpretation and assessment). 
       The second wife, Gisela Rossi, was a bit more helpful and she fronted for the 450,000 USD that "she" wished to grant to the Presidential Library in Little Rock.   Eric Holder made the late presentation, rammed it through, and such urgency make El Gringo Viejo think that it would be not unreasonable to think that a hefty commission could have been involved.  Eric Holder is not a deep thinker.   He is a hustler, in the negative since.   He was the immediate subordinate of the most doltish of all dolts, Janet Reno, who must have know something even bigger than all the other charges on the Clintons to have managed to hang around for almost the entire eight year term.   Everyone in the White House, up to and including the  totally morally corrupt John Podesta  told Billy Jeff that this particular contribution carried a lot of "fingerprints".    But Billy Jeff wanted what he wanted most...including the company of a chubby, Jewish intern and women to beat up and torment....and that was money.   Gisela Rossi also gave (Sir Edmund) Hillary 100,000 USD, and another 500,000 to the Democrat Party.   But the 450,000 USD contribution was specifically for a pardon for Marc Rich.    The pardon was immorally given, and the money was paid, but later authority conditionalised the arrangement so much, that Rich never returned to face criminal or civil charges.   The worst charge was that he was trading oil and dollars with Iran, as well as various other countries and dictators....but the Iranian connection was the worst.  Fairly severe criminal charges awaited him on that rap.
    As an aside, Lewis (Scooter) Libby was Marc Rich's attorney of record during the days of the judgements against Rich.  Libby always held that Rich was technically innocent of the charges but that Rich's business with the Iranian cabal of ayatollahs was criminal and inexcusable.
     Fold into this poison the additional ingredients of Fast and Furious with all its lies and hypocrisies, a Congressional contempt citation for lying and purposeful lack of co-0peration, the wilful failure to control the Internal Revenue Service or address the lies there, along with the notion that he will waste time harassing Texas and other entities about congressional districts drawn by a sovereign entity within the Federal Union.   Coupled with the notion that he can say that Negroes and and Latinos are in the matter of managing to find and avail oneself with a photographic identification, and there really is a problem.
    Eric Holder also reasonably winds up  being accused and found guilty of being a racist due to his actions in the Zimmerman - Trayvon affair.  He and the President setting foot even along the sidelines in that situation was utterly over the top in terms of meddling, and totally inappropriate;  jury tampering, demagoguery, and impertinent intrusion into an affair far removed from the necessity or the authority for intervention by the United States Attorney General, (or a President of the United States) comes to mind.
Ghadaffi the Peculiar

    A recitation of facts and observations now leads us into some inductive reasoning.    That the President is willing to rule by degree is not in dispute.  That his closest friends and advisors are charlatans and cads is not in dispute.  But let us delve even beyond the lies and deceptions of Benghazi and the unnecessary removal of Muammar Ghadaffi.  We were told that these events meant that the entire Arab subset of the white race was entering into the brightness of modernity and the joy of social democracy where homosexuals were equal to women and your next taxi driver in Riyadh will be a mini-skirted bombshell, wearing stilettoes and real live see-through facial veil.  Oh! my goodness, can you imagine all the dancing in the streets?
     Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, and next Syria and all the joyful little funny looking dark people lining the road between Damascus and Jerusalem waving palm fronds and crying out  "Hosannobama!  Hosannobama in the highest!"   Things took a little bump when that horrid Coptic (a Christian, wouldn't you know?) decided to make that horrible film about somebody named Mohammed and these recently liberated people, quite reasonably, decided to burn down anything that would burn, and then, just out walking around one day, decided to go out and kill some Americans.  And, to date, about 250,000 of each other in various conflagrations during the first term of (Sir Edmund) Hillary, and Barry Soetoro.

     And Syria....the road to Damascus....and all that stuff?   Well, Bashir Assad was supposed to have been gone two years ago...then, for sure, one year ago, and then after a series of resounding victories by the  "freedom fighters" maybe in six months to ten years there might be a chance to "free" Syria from the grip of a disgusting multigenerational dictator.   At that time they will be able to install a government of the people and stone the homosexuals and adulteresses for half-time entertainment at the soccer matches.   Religious  liberty, don't you know.

    It is a wondrous thing when Hillary and Barry and the minders who foisted Barry off on us tell us we must get rid of Assad so that we can install Hezbollah and Al Qaeda.   But at least their only allies are the Russians and the Iranians.    And it truly does seem that Assad is winning this war.   Various observers say that Assad's forces are much more of a professional military mind-set.  They are more methodical.   A reporter who had been held captive for 82 days by the "freedom fighters" declared on an obsolete media outlet yesterday that his captors, when speaking among themselves, argued about their situation and were troubled by the fact that Assad's forces were gaining terrain daily.   Various observers have stated that it is ludicrous to think that the "freedom fighters" are knights in shining armour, or noble liberators.  Their atrocities have been the same or worse against neutral or enemy neighbourhoods.
     In that they are involved with Al Qaeda affiliated operators, it is more than certain that their leadership is capable of using some captured weaponised gasses or biological material to kill there own civilians or neutrals, especially women and children.   There are several places from whence the these weaponised gasses and biological could have come, not even including the storehouses held by the Syrians (some think that much of the Syrian stock was shipped over to Syria by Saddam Hussein just before Bush II's invasion of Iraq in 2003).

     To cut to the chase, it does not behove Assad in the least to use lethal gasses on large parts of the civilian population, considering that his side is winning the military, and perhaps even the "hearts and minds" issue at this time.   If these observers on the ground over there are saying that Assad is winning, then the "freedom fighters'' would be the ones who need to inflame the world's sense of righteous indignation.   It does not make military sense.  It does not make psychological warfare sense.  It simply makes no sense whatsoever.
    Only one side in this ridiculous, tragi-comic opera war can possibly benefit from the application of WMD - type weaponry, and it would be the most heartless, bloodthirsty Islamic radicals, many if not most of whom are coming in from the outside of the Syrian hell-hole.
    Therefore, nothing is solved.  The weight of the two entries yesterday only becomes heavier.   The ridiculous hemming and hawing by Obama, his pitiful backtracking, lack of resolve, obvious lack of understanding, and mendacity have all combined to prove that he really is some combination of Manchurian Candidate and programmable puppet to be handled via teleprompter, focus group-speak, and continuous flattery combined with at least feigned obeisance by the money people.
   When people think us strange for advocating for the  withdrawal from the existing American Union, we would like to put forward this one question:   Do you really think my insanity is greater than yours when such antics as performed by this President and his party and his press,  that can be seen through by a well-disciplined  10 year old child, are continuously employed in the governance and operation of the American Union?
El Gringo Viejo