Sunday, 1 September 2013

Mexico City Held Hostage - The Perpertual Gift from the Left That Just Keeps on Giving


    One of the many hallmarks of the Left is the ability to essentially take possession of the commons.  Streets, Boulevards, the grounds and/or interiors of public buildings, Plazas both of minor and major social importance, anything that is easily accessible is fair game.   It is of no importance to the leadership or the participants in whatever event is being celebrated, protested, or attended, just who is inconvenienced or damaged.   There is not the slightest concern about damages to property or persons in the wake of the  human tsunami.  Such damages even in a perfectly passive "march" or "occupation" or "protest gathering" can total 100,000,000 pesos when all is said and done.
     Traffic tie-ups of gargantuan proportions, especially in huge cities such as Mexico City, are the norm when leftists labour unions and university "students" and professors are left loose from their keepers. 

This is the layout at the Zocalo. one
of the 3 main centres of central-most
Mexico City.   60,000  "teachers", of
whom half are union thugs, are camped
on the public's common, in front of the
Metropolitan Cathedral and the Palacio
         Traffic counts at the intersection of Insurgentes and Paseo de la Reforma, in another centre of Mexico City can and do regularly exceed 300,000 units per 24 hour period.    So one can imagine when 10,000 union thugs and Public Worker dullards decide to sit down in the middle of where those two streets and a couple of other lesser feeders meet in the round "glorieta" of a wild carousel of urban vehicular mayhem.
        The various leftist groups have everything worked down to a fine art.   Lawyers very similar to our own pro-communist ACLU, thugs carrying their videography devices, other thugs lurking around to see if police or private parties are filming or photographing anything that ought not to be seen and recorded.    When marching, the people, frequently dolts brought in from the marginal areas on the edge of town, are admonished by the monitor to "...keep three metres between you.   Walk more slowly.  We are here to be noticed!  We are here to make the bourgeoisie angry and uncomfortable!.Let them wait on us!"
     It now makes two weeks that the Sindicato National de Trabajadores en la Educacion have occupied the totality of the Zocalo.   That is no mean feat.  When I was there a month ago, the "strike" had just started and they had about one-fifth of the  Zocalo filled.   Now it is everything, with a warm body count of about 30,000 daily, and 20,000 at any given time.   If they were to be bottling cologne, it would have to be named Eau de Septique.
     Why are the "teachers" blocking up the main square and holding spot marches at the bottleneck in Mexico City, causing people to miss flights, long-distance deluxe bus engines,  who cares..."We have grievances!!!   We are us!!! You are only you!!!   and of course the famous, "Si Ud. no es parte de la solucion, entonces Ud. es parte del problema!!!" 
    The problems with the national teachers' union and several of its State Directorates of said union seem to be that they do not want any reforms that would re-establish the enforced order scheme of deportment, evaluations of the teachers on a bi-annual basis, assessment of time and attendance (critical if one is expected to be at the front of a class instead of marching for the labour rights of the proletariat).   They do not want to "advance" the curriculum to where it had been 20 years ago, in terms of math, science, foreign language, world/Mexican history, and world/Mexican geography.
     The previous leader of the Union, pictured on the left, Esther Gordillo, is a hideous hag who ruled the union with an iron fist, starting slowly at first and then especially in the last 12 years.   Now, however, she is making license plates for the central government, charged, convicted, and remanded in short order  for having several mansions including one in the Mt. Carmel by the Sea area of California, another in Miami-Dade somewhere, and over 100,000,000 USD in liquid assets and negotiable instruments stolen from the teachers' union.   She is a true practitioner of the diabolical Santaria pseudo-religion, and she looks it.
     So, without the head witch around, there is some lack of direction at the top. There is also the latent Marxist hostility to either the old  corrupt government party, or to the rightwing governments that replaced the old corrupt government party for two presidential terms.   The Co-ordinacion Nacional de Trabajadores en la Educacion (CNTE), the governing body for the Teachers' Union ( the largest in Latin America) is locked into a death struggle with the Central Ernest Pen~a Nieto advances the plans of the previous regimen ( a centre-right government of the Partido de Accion Nacional - PAN) to cancel the authority of the union (STNTE) to do the hiring, firing, qualification, and advancement of teachers and administrators.   The plan would be to turn the personnel and curriculum matters over to a Central Education Administration that would be more accessible to the citizenry, in keeping with the slightly to significantly better  record the central government has had in terms of transparency and efficiency during the previous 12 years of PAN governance.
    The populace is ready to change the old system by an almost 7 to 1 margin.  So, these occupations and blockages will stale very quickly, and it almost certain that police/demonstrator confrontation will begin soon to clear the Zocalo and the other public parks of protestors.  An injunction will finally be applied for and granted, sooner rather than later, and that will give the police the opportunity to unblock any intersections, highways, toll-booths, and/or accesses to sub-way, train, bus, or airport facilities.
     The left....a useless bunch at also afraid that if the sanctity of existence of self-rule by the union falls, the union will die.  Further, it will hasten that moment that allows the national oil company, the only show in town will be able to permit foreign investment and partnership arrangements since 1938, when all foreign interests in oil production, refining, and marketing were expropriated.   For these reasons and several other irrational notions, the left will dig in hard for the next 18 months, trying to save the wasteful, useless demagoguery-induced programs that the Mexican left, and even hard-leftists throughout the world thought would save Mexico and Latin America from American hegemony and the exploitation of the downtrodden.
     The case is clear.   Mexico with 9 times the population of Cuba has a GNP that is 220 times the output of Cuba.   A good comparison of a nation mired in communist dictatorship (emphasis on the dictatorship) and a nation emerging and evolving from nationalistic socialism to common law and free market/production/consumption economic policy.
More later.   There will likely be additional material entered on this screed.
We genuinely appreciate you time and attention.  We are still disturbed by the reconnaissance report from the Big Sandy Creek agent and the observation and comments of El Zorro....If all OROGs will take note, if we were to take those writings and wad them up and throw them into the would have come back down exactly like an incompetent buffoon acting like he was Mr. Toughguy with lots of red line and Tomahawk Cruise missiles and no need to consult wit' nuttin' o nobody!  That same buffoon lets his Secretary of State go out and pronounce the beginning of the new era of bellicosity against Bad Leaders, only to be contradicted within 12 in diametrical fashion...just before heading out to play a little golf....with Joe Biden????????????????????
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