Friday, 30 August 2013

Running Analysis - Choices range from Bad to Worst Possible

EL ZORRO has made one of his passes....and since we were out in the back pasture...we neither heard nor saw neither hide nor hair of him or his mount.  But the urgency of the message, and the necessary depressing tone is like a stereo whose one speaker says, "Your stereo is broken," while the other speaker is declaring, "And, we are going to electrocute you to-night". 
     For OROGs who might not be aware Fort Worth and the McAllen area have been pegged by young, single Middle Eastern men to use as their points  of concentration in Texas.  We have, of necessity, had to wonder if we are to be open and friendly in our childish, Texian manner, or if we have to consider the obvious.   People have gone to the airport in McAllen to take a flight to Dallas or Houston and then on to some other place, and found themselves emotionally unable to board the plane due to the presence of a cluster of Middle Eastern men who were also boarding the same flight.
     This is a terrible state of things, but as I have stated before;   no Mohammed Atta, no problem hanging around with Middle Easterners.   I did not ever take active measures to offend Middle Eastern people.   The Japanese seem to at least accept the cold observation, "No Pearl Harbour, no Hiroshima....No Bataan March, no Nagasaki".   And we have a Toyota Plant to show for it!  In San Antonio, no less.
     So, when El Zorro writes these notes in black ink on grey paper, and his scowl is pronounced, believe me, we would like to be writing about our last fishing trip.  But, first with a broad brush and then suddenly with a sharpened pencilled brush, El Zorro bares the truth that has been forced upon us by a uselessly incompetent, arrogant, ill-trained, un-educated poseur who thinks he is a "real president".   He has put himself into the position of being the squadron commander of the Al Qaeda Air Force.   Wow!   Hope and change.
to  -     El Gringo Viejo
from - El Zorro 
Que tal, amigo Viejo?

What are Obama’s goals?  We don’t know but we can see some evidence herewith.
George W. Bush had a coalition and Congressional approval for our intervention in Iraq which resulted in a huge success.  As regards Syria today, Obama wants to act unilaterally without necessarily getting Congressional approval as he is obligated to per the War Powers Act and, in the case of a declared war, Article II of the United States Constitution.
It is not a pretty thing, a people being gassed and the images of those writhing in agony.  But, we are getting what the Obama Administration and John (Lurch) Kerry want us to see to support an unnecessary and ineffective strike on Bashir al-Assad and Syria. 
Unilateral actions and support by Obama in the middle east have resulted in regime changes from bad guys to terrorist organizations i.e. Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, etc.  He has left Iraq susceptible to take over by radical Islamists as well as, soon, Afghanistan.  Every intervention in the middle east by the American President has resulted in a fundamentalist victory.  In Syria,  Assad is a Sunni and his opposition is not all innocent citizens but mostly Shia Iranian, al-Qaeda in Iraq, and al-Qaeda splinter group insurgents.
Secretary of State Kerry sounds so much like his twin brother, Colin Powell, as he tries to tug at our heart strings with cherry picked footage of victims supposedly suffering from the effects of chemical exposure.  There is no reason to doubt that is real; however, the lies and deceit make it difficult to believe this is as prevalent as they want us to.
As to support for an attack of any kind, the President is obligated by law to get Congressional approval.  In the case of a military action, not declared war, he has to give Congress 48 hours’ notice to get approval.  In regard to a coalition he has one state, France, who is ready for a strike.  France might as well be a Muslim country as they are controlled at least covertly by the 8% and growing Muslim population. The Muslims in France do not integrate with the population but practice Sharia which is condoned by the French government out of fear.  The demographics in western Europe are quickly changing by immigration from Islamists from the middle east and then by propagation in the settlements within the European states.  The Islamist demographics are changing in the U.S. as seen in Chicago and other major cities where the Islamist communities segregate themselves and establish their own Sharia law at the exclusion of U.S. and State law.  A very informative source, The Grand Jihad, documents radical Islamist migration to America and sources from the middle east.
What Americans should be concerned about is this President’s support for and interaction with the Muslim Caliphate and specifically the fundamental Islamic strength.  Whether intentionally or out of ignorance, his foreign policy actions have all supported and strengthened the radical Islamists.  The world demographics are in favour of radical Islam and the Sharia law that comes with it.  He disregards our Constitution to further his ideological goals which seem to support an evil caliphate.  We would hope that is not the case.
Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, and now Syria.  “Inch by inch, step by step…”  We are unwittingly fighting for Islam and against Christianity, Judaism, and all other faiths as well as atheist and agnostic.  America is under siege from within. 
Israel is left hanging.  If Assad launches against Israel it will be his warning to the U.S. and the fault of a threatened or real attack on Syria by the U.S., not by the radical insurgents.  Obama would attack Syria to empower the insurgents at the expense of Israel… so it seems.  Would he allow casualties in Israel under the pretence of stopping the use of chemicals by Assad?  This does not make sense unless our President has another agenda as eluded to here.
What happens next?