Thursday, 25 July 2013

Stem Winder Insult

Phoney scandals?  Phoney scandals?    Allow that El Gringo Viejo should opine.  There is terribly little phony about 4 dead American State Department assignees in Libya.   There is absolutely nothing phony about up to nearly 500 dead Mexican innocents and heroes killed by a gun walking scheme meant to initiate an offensive on private firearm ownership in the United States of America.   There is nothing phony about up to 14 dead Libyan government militia who were chewed up by the attack that killed the 4 above-mentioned American State Department personnel.   It is not phoney that the American public had to hear the truth from a Libyan interim President about the situation, 36 hours after the affair, and simultaneously listen to lies from the Las Vegas Kid and (Sir Edmund)Hillary for almost a month....backed up by other liars who were desperately trying to keep the egg off of the face of the president, during his re-election campaign.
     Phoney scandals?   The little Republican witch from Delaware had her tax information breached during her campaign.  The IRS released information to a Delaware state comptroller about her tax information.  The information was incorrect, it was determined to be incorrect, but the Democrat-lackey state employee released the information to the press anyway.   Both the IRS official and the Democrat-lackey state employee knew the information was incorrect, but they released it to the press anyway.   Phoney?
    Several hundred grass-root activist organisations had their applications for tax exempt status sat upon by the IRS non-profit processing department.  No action was taken beyond the demanding of impertinent and inappropriate compliances for information that most frequently was not within the right or purview of the IRS to know or have.   "When you pray, what do you pray for?" is not really an IRS-type question, unless there is a scandal brewing.
     Occupy Wall Street?   No compliance, no problem, no nothing.  Leftist organisations that are famous for violating non-profit rules, campaign laws, and accounting regulations?  No oversight.   No punishment.  No admonitions.
     The President of the United States, on a live broadcast, during the last presidential campaign, on a major Spanish language network, being interviewed by two liberal anti-American Latin reporters, when asked about the "Fast and Furious" program identified it as something that he inherited from the Bush Administration and it was also something that Eric Holder shut down once he learned about it.    The response was such a blatant lie that had any Republican said it, he/she would have been immediately taken out, wrapped in duct tape, put on a rust-bucket trawler, floated out to sea, and dumped into the shark farm.
     Of course, the president was facing Mitt Romney and his crack team of political advisors, and they want to have pillow fights with nice, soft fluffy pillows even as the opposition is firing 105mm Howitzers right into our eye sockets.   A person can pretty much tell what the outcome is going to be.   But it is a scandal!   The best counts show that many, many innocents and heroes have been killed by the firearms that Eric Holder and the thugs at the ATF who did such a good job at Mount Carmel that they figured they should do it again (anything to justify disarming private American firearms owners).   And they did do it again.
    Is is a scandal that they would arrange for firearms to be placed into the hands of cartel scum who have been proven to have absolutely no souls so that those same guns would ultimately have to wind up being used to kill American law enforcement personnel or, of less importance to the ATF, common  nobodies like American citizens who are not as important as the ATF agents.   Who should control all the guns, after all?    The ATF, right?   The totalitarians like Obama and Holder think so.
    If it weren't a scandal, then why do they have to lie about it?   It is an avalanche of hypocrisy.   We love "Hispanics" say the Obamatrons and Democrat National Socialists...but a few hundred dead meskins?   Well, a little collateral damage can be a good thing,  I guess they would say.   Little matter that they were killed in cross-fires between cartels with firearms literally placed in the hands of cartels members by the ATF and E.   If a Republican had done it, they would have taken him out and embalmed alive with battery acid.
The true phoney scandal is the "War on Women" the Democrats have declared that the Republicans have declared on women:    The Marxist-feminist women's movement decides what issues are women's issues and immediately says that the patriarchal, fascist conservative tea-baggers are opposed to women's access to reproductive rights.
War on Women?
     There's Hillary and Huma.   They are happy because they have battle scars, put on them by their husbands.  And yet, they are fools to stay with them in one respect, but in the other perspective, the only way they can crawl to the top of the garbage pile and be important is by suffering the public insults and degradation that would cause any non-insane woman to turn on her heel and head for the nearest divorce lawyer.  These guys are not one-night mistake type of hubbys.  Both of these guys are proven demonstrable perverts...and it is only a matter of time before Weenie will join Billy Jeff in the ranks of violent offenders.

About Planned Parenthood's successes in the War Against Women:
      They told us incessantly that there needs to be more "openness" about sexual matters and that more "education" and clinical understanding of pregnancy and responsible sexual activity among the adolescents and tbbballalab blah, blah, blah.   The more pills are circulated, and the more that is taught, it could be demonstrated, the more venereal disease, AIDS, "surprise" pregnancies, and "un-fathered" babies are produced.   Amazing.   The more we de-mystify the female, and the more naked we present them, and the more protected from pregnancy we make them, it is really amazing, Grace;   the more pregnant and infected with strange and disgusting maladies they become.  Thanks, Planned Parenthood. Thanks, AFDC.  Thanks for all those things that help to facilitate our false sense of being taken care of for free.

    The words "openness", "education", and "understanding" are buzzwords as we know for indoctrination.   The Girl Scouts of America is daily putting its message to girls more and more in focus with that of Planned Parenthood.

Also, by the way:
  Any woman as dull, arrogant, incompetent, mendacious, violent, narcissistic, criminally disposed,  and unpleasant as Hillary Rodham could never be taken seriously without a dull electorate that is fuelled and helped along by ignorance and the vitriol of deranged radical leftist feminism.   That same psychotic fervour helped push Obama across the finish line in 2012, and we shall see if it will help him again in 2014.  I shall never forget Hillary Rodham spending tax dollars to broadcast a radio announcement into Pakistan, condemning a disrespectful, disgusting  video on YouTube, and citing it as the cause of understandable and justifiable reaction by the great mass of poor Moslems, who are downtrodden and disrespected by America and Americans.
More later.   We thank the reader for his/her time and willingness to allow me to adjust my blood pressure.
El Gringo Viejo