Thursday, 25 July 2013

Do it this way, not that way.


The childish, churlish pretender continues to try to convince people that the Stalinist and/or Keynesian approach to economic progress and income distribution is the solution for all the problems that the socialist and governmental interventionist policies of days before have caused.
    Obama suggests that we must "invest" by printing more money, into green technology, into worker training for the new technology, into advanced higher education, and that old favourite, infrastructure.
    And, the corollary of course is the necessity to tax the rich in such a way that they must pay their fair share, along with the corporations that waste money on executives and private jets.
     That is the spiel.   That is the pitch.  It sells to dull people who think and speak in trite, meaningless phrases.   The White House and the Democrat National Socialist Wehrmacht bring together Choirs of the Dull and have "conversations" with the members of those choirs.   The "minders" and the refreshment servers ("more Kool-Aid? more Kool-Aid, anyone?) really don't give a flying flip about what the dolts are saying.   They are listening to prepositional phrases and dangling chains of words that can be used in Obamaspeech.    Dull titles and words that really stick into the nodding, understanding of the choir members, although they have no idea what the words mean.    The words need not be especially important  in any meaningful way, they only need to send the tingle down the leg, or make some dull dolt nod in serious agreement.   "As your president, I have taken on the polluters and the profiteers".   Such gibberish is the finest fluff of demagoguery.  Things like "hard-earned money", "safety-net",  "the middle-class", "affordable health care for all", "pay their fair share", "invest in the future", "teach Washington that people are hurting", and all such bilge.   Hope and Change?
    These words and phrases are the ingredients of Obama's speeches and press conference demogogothons .
    The trillions did not work.   The money that was shipped mainly into the hands of Obama's biggest donors and into the hands of Obama's biggest supporters (labour unions, parasitic addicts to public assistance) did not "pump prime" the economy.   It remains in such a precarious condition that Bernacke dares not to raise interest rates for fear of bringing on a full collapse of an economy addicted to free money as much as any addict puking in the gutter is near death throes from lack of a heroin hit.


     The most effective AND efficient way to solve the problem of sluggishness in any economic situation, of course, is to eliminate taxes on all businesses, from large corporations to the smallest mom and pop place selling party balloons and favours.
     Why take the money from these entities and people and send it to Washington, D.C. to go through a labyrinth of pipes, tubes, conduits, and rabbit holes?   The result will be a blind camel with his feet on backwards who has to be fed via IV for the rest of his 40 years of life.....and who is allergic to water.
     The companies large and small can and will take the money that was not forced at the point of a gun (IRS) from them and astutely deploy those resources that each business entity thinks or knows will produce an ever more desirable outcome for the business, and also for the staff that composes the heart, soul, and brain of any business.
     Reducing taxes on the middle and upper income people, preferably by abolishing the IRS and establishing a moderately low national terminal purchaser sales tax, and then allowing the central government to fully atrophy by attrition of employees would be the best route.  Second best would be to reduce the IRS taxes to 10 per cent across the board on everyone.  Even the welfare recipients would have to pay back 10 per cent.
     Only the War Department and the independent Coast Guard would be exempt from the death by atrophia, although that Department would be carefully monitored for examples and incidents of waste and fraud.
     The elimination of the EPA and various of the regulatory agencies would also help.  Local regulation and reasonable environmental practices would be much more well handled if the agencies were to be closer to the people who are affected by the environmental conditions in that area.
   If this were the lay of the economic land, there is no doubt that there would be an economic explosion, the likes of which has never been seen...up to and including the "Roaring 20s" or the Reagan Recovery that began in 1982 with nearly insignificant cuts in the income tax rates. 
   That's that.   Taking money out of the private sector and giving it to Solyndra does not work.   Leaving money in the private sector drives employment, wages, and innovation.   Disability, SSI, Unemployment compensation, and food stamps, and such things just do not fuel an advanced economy.  Sorry, Nancy.
  The only problem is, with the above solution set, the National Socialists would not be able to control and condemn.
  Using the system we are proposing, the economic activity of the Republic of Texas would almost certainly increase steadily at the rate of 8 per cent per annum for eight to ten years, and then at a rate of 4 - 6 per cent thereafter all other things being equal.   The Republic of Texas would, of course, continue to prohibit any form of deficit spending or bonded indebtedness being addressed by the general fund for any purpose.
There we have it.  The whole speech takes four minutes, and it can be put into action to-day.   Congressional passage and a signature from the president...y vamonos.
El Gringo Viejo