Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Nancy Pelosi Spoke of "Draining the Swamp"

    The only problem, Nancy, when you drain the swamp, you always run across things like Mary Jo Kopechne's diary.  And a person becomes a bit overwhelmed with the fact that, in terms of overall corruption, the Democrats always cross the 100 yard finish line long before the Republicans ever leave the chocks.
no particular accomplishments, but
 one brilliant and insightful
 comment about Democrats
 and other Leftists

We especially liked this picture
 provided by ACME Sandblasting
     Further, because the Republicans and more especially Conservatives,  tend not to be irrational white-trash, they also tend to scruff-up and render their own cads and call the pound on them.   Sometimes they do it too quickly, in fact.

     One is called upon to remember the inspired words of Joy Behar, (we paraphrase a bit) "Well, of course I have the right to make fun of the Republicans.  They are the hypocrites, always talking about their morality and their goody-goody stuff.  They are all hypocrites.  So when they get caught, we need to ridicule them and taunt them.
     We liberals  and Democrats don't have to apologise for anything because we don't have any morals.  We don't worry about morality."

    So here is Anthony, who has absolutely no CEO experience of any kind.   And he pretends to be prepared to run the city with the biggest budget of all the cities in the world.   He has nary the nearest notion of  the requirements of this office.   Nanny Bloomberg or whatever his name is has been a horrid arrogant, preachy dolt, tolerating things that he should have dealt with quickly and dealing with things that really are none of his business.   But, Mon Dieu! He is a billionaire of sorts and can play ping pong with eight hands at the same time...he's a CEO.   And if Chantel can tell me that she has a "B" average.....then Bloomberg has to be given at least a "B-".   The twirp Anthony does not have the "little grey cells'' of the Belgian Detective or even Chantel, in all probability.

Congressman Gerry Studds
who represented Cape Cod
and adjacent areas, was
implicated in an affair
with a congressional
page, who was at the time
sixteen years old.  The boy
had quite a lurid tale to tell
and the story was covered
up quickly. However,
enough had leaked out so
that Studds ultimately had
to leave his office.
Massachusetts being
what it is, however, the
Congressman ran for his
old chair again and was
given overwhelming
approval for having had
a homosexual affair with
a minor under the age of
consent.   He was given a
standing ovation by his
Democrat colleagues due
to his "bravery".
    As a Texian Nationalist, it bothers me nought that this piece of human debris could be elected mayor of New York.   Look at their city government.  Look at the incessant tales of corruption and mob control.  Look at the fact that New York City eats from the plates filled upstate and that not counting Social Security payments, 40% of the population is parasitic bloodsucking thugs, slugs, and criminals receiving  AFDC, rent subsidies, food stamps, and free lottery tickets.   But, at least, Pervoman, since you know Hillary, and your wife puts in a good word for you as a bona fide pervert, liar, and incompetent who is judged fit by the Clinton - Frank - Studds, rule, you can have a small garage apartment in Sir Edmund's house in Chappaqua.   That way you can beat the USD3,000/month for an efficiency in Brooklyn while you plan your run for the United States Senate.

Meanwhile you can maintain your place in the Democrat Hall of Pride and Fame:
  We have people who have driven off of bridges and left the female occupant of the vehicle to either drown on purpose or through cowardice.  His brother made a mistake and drove his PT boat into the path of a Japanese Destroyer.  In the aftermath Lt. John Kennedy swam and led his surviving mates to a nearby island, towing an injured crew member by a strap clutched between his teeth.   It was an act of heroism that could quiet a noisy crowd.  Seven miles of towage by his teeth.

File:Ted Kennedy, official photo portrait crop.jpg
Thug, bully, drunk, raped a
waitress with Chris Dodd's
help in a popular Washington
restaurant, and of, course
stood up for women when
he drove Mary Jo Kopechne
into the Chappaquiddick
 Sound but, that was way back
in, like they say,
"What Difference Does It Make?"
Involved in numerous dalliances
and finally drove his wife of
many children totally insane.
Revered and applauded at every
turn, because being a good
Roman Catholic, he fought for
the right of every female to have
as many abortions as need be. 
    But Teddy Kennedy ran from his scene at best, and according to him, swam against a 4 - 6 mile per hour tidal current (impossible...but, whatever) across Chappaquiddick Sound...for about 40 minutes.  Once ashore, and a delay of almost a day....maybe it was two, he suggested to the authorities that there might be some relationship between him and his auto that was in the drink back at the bridge...and, oh!  there might be a girl in the car or somewhere around there.   Teddy Kennedy's escapades were never dealt with in any serious way.   Almost all were totally covered up.  The many that were exposed were usually scrubbed so as to minimise the damage to Mr. Kennedy.   So, he is the only woman killer who ever had the title of "Lion of the Senate" due to his ferocious defence of the poor.  Which meant, of course, that he put other peoples' money where his mouth was.   Was known to be sober after the age of 18 well over six times.   Check the web for the story about waitress and her hot date with the Lion of the Senate and the co-author of the Dodd-Frank bill.....Sen. Chris Dodd.


Bill Clinton.jpg
William Jefferson Blythe Clinton
Perhaps a greater cad than even
Aaron Burr.  Thug, woman
beater, accused of many, many
assaults and unwanted
offers of attention.   Severely
beat the granddaughter of
an English Lord while
on scholarship at Oxford.
Was arranged for a dismissal
by J. William Fulbright and
the United States States
Over 140 people of the first
and second degree of interaction
with this man have died,
prematurely.   But do not
despair, his wife is equally
involved in it all, if not

This does not even begin to touch the slime that William Jefferson Blythe Clinton is, was, a will forever be.  People can say that he is a lovable lug...but he is not.  He is a chronic pathological liar.   He is that rare combination of a sociopath and a psychopath.   He will lie when the truth would do him better.
    Please study reputable analysis of his activities and his horrid wife's activities over their years of "public service".  One night of reading....and we mean reasonable accounts...not kooky, tin-hat wearing nut-case tales.   This man was lucky to have had a body of lackeys in the press to cover and explain away all of his massive evil actions.   Two things really stand out.  During testimony before a grand jury, he was famous for responding to a question with this answer, "Well, I don't know.  It all depends upon what the meaning of "is" is.
     His defence team...with many cases floating simultaneously, once argued that "We really shouldn't concern ourselves with all those other charges.  Those activities occurred in the past."  Hence, the Clinton criminal law legal doctrine that a person can only be tried for crimes that he committed in the future.

Barney Frank
Where does a guy start?  He had an apartment in downtown Washington D.C.  He took in a roomie who ran a male prostitution ring.  Barney new nothing of it, although it was a three room apartment with a telephone ringing all the time. He gave his "friend" the Congressional Parking Privilege tag, and also  fixed literally thousands of dollars worth of parking tickets.
That offence alone is enough to have a Republican resign his seat in Congress. He would not be re-elected in his primary.  Barney's "friend" also was a drug salesman and had a long criminal record.  Barney, like Sergeant Schultz, "knew nothing",   He like Studds, was re-elected with an overwhelming majority and honoured for being "brave".  This is the Democrat notion of honour.  This is why Pocahontas Warren can say she's an Indian to her university employer when such a tale is borne by white squaw with forked tongue....she takes the extra emoluments for being Xenahontas the Indian Warrior Princess during the senate campaign...the OROG guessed it...Massachusetts again...and of course the people of that fair commonwealth elected her.   Her policies are to tax the 1% for everything and give all the free money to Democrat donors and constituents.  Quite a platform.    It you have a didn't build it, we did. Etc.
We now retire from the field of battle.  To return until the Yankees are once again across and on the north side of the Potomac and the Ohio Rivers.
El Gringo Viejo