Saturday, 20 July 2013


     A very quick video presentation is available on The Anglican Curmudgeon concerning the lynching of George Zimmerman.   It is precise and concise.  We must move beyond the issue, but at the same time it cannot be covered up with rose petals to hide the stench.
     We are out to flog some of the various and sundry old business issues that the wrecking crew Administration seems content to leave behind.   It looks so much like a serial hit-and-run situation that we really do not know if there are enough wreckers and ambulances to pick up after this administration.

Leger de main, prestidigitation, sleight of hand
Main occupation of the White House and
the Obsolete Press

     We are also convinced that Obama and the Obsolete Press are using the Trayvon and Zimmerman thing as a convenient sleight of hand distraction for the low information, low intelligence "community" and as a sedative for the Chappaqua and Martha's Vineyard set who worry that soon too many people will actually notice that the Emperor's new raiment is terribly transparent.
     The normal OROG will appreciate linking on at our linkage to The Anglican Curmudgeon in the lower zone of the right-side panel.   Worth the 7 minutes and then some.  We do urge that OROGs refrain from venting, because we are on private property where the rules call for restraint, and pertinence to matter of legal process and canonical law as it relates to the Orthodox churches in general and the Anglican Communion (such as it might be in these days) in particular.
El Gringo Viejo