Sunday, 21 July 2013

Observations While Daydreaming and Cloudwatching

     While just hanging around, looking around, it comes to our attention that anywhere and everywhere throughout the Planet known as Terra or Earth, there is not one tropical, closed circulation, low pressure system at this hour, either in the northern or southern hemisphere.   We were told that this is going to be an extremely active hurricane season because America uses 25% of the energy produced on this planet.   And because America uses more than its fair warming and global cooling happen simultaneously, along with climate change.
     The solution is to give Eskimoes bikini stamps.   Then it is necessary to have sad looking people make public service announcements about how one in every six people in the Amazon do not have parkas....and they are your next door neighbours.  I sit beside you at the PTA and live next door to you and our children play on the same Little League team, and you never thought to ask me if my family had enough Parkas.
    But for right spite of the stupidity, arrogance, hypocrisy, and gall of the man....AlGore is safe from being drowned by a tidal surge caused by the "exceptionally active hurricane season"  with a record number of category 12 hurricanes with winds in excess of forty thousand miles per hour.
    And yet....El Gringo Viejo is not saying that this absence of tropical storms has anything to do with climate change....because climate change is a matter of centuries....not sunrise to sunset.   East Anglia University, AlGore, George Soros, the Progressive Movement, the Unified Society of Dolts and Dull Thinkers, The Society of Low Information and Low Intellectual Quotient Dependably Dependent Dumboes can fret about the inaccuracies of their "Sky is Falling" Religion....but they will have to do it without the help of the discerning and critical thinking class.
 What will become known as the Trayvon Vesuvius Cocktail:
     It is becoming increasingly well understood by the general public, something that the "black community" already knew...and it is why there is so little outpouring of people from the "black community" to protest about Trayvon not having a jury of his peers (according to the Reverend Mr. Jesse).
Before long, we shall be treated to the scene of young white anarchists, pseudo-commies, nihilists, and Flukie-slugs charging into the streets to break windows out of banks and McDonald's eateries....setting fires to Dempster-Dumbsters....and generally rioting and befouling the public way.

    In spite of massive efforts by the Obsolete Press and all the company of the Angels of Anarchy and the Preachers of Personal Hatred and Mob Violence (No justice = No Peace) the Black folks have made a tepid response to the call to overturn the verdict....or whatever is desired at this writing.
     Therefore, it will be the return of Occupy Wall Street, and the venereal lice, and the drug overdoses and all the other requisite things it takes to obtain hope, change, social justice and the anti-American way.   But almost all the black folks know what Trayvon was up to on that fateful night.   We would like to know if Trayvon mixed up his elixir as he left the 7 - 11, or if he did it while walking back to his father's girlfriend's apartment.
If your children are fiddling around with these three ingredients
you need to pay much more than very close attention.   If your
grandchildren, nieces, and/or nephews are involved with this their rooms, in their autos, in their lockers, or where and yours have and will have problems.  And they
will have worse problems as their days go by,
fairly rapidly.

    It is known that Trayvon had no "iced tea".  That was a convenient invention of the corrupt, anti-American Obsolete Press.   The actual purchase Trayvon made was Arizona Watermelon Cocktail.   It has become popular among the thug, gang, and low-class trash class that are still school age or thereabouts.   Since algebra and speaking English correctly, or knowing any correct history or something about civics and economics is of no interest or value to people like Trayvon and other future drug-gang leaders, they set about learning more important things.
     Among those things that  are more important are the selling of marijuana on campus, fencing stolen jewelry among friends and acquaintances on campus, beating up nerds and girls anywhere they are encountered, and also mixing up "poor man's meth".   El Gringo Viejo does not know the exact formula...nor will he learn it, but it does involve a not too necessarily precise mixture of Arizona Watermelon Cocktail, Skittles, and what is found in Robitussin.    The goodies reacting with the Skittles and Watermelon Cocktail are chemical constructions named dextromethorphan, Guaifenesin, and our old friend pseudoephedrine.   El Gringo Viejo is neither a chemist nor a doctor of any real sort.   But, it is fairly easy to deduce that with the sugars, acids, and enzymes found in the mixing of Skittles and the Watermelon Cocktail being combined then with a concoction containing above named chemicals, one can have what must be, at the very least, a dangerous mix.

     As it turns out, the regular people and geezers like me are way behind the curve, and learn about these things during episodes such as this Zimmerman thing.  Suffice it to say, and the OROG almost intuitively knows what words follow, the effect of this "cocktail" is a buzz, feelings of omnipotence, heightened aggression and combativeness, and pervasive paranoia that apparently becomes worse the longer a person uses the brew.   It has been associated with gangs preparing to go "on a drive"  (meaning drive-by) or into a face-to-face showdown with an opposing gang.   Boys associate the mix with being able to deal with girls better on several different emotional and physical levels.   But how do we know that Trayvon was doing this stuff?  Because the autopsy reveal yellows patches on is liver....a sure sign that some nice young boy has been schnopsing on the Watermelon Cocktail pretty hard, and for quite a while.

    The press?   They mumbled how they weren't going to use the word "watermelon" because it is racist....and also ''all the kids are smoking and drinking something"....and "it's a juvenile, and they ought to have the right to little privacy; after all, we need to think of the family".    The entire issue is disregarded by the press....and by the prosecution.   No one informed the defence that this passive or active addiction was in Trayvon's quiver of personality defects.  His own character failings, compounded by the fact that he was walking around, after having been, finally, kicked out of school for what were essentially multiple felonies in the "real, big people's world" without any rock in the real daddy, no real mommy, just his father's latest to look after him.   Would you have left your ward to go out alone, at that hour, in the rain, with the 10 day expulsion from school and the avalanche of charges against him?   To buy anything.  El Gringo Viejo would not.
       Did anyone ever tell this child "No....!  Go to your room and go to bed.!"
Did anyone care enough about this child to discipline him or at least just be around?
     The treatment of these facts by the hag who was originally appointed by Governor Scott to pull this case together knew all these things about Trayvon.    Instead of calling in the Tawana Brawley Kid and all the other black klanners and telling them that they would be held responsible for every broken window and act of vandalism and  act of looting...she took the arrogant, corrupt coward's way out and indicted by her hand...not by a grand jury....a person who was completely innocent of any felony or misdemeanour.   She made his life miserable because she wanted to showboat.
Angela Corey
     The woman pictured repeat....did an end run around the Grand Jury system in Florida, a system typical of many Southern States....and took the direct charging option which is permitted of a staff prosecutor from the Attorney General's office.  This woman is hated in many, perhaps most, corners of the State....abusive, threatening, overcharging, and other  specific complaints by scores of people.   Too many and too much to wade through on this blog;  but the OROG can look up her "career milestones" easily enough. If it makes anyone feel better, she states that she is a Republican and an Episcopalian. 

    We have been distracted by this Zimmerman thing, and it is by plan of the Obsolete Press and the White House.   But, as William Jefferson Blythe was fawned over and lionised for his ability to "compartmentalise" during his Impeachment and near conviction....during the administration of his Presidency with so many lies and perversities that one loses count....We, the conservative force, can also slay many dragons with one lance.
     For instance, two tough people testified before Congressman Issa's committee on Thursday, others have presented sworn depositions.  The two testified that Miss Lerner was incorrect when she said that all initiatives started in Cincinnati.   Forsooth!   It seems that the entire initiative came from the Chief Counsel of the IRS....a Presidential Grade appointment....and that that counsel was a frequent flier at the White House.
      The Internal Revenue Service's mendacity and moral corruption has been exposed, and the seconds  seem to be ticking down that signal the approaching moment that will find the White House dumping computers into the Potomac during hours of the early morning darkness.   There is something percolating because of the fact that people are coming forward to say that they were made to sign non-disclosure agreements concerning the matter of Benghazi, and these signings were made under duress.
     There is even some indication that people who were wounded and in the hospital have been harassed into signing these non-disclosure agreements.  But indications are that several are now willing to break their agreements and testify under oath.
     When three or four bricks begin to move, there will almost certainly be a falling wall not far behind.   Why wait?  I ask the Lords of Fate.   I shall throw the chicken bones again to see if a better forecast can be conjured.
    Every now and then we have a question about the affectation of English spelling and grammatical construction that is more than a bit archaic showing up in our posts.  "If you're such a great American, then why are you kissing the Queen's big toe??!!"
    It comes from those days of Anglican drudgery.   I rather enjoyed it.  The King James, unabridged, the working through the Book of Common Prayer from 1655....that still had Catholic spelled Catholick....and other words that had to be looked up by a somewhat bored 10 year old on the farm....all programmed the brain for archaic spelling, rhetoric, and composition.  Bobby Burns, John Milton, and William Shakespeare also share some of the blame, along with Chaucer, of course.
    During my school years, because of my reading so much of even the 1928 BCP (essentially unchanged from the 1789 "first American" BCP which was little changed from the Church of England's 1662 version of the BCP in use in England at that period) caused me a bit of spelling problems during the rest of my years.   Even my lead Sociology professor at Southwest Texas State University gave me grumpy grief about it on a couple of my term papers.   My final Senior Term Paper was well filtered of Britishisms and the professor wrote a final note, after posting me a 99 on the research greatest point of pride throughout my university career....The note read, ''Thank the Lord you can finally write a whole sentence in American!"
     So it is not an affectation so much as it is a preference.   And it is meant for my comfort and not your discomfort.   To me, Robert E. Lee's horse will always be "Traveller" and not "traveler".
    So there now we have it.  A couple of pleasant hours spent with my peeps. And now my blood is cleaned through these keys.   Pray for the salvation of this grand land.   Although I see little hope in the end.  The presence of millions of spoil't and ruined people who were re-enslaved by cynical politicians seems to be a Army of Ignorance and Irrationality that can never be restored to balance.   The call for another flood of anchorbabymothers to be paid 34,000 USD per year to whelp freemoneybabies on US soil (plus 3,500 USD for each additional, every  two to three years)....portends no good.   Remember that I am the fellow who reminds everyone that 0ver 90% of the Mexican arrivals here before the Great Society were are gain and credit for the United States and Texas.   Now, it might be 50%....might be.....but along the border is definitely not.    As Reynosa improves, McAllen slouches ahead....worried about the food bank....when the people arriving at the food bank are driving 1 year old autos and have 100 USD manicure and nail jobs.
But as always.  accept our gratitude for your interest and presence here this day.
El Gringo Viejo