Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Gone in the Morning....Heading South

     Sometime before sun-up, El Gringo Viejo will be heading out on a bit of a business trip.   We shall wind up at the Quinta Tesoro de la Sierra Madre for a bit and then head down to Mexico City for a bit....being gone for a week or so.
     While we are gone, it is hoped that all literate and straight thinking Americans will take advantage of the  movement to abolish  the  Internal Revenue Service.  Any form of tax over the income or wealth is most certainly the power to destroy.   The only form of equitable tax is over consumption.  And over final consumption at that.
      The stupid European method of charging a "sales tax" at each stage of handling of a product is ridiculous.   The sales tax should be charged at the point that the product or service has arrived at the user.   The wealthy who are not penurious will spend a lot, and those with fewer resources, or who are frugal, will spend less.   But it is nobody's business who buys what.
      In this manner, even the poorest person will know that he is part of the contributing group...a paying member of the board of directors of America, Inc.
      The abolition of the corporate income tax would free up enough investment capital to take care of every "shovel-ready" concept ever envisioned since Ronald Reagan left office.
      Except for the fact that America has been trained to look to FEMA instead of to the Great Cosmic Force as the provider of bounty, we would rise even more quickly, were we  to be unleashed from the slave-strangle of the Income Tax.
     As we pack and arrange goodies in the trunk of the Old Dynasty, we learn that the central government is going to sell 30,000,000 shares of Government Motors a considerable loss.  The true recovery price, at this point, would have to be around 70 USD.   Father Obamaham's elves are selling at about half that much.   At least they have another few score million shares to liquidate....perhaps they will wait until every VOLT comes home.

     Perhaps there will be one more message before departure to-morrow.

El Gringo Viejo