Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Usefullness of Fear....Please, Be Afraid!!


Be Afraid!
Being a confident individual does not mean that one can never be afraid. From personal experience, I can tell you being afraid is normal and mandatory in order for survival. Being afraid is motivation for action.

Today we have plenty to be afraid of. It is a simple proposition that the central government is on the precipice of totally managing your life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We sit dumb and happy because today started the same as yesterday and the day before and the day before that. But do not rest easy! The writing is on the wall. We know that the Affordable Care Act and its relationship to the Internal Revenue Service is a reality but the impact is yet to be felt; however, there are significant signs that all is not well. Even the congressional signatories of the Obamacare legislation are now saying it is a proverbial train wreck.

What on earth good can come of this when the IRS is not only in charge of the amount of wealth you can accumulate but also whether you can live of die? Just think, PLEASE!

The central government/IRS today takes as much of your wealth as they want with no recourse for you. You have no part in the decision making regarding how your money is spent. Much is simply redistribution of income via the entitlement programs. Fraud not withstanding, the entitlement programs (welfare, AFDC, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare the largest socialist abomination, etc.) suck money out of the economy that would ordinarily be reinvested in manufacturing, technology, real health care and medicine, etc.

This government is a huge parasite bleeding and feeding off the American dream. It takes from the productive among us and redistributes to the least productive of us. The temptations of the welfare society are attracting otherwise decent working citizens by offering something for nothing as well as taking away the incentive for doing hard work. The IRS is the tool of the government that progressively extracts from earned income at the discretion of the President and Congress. It has extraordinary power to take as it will from whomever it chooses.

This is such a destructive institution that America will not last much longer as the bastion of liberty inspired by God and designed by the forefathers almost two and a half centuries ago. The first and maybe the last of the best society ever designed for the human race.

The IRS has to go! This is the time for action.

"You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." - Rahm Emanuel

The IRS must be abolished in favor of either a flat tax or the "
Fair Tax" proposed by some. Either of these alternatives allow the individual to be totally in control of how much income is allocated to the public welfare. In addition, the gargantuan IRS would be disassembled at a huge savings to the Fed.

Think how much simpler it will be to know what you can afford based on what tax would be attached to a purchase. If there were a 20% tax (all taxes included) and you want to buy a car with a retail price of $20,000. You know immediately that it will cost you $24,000. A loaf of bread at $1.98 would cost $2.38. No matter what annual income is, your additional tax contribution to the government at the end of the year on income would be $0.00. That is the flat tax. The fair tax is a little more complex but the idea is similar. The fair tax is a progressive tax based on income but is collected on consumption. In theory, there would be no tax on foods and necessities then all other goods and services would be based on rates determined by income levels (i.e. poverty level, 0% twice poverty level 11%, up to a maximum of 23%). With the Fair tax as in a flat tax all payroll and income taxes would be abolished.

Abolishing the IRS would repress the Affordable Health Care Act until it can be repealed.

Be afraid!    If we do nothing now,  we will very probably have nothing soon.

Support Ted Cruz and the Tea Party Congressional representatives to abolish the IRS to save America!