Monday, 7 January 2013

To Begin With....

Memorandum to Gretchen of Fox and Friends:
    Gretchen, when you "wonder why" the Congress just won't get together and do the compromising that needs to be done...I have to pull the last three hairs in my head out again.   Gretchen...and all you nice, kinder, gentler, and "reasonable" people out in the Hinterland.....ONE CANNOT COMPROMISE WITH MARXISTS.    They are committed to the establishment of a one-party, socialist, rigid society with control being reserved by a group of elitist marxists ideologues who intend to prescribe and control every aspect of the lives of the people "under" them.  They are adamant about being empowered to control what you think, what you eat, what you learn,  what you say, where you go, when you go , how you go, what you drink, how many babies you have, what names your babies can have, what kind of home defence and safety systems you will have, what you will pay them to control you, what the limits of your attitudes can be, what and how you worship or philosophise, what you wear, what games you will be allowed to play, how long you can play those games, what holidays you will be allowed to celebrate, what you will do when you are ill, what money you can earn and how much, and on and on and on.   They are smarter than us, and they know more than we do, and they understand things more profoundly than we do.  We are proles at best, but normally just nothing more than humanoid amoebas, as far as they are concerned.
     Gretchen, why is Barack Hussein Obama so dug-in on this matter about raising taxes on the "rich"?   It is demonstrable that the amount of money raised, even if does come in, will not address more than a few days of operation of the central government (although even that is doubtful, because the "rich" people will shift and adapt so as to not expose themselves to the new taxes).   The adamance concerning the matter of raising taxes on the "rich" is like Obama said during the campaign when his true inner communist came out...blurted off teleprompter...."GET YOUR REVENGE...BY VOTING!!!" he shouted and snarled at his low-intelligence and low-information dolts.  
    Obama, Michelle, Valerie Jerrod...Janet Napolitano...Eric Holder...DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...EXCEPT TO WORK TOWARDS ITS DESTRUCTION.   They hate and dispise the USA and you and your parents.   Look what happened to your father's automobile dealership!!!   Look what is happening to the self-sufficient.  Compare that to Obama's Auntie Zietuni Obama and Uncle Omar Onyango Obama...two illegal aliens living  in Massachusetts, totally on the public dime...welfare, housing, stamps, medicaid, etc....and Uncle Omar being a multiple DWI...both with high-powered law firms representing their "immigration issues'' and Uncle Omar's DWI issues (among other criminal problems)....Think, Gretchen and Greta, please think. 

SO, to Gretchen, and Greta, and all the Gretchens and Gretas, STOP SAYING THINGS LIKE,"Why don't they get together and compromise?   Everybody is patriotic in their own way.  We need to come together like we always have."   STOP AND THINK!!! Please!   Think of Miss Flukie, who goes to Georgetown University...a completely Jesuit subverted liberation theology satanic factory...and she demands that you and your daughters and my wife and I and our daughter and our granddaugthers pay for her birth control pills.
The posting below appears in the blog of "The Unrepentant Texan"...a veteran.   Following his post on his own blog, El Gringo Viejo responded with his concurrence.
This is what Galveston, Texas looked like after its hurricane of 1900.
  All of Galveston.  99.9%....gone. A minimum of 6,000...up to 12,000 dead.

I have been following the Hurricane Sandy Relief and the Fiscal Cliff negotiations with morbid curiosity (amusement?) lately. I find it depressing that our once-great nation has fallen so low into the depths of socialism.
I saw Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey lambasting the House of Representatives for not voting on a measure to pass a $60 Billion, pork-laden, "relief package" for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.


On September 8th, 1900, a massive hurricane crashed into Galveston, TX. It claimed the lives of between 8,000-12,000 people (reports differ, but most agree on this range). It was the deadliest natural disaster in United States history.

This was before FEMA. This was before we were $16.4 Trillion in debt.

How did Galveston rebuild? The same way that Americans used to recover from tragedy: through tenacity and hard work. They picked themselves up from their bootstraps and rebuilt their city, erecting a seawall that, at the time, was a marvel of engineering.

During World War II, the beautiful city of Dresden, Germany was firebombed as part of an Allied Campaign to break the back of the Nazi Regime. One of the most notable casualties was the Frauenkirche, a landmark Lutheran Church in Dresden reduced to rubble. When the bombers were done, the citizens of Dresden began to collect bricks. Brick by brick, they rebuilt the church. Men, women, and children ventured out of shelter, dusted themselves off, buried their dead... and began collecting bricks.

Now, in New York and New Jersey, the epicentres of Blue State America, the victims don't venture out. They don't gather bricks. They demand that their government come in and fix it. Make it all better. Build them a new house. Pay for repairs.

See... when you vote for promises, sometimes you get disappointed when those promises don't materialise. When you become dependent on government for more and more in your daily life, you don't go collect bricks when tragedy hits. You want someone to collect bricks for you.

Look, I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I feel compassion for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I do. I mourn the family members they lost, I am saddened by the damage that was done, the dreams and investments that were shattered. I am angered that two months later, some places still have no electricity or water. I am further angered that after the Galveston disaster more than eleven decades earlier, water was restored just four days later. But what I reserve my deepest compassion for, what I mourn more than anything else, is the death of the American Spirit. I mourn the demise of the can-do attitude, the "I can do this" work ethic. I will pray for those families.

Elections have consequences. Can somebody help me pick up the bricks? We need to rebuild the Old America.


  1. Great post.
  2. My father was in the 1st Cavalry Division, 12th Regiment, Headquarters Squadron....1930 through 1933...stationed at Fort Brown, in Brownsville, Texas. That year there were four tropical involvements, including one horrific storm. In the aftermath, the Rio Grande ran 100 miles wide at the mouth, and the disturbance and disorder was total. The Mexican Cavalry and the American Cavalry horses...the ones who had survived...had mixed up on various "islands". Both armies went about recollecting the horses and mules. Many bore the same markings because of shared purveyours. They separated them by using the different bugle calls. By that manner each Army recovered about 98% of their mounts. Galvez Town....there was no posturing politicians...just 7,000 - 12,000 dead people and total destruction. It is hard for people to realise that Galveston had the first or second largest Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, and Methodist Churches in Texas at the time. Over 90 percent of the city was totally gone. There were 30 X 40 inch members, 30 to 60 feet long found 20 miles from Galveston. Locomotives were carried off and found a year later. But, by the third day Negroes, Mexicans, Anglos, foreign sailors, prostitutes, doctors, teachers, labourers, etc. were out burying the dead, caring for the injured, cleaning up and separating chaff from leavings that could be used in the reconstruction. Bartenders and preachers, garbage men and city councilmen, all working side by side. Galveston was a rough town...still has a rough edge to it....but, by God, the Samaritan Rule was followed and we didn't ask then or in Brownsville, for some abominable Messianic Maniac to come and pronounce that things could start back to normal and that he would make sure every body got everything they needed. We have become a wanton race of people....waiting for Father O'bamaham to "give" us back our normalcy. I spit on the shoes of Christie and Cuomo. I lament the people lining up to become contestants in the "New Queen for a Day" program. I expected it fromNew Orleans...but the sociological cancer spreads even among those who before were productive and self-reliant.   We must redouble our efforts to eliminate this curse of dependency and desire for a Great Plantation Owner to come and "give" us our needs.   Ninety nine weeks of unemployment compensation...Great Yahweh intervene!   Just three days after the storm, Galveston had the water on.   Just three days after the Brownsville hurricane of 1933, two armies had separated almost 12,000 horses and mule to each others appropriate side, while simultaneously restoring order and assisting the in the restoration of the physical plant.   That's the way we used to do things.  What has happened besides the creep of government socialist nannyism?