A Cuban doctor says the Caribbean nation is eliminating longstanding restrictions on health care professionals' overseas travel as part of a broader migration reform.   The doctor says hospital directors met Saturday with Health Minister Roberto Morales and were told of the new policy, effective Jan. 14.   For many years Cuban physicians have been limited in their ability to travel or had to undergo cumbersome bureaucratic procedures.  But now they are supposed to be treated "like any other citizen" when it comes to travelling abroad.
    The doctor was not authorised to talk to foreign journalists and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Monday.

Two Reasons for this strangle hold on doctors and surgery nurses in Cuba for the past 200,000 years...or however long it has been.

   (1)  The medical people would almost always defect.  When the Castros sent a large contingent of Cuban medical staffers to Venezuela to help in some natural disaster or another during Chavez's first term, they arrived with 60 doctors and nurses, and 200 "minders" and "assistants" all of whom were secret police thugs.  The secret police thugs held all the passports for the medical people, but more importantly they had the pre-verified, by personal visit, addresses for each medical person's relatives to the 2nd level of relation.

    (2)   At times it would become apparent that a Cuban doctor was not the brave new worldsman and super human.   Cuban doctors were on a level of a Mexican registered nurse, and Cuban RNs were on a level of a Mexican LVN.   There were exceptions, and probably still are.   But while Mexico teems with double AA minor league and up to major league level surgeons and doctors and specialised nurses, frequently at American level, and frequently with American and European training and seminars....when Hugo Chavez went to Cuba for his cancer treatments and surgery, Cuba brought in Spanish doctors.   Cuban doctors had to be "minded" so as not to say..."I never studied that part..." or  "I have never seen this  procedure done this way", or "We do not have these (machines)(devices)(medicines) in La Habana".
    For many years, Fidel went to some hospital in New York City for treatment of his Parkinson's disorder.  Once again, because the myth of "free, world-class medical services brought to the People by the Revolucion" is one of those few myths in the history of mankind that has absolutely no basis in truth.

     And, truth be known, Hugo Chavez is in Cuba because he feared going under the knife in Caracas,  assuming that he would be "gassed" or "offed" somehow either by the doctors or by his loyal friends and supporters.  He has been paranoid....or even quadranoid...for several years, which is fairly typical of tyrants.  They are already casting lots for his raiment even as his body cools down to room temperature.   What is left of his soul will have to adjust to different climatic realities soon enough.

The Republic of Cuba when it was a corrupt, terrible, abusive place with 3,000 political prisoners, was a leading economic force in the Americas.  During the period from 1930 through 1960, it was the fourth leading economy in the Americas in terms of per capita income.  It was 3rd in terms of overall literacy.  It was 5th in terms of gross national product...coming in just behind the much larger countries of Brazil and Argentina.
    Now, it has 30,000 political prisoners, and the 2nd lowest per capita income and 3rd lowest GNP (counting Belize as an independent nation - population 378,000).  Thank goodness for Haiti, right Fidel/Raul?
    Hidalgo County of Texas...a hell-hole of welfare abuse...population 800,000, of whom 50% are on total welfare....has a GNP equivalent to Cuba's at this time.  Difference?  Cuba has 14 times as many people as Hidalgo County.

We pray for the early liberation of Cuba from the present government and political structure, and we pray for the early liberation of the Cuban Roman Catholic Church from the wolves in sheeps' clothing, satanic liberation theology advocates who have been "minded" and "guided" into the pulpits in that beautiful, long-suffering island. The Protestant "Churches" are not any better, actually.
El Gringo Viejo