Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The times call for a brief, new Conservative Credo


 for Times of Peril
    This is written in the year of our Lord, 2013 in response to the ever deteriorating social, political, and economic situation presently besetting the United States of America.  It is one person's call into the darkness.  It is not meant to be a marching order, or a call to arms, or anything beyond a declaration of a very few basic points that the responsible can use as an encouragement to their motivation in Defense of Liberty.   It is useless, during these days, to try to convince those parasitic elements of our culture that they should turn from their ways and enjoy the risks of failure and the exhilaration of the simple successes that come from moving and acting without undue constraint imposed by an increasingly rapacious, arbitrary, and totalitarian central government.   We must simply re-double our own efforts and by so doing, perhaps inspire others who have given up hope of National Redemption, so that they might join the Good Fight and re-establish what was once the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
      I.          This credo is meant for all free-standing men and women.  There is no differentiation based on anything that has to do with age or race or ethnicity.   All are called, if willing, if they are old enough to think critically.  There is no age requirement, and there are no dues.   Those who wish can join this agreement freely and without cost.
    II.           There is no religious denomination, nor is there any religion, endorsed one over the other in this Creed.  The words that follow, however, are guided by the Samaritan Rule, the Golden Rule, and the Beatitudes as delivered on a hillside during an earlier, equally troubled time.   Any believer in any notion of divinity, cosmic guiding intelligence, or angelic combat with satanic forces will feel comfortable using these precepts, and the agnostic is welcomed among us.
    III.         We believe in the higher condition that is represented by self-sufficiency, that is not supported by the intervention of public assistance of any kind.   We believe that all charity should and must be privately administered, so as to avoid the establishment of immense, self-perpetuating bureaucracies that are dependent upon the dependent for their survival.    Therefore, we shall endorse, support, and volunteer with the Salvation Army and like groups and work towards the gradual and steady elimination of public assistance until it no longer contaminates the culture.
   IV.          We believe that if investment is needed in the development or maintenance of industry that it should be done by the private sector.  We eschew the notion that the central government can or should attempt to stimulate what they feel to be the proper path of  industrial and/or commercial activity.   It is more sensible to leave businesses and corporations untaxed and thereby more capable to invest in innovation and/or refinement of existing procedures so as to produce more wealth, wages, progress, stability, and lucrative worthwhile employment.   We withhold our support from corporations that volunteer to join the dole meted out by the central government.
     V.         We believe, in keeping with the quest for self-reliance, that all who choose to defend themselves against violent criminal intent instead of relying on public agencies to protect them have the right and even obligation to be their own first line of defense.   Therefore the possession and use of a firearm(s) for self-defense, for general protection of self and/or other possible victims of wantonness and depravity, for hunting, for hanging on the wall for decoration, or any morally correct or inoffensive purpose is a Sacred Right, not to be abridged by any government, especially the central government.
     VI.        We hold that it is self-evident that socialist, racist elements conspired during the first half of the 20th Century (and before), to carve out the American Negro Race and to do all possible to direct them into a New Slavery of government dependence.  We can point to the peculiar union and association with agents of the Communist Party USA, Margaret Sanger's progressives, the Women's Christian Temperance Union, and the Ku Klux Klan during the period of 1915 through the early 1930s ( ).  
   We further  hold that anyone with a basic understanding of sociology knows that multigenerational birthing of babies who have no known father, present on a continuing basis, will produce soulless monsters.  It is also true that the taking of a religious people, whose anthems are an integral part of the American Fabric, and prohibiting those anthems and any other Christian or Judaic hymns, psalms, and anthems from the public or scholastic theatre of human endeavour, has produced cultural disaster.   The removal of all spiritual guidance from the public school system is to be fought and rolled back until once again young people will know that there is something larger to worship and contemplate than tennis shoes and gadgetry.
      We shall continue to endorse the ongoing movement to eliminate public schools, through the establishment of private and/or traditionalist faith-based schools.  Therefore we pledge to take active measures during the remaining days of our lives, to limit without abortion, the number of unfathered babies, and to direct, to the extent possible, all men and women to the stability imposed by self-sufficiency, marriage,  and the presence of a positive masculine player within the family stead.
     VII.          We observe the obvious when we see that no nation can long endure while its central government is spending three dollars for every two taken in through taxation by armed force.    We therefore believe that further central government spending should be curtailed  to such a point that no more than eighty percent (80%) be applied to present operational outlays of that central government, and the the remaining twenty percent (20%) be used to liquidate the debts owed to holders of  instruments of the national debt of the United Sates of America.    We should commit to establishing, as priority spending, the  renamed War Department and its military outlays  and those various programs to support veterans of military service.   All other expenditures should be reduced by twelve percent (12%).  There must be no deficit spending.

    VIII.          We are commited to the proposition that we should not raise our collective hand against  individuals involved with homosexuality.   We do, however,  also commit to the defense and furthering of the family unit as the foundation for American social structure.  We stand opposed to the notion that people who are involved in homosexual behaviour somehow have a special or different path in terms of civil rights.   There is no manner by which homosexuals can marry, in the truest sense of the word, although there are lawyers who can draw up contractual agreements concerning special relationships between adult, contractually empowered, citizens.
      We hold it as self evident that the depraved torture of a cat is the same as the depraved torture of a dog.   It is obvious under English Common Law that the unjustifiable killing or abuse of a normal person is a crime as might be prescribed by such law.   The unjustifiable killing or abuse of a homosexual is the same crime, there is no difference, and therefore there is no justification for establishing such a crime as a "hate crime" or any special category of crime.   Therefore we shall work to disestablish laws that have been passed to placate interest groups and that tend to elevate their grievances to a level that exceeds the intent of The Common Law.

      IX.         We vigourously reject the notion that we must participate in broad nationwide plans for correct organisation and development.  Project 21, the Kyoto Treaty, the United Nations Agreement on Firearms, and similar initiatives are all violations of the national integrity and sovereignty of the United States of America.  Americans must be aware that Treaties, properly executed and approved by a two-thirds (2/3rds) vote in the Senate of the Congrefs of the United States of America take precendence over and supercede any Constitutional argument or position which contradicts the purpose or intent of said treaty.  There fore it is critically important to oppose and defeat such initiatives and treaties.
       In keeping with this commitment to defend the unique individual nature of America among the other nations of this particular planetary Creation by Providence, we shall also resist until final victory any notion that would permit foreign judicial precedent or finding to be indirectly or directly cited as a justification for a decision made by any court that is organised under the authourity of the central government of the United States of America.  We further urge that the several Sovereign States also deign and require the same conditions apply to the decisions of their local and State courts, civil and criminal.

     X.          We finally commit to the disassembly of the bureaucratic organisation of the central government's bureaucracy.   We will study and find an end to such intrusion that might include, but certainly not be limited to the following entities that we sincerely believe are anti-Constitutional and therefore in continual violation of our Rights, our execution of our Sacred Responsibilities, and our Fundamental Liberties.
                       Social Security (to be privatised), Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability, Medicare (to be privatised), Federal Emergency Management Agency, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives division of the Department of Justice, the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce, much of the Department of State,  the Deparment of Health and Human Services, the Department of Education, the Department of Labour, Department of Veterans' Affairs, the United States Army Corps of Engineers, much of the Department of the Interior, much of the Department of Agriculture, along with numerous commission, agencies, and offices without Constitutional Portfolio.    (All Veterans to be assigned to continuing interest sections of their respective Battle Group...United States Army, United States Air Force, United States Navy and Marines, United States Coast Guard. People take care of their own better.)

     This is a very basic, pacific, Manifesto of Normalcy.   It is a path to fiscal sanity.  It shows a new road to fraternity and unity among Americans, and it eliminates the satanic seduction of socialism and collectivism.   For the next week, El Gringo Viejo will go over this "credo" for various fluffings and abbreviation where possible.  Anyone is free to print it, as all OROGs are part owners in fact of this particular Voice in the Wilderness that actually is heard by a surprising number of folks.   I retire for a moment from the field of battle to strip away my bloodied armour and to rest my mount.
El Gringo Viejo