Thursday, 10 January 2013

Liberal/Progressive Solutions: Pathway to perdition

     Eric Holder is a marxist weasel.   Just like Barak Hussein Obama.  Barak "reaches out" to what are popularly called "hispanics"....a new group of recently found people who are all exactly alike and required to vote in favour of "hispanic issues" because, according to Barak Obama, they are stupid proles who are in debt to Democrats for having "given"  "them" everything.

     So strange.   What is an "hispanic issue"?    Whis is an "African-American issue?".  Is there such a thing as "stay tuned to the African-American weather report"?   To the Democrat National Socialist Workers' Party these people are all the same.  The Party demands and requires that they all be the same.   Activists in the Democrat National Socialist Workers' Party state that a Latin or Black African ancestried person who develops into a conservative or even (perish the thought) a Republican....then he is either no longer a member of said ethnic or racial group, but he is also an Uncle Tom, a House n****r, or Tio Taco, etc. etc. Their words, not mine.
     But, here's the deal.  Obama cares for the oppressed, dark, funny looking people.   Especially the "hispanics".   He doesn't know what the word hispanic means, nor does the Obsolete Press, nor do most of the Democrat type "hispanic" voters....but Obama and the Obsolete Press are absolutely certain that the "hispanics" belong in the Democrat Socialist Workers' Party, because "we give them things that are important to hispanics".   A path to the dream act.  A path into the House of Mirrors at the Carnival.  A zircon ring.  A zircon ring that turns out to be glass.
     AND, then we overlook that Eric Holder and his immediate subordinate thugs had no problem illegally trading very potent firearms directly into the hands of horridly satanic people and that such trading resulted in the deaths this date....almost 440 people who happened to be know...."hispanics". 
       These are only the innocent and nobly involved who we are counting.   We are  not counting the cockroaches who have wound up killing each other in turf battles and score-settling.   These 440 are people caught in, women, and children.   Soldiers and Naval Infantrymen locked in mortal combat.   Honest to fairly honest cops.

      The improvements in the situation in Mexico is not the issue in this blog-entry.  The issue is that Eric Holder, with certain knowledge of the present holder of the office of President of the United States and Valerie Jerrod, intentionally fed weapons that could be readily upgraded to automatics directly into the hands of  cartel operatives.   Their hope was to have Americans and/or American police officers, border patrol, and other state and/or national police officials shot and killed by people using guns that had been "purchased at loosely regulated gun stores in border states (their words)".   Armed with such righteous indignation, the corrupt Obama - Holder team could then say..."THE TIME HAS COME!!! "   And we would have been way down the road to private firearm seizures nationwide, starting with dealers and the ever so compliant sycophant Obama-big-toe-kissing retailers such as WalMart.

      There has never been any recognition of the innocent or the noble who have been shot down by this worthless programme.  Bush's administration had a similar programme that was co-ordinated with the Mexican Army.  The programme broke down when the Army detected that the cartel people had figured out that the firearms were "chipped", and the cartel thugs were removing the tracking chips.   That was the "Wide Receiver" program that Obama lied and said they had inherited from Bush's failed policy.   The Bush-era "Wide Receiver" was suspended two and a half years before the Obama regime was installed.   It ended immediately upon receiving knowledge that the chips had been detected.   Obama and Holder lied, as do all marxists.
    When a conservative is mistaken the left calls that a "lie".  When a marxist lies, the left calls that "the truth".     And there we had it.    No Obsolete Press outrage.  No questioning.  Nothing to see here, move on along.   Four or five hundred dead Meskins?   Well, there's more where they came from....and that is truly how Obama and his staff people see "them".   Especially during the time where there was a rightwing President in Mexico who was continuing the disassembly of socialism in Mexico and who, in spite of what Reuters and AP say, conducted a very successful war against the utter vermin of the Planet.

     So there we have it.   A real toopher.   We have an offensive against private firearm ownership, and nobody who amounts to anything gets hurt.  To bad it didn't work out as planned, but we can wait for another mass shooting...just so long as it's not done by a Muslim Islmamist jihadist, United States Army Officer shouting "Allah Akbar!" he shoots down, oddly, soldiers who have no guns.   We have homosexual and female soldiers heading for the front.  And we also are really good, kinder, and gentler and all because we have soldiers who have no guns.   And besides, "workplace violence" is a lot different from all those killings that might be going to be done by white people who have guns stored up in their houses....there with their Bibles.

     We have a real problem here, Houston....and Chicago....and New Orleans....and Atlanta....and Baltimore....and Los Angeles....and Memphis....and one year (2012) there are 3,000 dead in the named cities alone (think how many there are nation wide)....killed by gangs, criminals, thugs, and deranged people who should be in asylums, and drunks...not one gun discharged by itself.  Each firearm was discharged by a person born into complete public assistance and raised without catechism.   People without souls, birthed to us by the Democrat National Socialist cradle to the grave welfare plan for the use as cannon fodder and low-information voting.

El Gringo Viejo