Thursday, 10 January 2013

Graphological Analysis

El Gringo Viejo has a bit of experience, via his oldest brother the Professor, in the art and science of graphology.  Some say that it is a bogus science, more akin to parlour games.  Others liken the pursuit to something akin to palm reading and gypsy women looking at a client's future in a crystal ball.
     Whatever the truth, the oldest brother....the professor....finally determined that it was a very interesting exercise and that he had found it to be quite accurate.   He was deceptive enough that he would say things that were complementary to the subject even when he found indications of character flaws and/or desires to cover up what the subject thought or believed to be horrid sins of his/her past.
     In the case of Mr. Lew, what leaps out at a person, if he uses the books from which the  professor instructed his younger brother, is the signature of a person who is consummately lazy and totally disposed to deception and mendaciousness.   If graphology has any accuracy, it is indicating that Lew fits right in.   He is a perfect fit for the chair of another lazy mendacious cheat, good ole' TurboTax Timmy Gietner.

Lew's Signature Scribble, showing sloth and mendacity.  Oddly, the thrust of the final line indicates a willingness to see something through, once started.   All loops but one fall below the mid-line of the signature, which would seem to indicate that the signer has no restraints about working "off the record" or in a deceptive or devious manner.    The one large loop towards the end is suggestive that he has a guiding presence, perhaps a mother or sister, or someone who is gone and missed.   All of that might or might not be parlour-game jibberish.  But, there is one thing for sure.  Anyone who enters such a rubric as a signature is WEIRD.
  So, we shall leave with this head scratcher.  It was so striking that we could not resist the comment.    As always, we appreciate each OROG's time and kind attention.
El Gringo Viejo