Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Fiscal Septic Tanque or How I love Cash for Clunkers and Shovel Ready Projects


  A perfect example of sophomoric, juvenile demagoguery is included below.  We address our words to the poseur who would be the perpetual marxist campaigner for the final destruction of the American experiment in Liberty.  We know that you aim every word for the stupid, the jealous, the mean, the envious, the lazy, the resentful, the personality disordered, the pertpetual victims, and the other dregs who are just one or two steps away from the grocery cart and the four-coat summer wardrobes.  They are your image of America:  the helplessly helpless who have to have a "helping hand" because they cannot see a way clear to a real life.
"At this make or break moment for the middle class, the President achieved a bipartisan solution that keeps income taxes low for the middle class and grows the economy," the statement says. "For the first time in 20 years, Congress will have acted on a bipartisan basis to vote for significant new revenue.
"This means millionaires and billionaires will pay their fair share to reduce the deficit through a combination of permanent tax rate increases and reduced tax benefits."  (Statement from the White House, 1 January 2013)
Taken from the Registry of Small Words from Smaller People.

    This is the language of every marxist publication.  It is the language of very, very wise 19 year old, spoiled college "students" who are drinking too much beer, smoking too much dope, or snorting too much dust...and draping themselves around in some convenient mommy-basement, dormitory room, or saloon corner;   "yeah, man...those people don't need no extra money...they oughta pay taxes and everything....it's not fair that they get to have everything for free, man....yeah....my dad says they don't pay any taxes because they got accountants and everything ...yeah, man....it's not fair."
     The utter evil, wicked, and degenerate notion that person "A" can determine that person "B" doesn't need his antique backscratcher, his Porche, his poodle, his money, his pool table, or whatever.....is the absolute ruin of the Republic.
     It is pointed out that while El Gringo Viejo is composed of considerable Yankee ancestry and that part of his paternal Anglo-Saxon is German...his soul is owned by his English Saxon line and his general belief in the proper, natural order that the British embodied in something called "The Common Law";  that law which was meant to be applied commonly to prince and pauper alike.   While imperfect, it did work to build a body of thought that brought about the freest people in the history of this particular Mayan Cycle.   It is something that has separated Southerners from the Klan, and inspired solid social progress for generations without the direct intervention of the helping hand of debilitating government intervention and dependence.
     Among the things that Southerners of decency can do is identify whitetrash, shysters, and flim-flam men.   Barak Hussein Obama and his minions are whitetrash, shysters, and flim-flam men.  They like the game to see if they can trick people with word games and deceptive statements.   They like to shortchange the customer who is buying tickets into the carnival, more for the shortchanging than for the money gained.   The like to say things to which the dull and stupid will nod and applaud, even as they know their words are insulting the very same people who are nodding and applauding.
     There is a reason that Barak Hussein Obama could identify with Trevon Martin as "someone who looks like a son'' .   It is because Trevon is/was Barak Hussein Obama.   He was a cocky little bully who liked to smoke dope and lie and sneak around and steal and "get away" with things.  Like Obama, Trevon thought he would whip-up on a low-class Cracker and teach him a lesson, and who knows....maybe get a wallet or something out of the deal.   He had done such things before....why not again?    What else is there to do when you've been booted from school on a 10 day suspension?  Trevon is Barak...Barak is Trevon...except for one thing.   Barak's communist grandparents had money, and Barak got to smoke dope in better venues.   He allowed himself to think that he knew what white people were thinking.  He was encouraged in his sophistry and arrogance in real live Universities...where instead of applying himself and attending class and amounting to something, he mounted and rode the horse of sloth and undeserved deference due to his "blackness".    No one can be quite as deferential as a hypocritical, racist, elitist, holier-than-thou  Northern liberal.

      The legislation passed in the middle of the period between 32nd of December, 2012 gave us the interesting wake-up on the 1st of January 2013 of being more of the same deceptive, meaningless, temporary jibberish talk and inaction that we have had for the previous four years of this horrid degenerate, marxist golfer.
     El Gringo Viejo says no more than this.   There has been no budget passed by the Senate, nor seriously proposed by the White House since the arrival of Barak Hussein Obama to office.   The lower House has passed numerous partial and complete budgets, none of which have been brought to the floor of the Senate by the corrupt and terribly stupid patron of "Cowboy Poetry", the infamous SEIUnion's lackey, Dingey and Corrupt Real Estate Dealer, Harry Reid.
     Barak Hussein Obama thinks that absolutely no one knows that he purposefully holds off actions so as to have a continuing hammer to bang on the anvil....ringing out "millionaires and billionaires" and "immigration reform" and "people who look like me" until Hell freezes over and thaws out with the next episode of Global Warming.

     We know beyond a doubt...we knew before he was first nominated...that his objective was and is to destroy the United States of America by degrading the military, the currency, the economy, and the culture.   He will leave no stone unturned in that quest.

      The Republicans need to think carefully about this.   They cannot win the Obsolete Press's popularity contest.   They cannot win the love, affection, and/or votes of the stupid, the lazy, and the dependent by preference.   People who play the lottery as part of their portfolio are not going to vote for the good of the Republic.


Zeituni Onyango
The Auntie of the President
of the United States.  She is referred
to as Auntie Zeituni in Obama's memoir,
written by the communist Bill Ayres,
"Dreams from My Father"
     Bill Ayres, communist activist since the mid-1960s, Obama's mother, biological father, adolescent godfather figure, grandparents and most of his professors are/were communists, rabid socialists, marxists, or professional America haters.   Auntie Zeituni's resume' could read, for instance, something like this:
     Auntie Zietuni:   Born in Kenya.  Hung around for a while there.  When nephew was put into the belly of the Manchurian Horse, we learned that I could become a professional illegal alien.  Went to the United States to some place called Masatusets.   They told me I did not need no papers.  I like living here.  They had to give me a huge apartment for free and food stamps and everything.  I have electricity and a place in the apartment where there is water that comes all the way into the apartment that helps with personal needs, so to speak.  One day the racist bigotted white swine dogs came and told me I had to go back to Kenya.  They were very mean, because I like it better getting everything for free.   And after all the discrimination and racism that they committed against us I deserve what I have and more.  It is called repairistics.   Someone gave me a team of lawyers to fight for my rights as an illegal alien making 41,000 dollars a year doing nothing except taking, playing bingo, buying lottery tickets, and being cool and blaming white dogs for all my problems.   I gots lots of medical problems....but that's okay...I gots the free medical from Obama.      

Uncle Omar Onyango Obama
and his Section 8, and his motorcar.
 His driver's license is surrendered however.
  Oh! He drives but just not with a stupid license.
  He is, you see, too important for that, and he has
 mega-lawyers to make sure you continue giving him
the free things that illegal aliens from Kenya deserve
after all the discrimination Uncle Omar suffered at the
hands of the American Republic during his journey through
his productive, inspiring life of community contributions and
generosity, always worrying about others before himself.  A
true gentleman in every respect.   An inspiration to his nephew.
 Oh!  His lawyers did get him an emergency license, "to drive to work". 

This is a summary of the Uncle Omar Onyango's impressive social and professional resume' as pieced together by the Boston Herald and Judicial Watch:
An investigative group that exposes government fraud and corruption uncovered a new record from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) regarding President Obama’s illegal alien uncle, Onyango "Omar" Obama, who was arrested in August 2011 on drunken driving charges in Framingham, Massachusetts.
The document, obtained by Judicial Watch on Wednesday as a result of the group's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed on April 10, 2012, includes an internal agency email from Brian Hale, ICE’s Assistant Director of the Office of Public Affairs, to ICE Director John Morton dated April 1, 2012, titled “Onyango Statement and TP’s [Talking Points].”
The email confirms that the ICE curiously permitted Onyango to seek the reopening of his deportation proceedings which had been closed in 1992:
Mr. Onyango is subject to a final order of deportation. ICE had granted him a stay of deportation effective until June 5, 2012.
The stay was granted to allow him to attend pending criminal proceedings and to seek reopening of his deportation proceedings, which concluded before the Board of Immigration Appeals on January 29, 1992.
On March 27, 2012, the Framingham Massachusetts District Court entered its judgment in Mr. Onyango’s criminal case. Since his criminal case has concluded and his attorney appears not to have filed a motion to reopen, ICE is requiring Mr. Onyango to report to our Office of Enforcement and Removal Operations in Burlington, MA on April 12,2012 at 10:30 a.m. with his attorney of record.
At that appointment, arrangements, including medical accommodations, will be discussed to effectuate his departure from the United States on an appropriate date.
Absent a change in circumstances, ICE does not intend to deport him at the time of his April 12 appointment.
Onyango was first ordered out of the country in 1989.
On March 27, 2012, Omar Onyango Obama admitted to the Framingham District Court that prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him (nolo contendere). Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials, meanwhile, claimed the agency intended to continue deportation proceedings against Obama, however, they allowed Onyango to seek the reopening of his deportation proceedings, according to a Nov. 17, 2011 Examiner report.
Uncle Omar, who, upon his arrest, said his one phone call would be to the White House, has indicated he will fight ICE’s efforts to deport him in a high profile proceeding the Boston Herald conjectured could “drag on for years.” While he fights deportation, Obama will be allowed to drive a car. He was supposed to lose his license for 45 days, but received a “hardship license,” from the Massachusetts’s Department of Motor Vehicles so that he could drive back and forth to his job at a liquor store, according to an Examiner report.
On July 12, Judicial Watch released records showing agency officials withholding information on Onyango’s release from the press and Congress.

(update...of a sort)
     Suffice it to point out that Uncle Omar worked at the liquor store which is something like the story of the  fox in the hen-house, and he had been repeatedly admonished about stealing lottery tickets.  He also had a little problem after receiving his "hardship license".  In short order, he manage to run into a Police Cruiser, lamentably while being in the legal zone of DWI.  He was coming from a very popular, upscale saloon somewhere between his "employment" and his Section 8.   The place...called "The Bones" is famous for excellent drinks, excellents apertifs and food, and pretty waitresses as pretty and well built as the Hooters girls.  The only problem is that Unkie Omar managed to hit Police Cruiser that was parked at the time...with its dash-cam running.   OOoooooppps. 
     It was just another case of the police in Masatusets behaving stupidly...white dogs never change their spots after all....and after all the discrimination and racism Unkie Omar had to suffer historically at the hands of the White Dogs......the humanity of it all....just...what can I say....just, the humanity of it all.   And a brain concussion....and ...and...the Children.


     Democrats, as presently composed, are obviously in league with the Obsolete Press and think they are on a roll.   They care only about t0-day and the next two years and their ability to be re-elected.  They depend upon taking other peoples' money and buying votes with said money.  They take that money at the point of a gun, held by agents of overwhelming legal and armed force in the form of the Internal Revenue Service.  Pay or become desititute and/or go to prison.  Pay so that Auntie Zeituni can have her lottery tickets and Miss Flukie can have her free birth control pills.
     The Republicans only gain if they stay in with their last followers....the straight thinking people who think that deficit spending is the worst form of decandence and whoredom.  When those among you....my friends and readers....the faithful OROGs....roll your eyes and say, "Man alive, El Gringo Viejo is really bonked out!   There's no way that he can be serious about 'withdrawing' from the American Union" , please be aware that El Gringo Viejo is as serious as a bus wreck.
    Texas liberals are dumboes but they are not insane.   Texas Republicans are a bunch of posturing dumboes, but they are not insane.   Texas has a fully funded BY THE SELF SAME EMPLOYEES,  state employees and public school employees retirement system made up of money THAT EACH EMPLOYEE OWNS!!!!!   And, Texas actually has a frumpy bit of filtering about how much abuse a person can inflict upon the "free money" welfare programs.
      The Republic of Texas has, on hand,  a "rainy day fund" of almost 20,000,000,000 (20 billion) Yankee dollars....we have little or no racial conflict....disagreements about politcal positions and various things we do have...but we are based upon the notion of "Friendship"....and our billionaires are dumboes like us....and we are tired of paying 100 to Uncle Sam and having 70 come back.   And having the central government invest in ruining entire races of people in the general population, solely for the purpose of maintaining a morally corrupt government in place.

      There will be one last reasonable election in 2014.   The "Big Mens" will have to make their choices and take their stand.   The self-supporting blue collar and white collar middle and upper middle classes will have to make their choices and take their stand.  If they think they can deal with Hitler and Stalin and Mao and Hugo and Fidel...then let those men's gods bless them.   If they want America to stand as a free Republic, then we can try to keep the House and retake the Senate of the American Union.   If that fails....the inertia of dependency will control the cultural and social mores and complexion of the American Union and we will become not only Europe....but the worst of Europe.

Pray for the American Republic.   I shall pray for the Republic of Texas.
El Gringo Viejo