Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sorry Carville: Hillary is Inhumane to the Truth and to Humanity

    James Carville is a noted commentator on the political scene.  He is a Democrat.  He is also living proof that the Martians dumped him off in the swamps of Louisiana because of his obnoxious appearance and intelligible barking method of blathering insensibilities.   Whatever disposed Mary Matalin to subject herself to such a serpentine, extraterrestrial madman is impossible to divine.   My choice would most certainly favoured joining a cloistered religious order in some cold, mountaintop old convent with no running water or heat in lieu of having to come home to an extraterrestrial, braying reptile.
    In politico, James is quoted as saying that "....folks are just being inhumane" about poor Hillary.   Just think of all the problems she has...brain cancer, brain stroke, wine tasting, stomach flu, brain blood clot, prostate cancer, broken arm from falling down, speech disorder (3 words per minute), Blackface "Negro Dialect Disorder" Act reserved for Black Church Non -political Sermon-Speeches, congenitial floating amnesia, homicidal disposition disorder, narcissistic consumption disorder.....among the short list of wickedness, evility, nastiness, and other redeeming personal characteristics.   Those are her good points, James.
    It was rewarding to note that in the "comments" section of the Politico article...and remember that Politico is a not-too-red, pinko organ...but still pinko....the comments about James's comments were right at 19 to 1 against (Sir Edmund) Hillary, Queen of the Universe in Perpetuity.
     Because it is such a pleasure, and hoping that James will read our blog to-day in case he missed how well his comments were received yesterday in a "safe'' venue, my comments are republished here with permission from the author.   El Gringo Viejo had to go out and find the dead mule and drag it here inside and flail the hell out of it again, but there is really not enough negative that can be said about this thoroughly horrid, self-consumed, mendacious, murderous, marxist hag.

James Carville and Hillary Clinton are pictured in a composite image. | AP Photo
James Carville called the Clinton critics “inhumane, idiotic.” | AP Photo

Below is found El Gringo Viejo's tired old submission

Jan. 4, 2013 - 10:38 PM EST
     Carville! Was (Sir Edmund)Hillary inhumane about the way she disposed of Vince Foster and had Web Hubbell serve her Whitewater prison time, "or else" ? Was she inhumane when she ordered  the FBI to turn over 1,300 raw data personnel files on Republican and other personalities when she came into the White House in 1993 with Billy Jeff?    Was she inhumane when she established a Bimbo defamation unit in the campaign and then in the White House so as to be able to smear the bimbos and other women that Billy Jeff had beaten, raped, brutalised, and otherwise advantaged himself?
    Was (Sir Edmund)Hillary inhumane when she killed all those poor cows she made $100,000 net on in one month of trading a $1,000 cattle futures play?     Did (Sir Edmund)Hillary behave inhumanely when she framed up the White House Travel Office personnel so as to put in her own relatives to cash in on that action?     
    Did (Sir Edmund)Hillary's parents really wait for three years to name her Hillary so as to allow time for (Sir Edmund Hillary) to finalise his successful attempt on the summit of Mount Everest? She said they name her in his honour. She wouldn't be a chronic pathological liar, though, would she?
     (Sir Edmund)Hillary really did corkscrew into that airport and run across the tarmac, with her flak jacket strapped on tight, dodging bullets fired by cruel and cunning Serbian snipers...covering her daughter with her own body and coaxing Sinbad to be brave, and follow her.
     Just like when she said that she was so alarmed when the Twin Towers were hit, because she knew that Chelsea was jogging down at ground zero at the very moment the planes hit the towers. Little matter that Chelsea says she was on a stay over with her boyfriend twenty miles away.
     Was (Sir Edmund)Hillary inhumane when she ordered Defense Department lackeys at the Pentagon to release the raw data personnel file of Linda Tripp?   You know that Chuck Colson went to prison for three years, for having one SEALED and UNOPENNED raw data personnel file in his desk.    But you play by the rules that say that Democrats can murder girls and stuff them in the back of an Oldsmobile and pay a 25 dollar fine, while Republicans go to prison for twenty years for a parking ticket. Democrats can run a homosexual prostitution ring out of their apartments, fix tickets for their homosexual partners, have relations with 16 year old congressional pages.....and receive a standing ovation on the floor of the Congress when they appear back in circulation.
   Let's not even begin with the assault on the Mt. Carmel compound of those poor stupid religious kooks...Hillary outdid herself in setting up a deal whereby 40 children died.
   But, she solved that by fixing up a presidential pardon in return for campaign contributions by the Hassidics. Real Class. How Humane....and no...I do not even remotely believe that she had any infirmity except being either drunk, or over-medicated with unprescribed prescription drugs, or both.
(Sir Edmund)Hillary is Lucifer's sister.  Just think of all the things she has done for Women,  and, of course the Children.
Thanks for your attention.

Below is found another representative response from the Cosmos to James's braying

Carville: Hillary haters 'inhumane'.............
Hey Skeletor..............We KNOW corruption where YOU come from is something you admire..........
But it's the LAST thing we need to put into the White House.
Ultimately the Clintons were never charged, but 15 other persons were convicted of more than 40 crimes, including Bill Clinton's successor as Governor, who was removed from office.[39]

Tax returns

In March 1992, during his presidential campaign, the Clintons acknowledged that on their 1984 and 1985 tax returns, they had claimed improper tax deductions for interest payments made by the Whitewater Development Company and not them personally.[40] Due to the age of mistake, the Clintons were not obligated to make good the error, but Bill Clinton announced that they would nonetheless do so.[40]
Deputy White House counsel Vince Foster looked into this matter, but did not take any action before his death.[40] Almost two years from the original announcement passed before, on December 28, 1993, the Clintons did make this reimbursement payment, for $4,900, to the Internal Revenue Service. This was done just before Justice Department investigators started seeking the Clintons' Whitewater files. The payment was made without filing an amended return (possibly because the three-year period for amended return filing had passed), but did include full interest on the amount in error, including the additional two-year delay.[40] The Whitewater files in question, publicly released in August 1995, cast some doubt on the Clintons' assertions in the matter, as they showed that the couple were aware that the interest payments in question were by the Whitewater corporation and not them personally.[40]

(el gringo viejo does add that Billy Jeff Blythe was fined by a judge some $25,000 and disbarred for having "substantially and purposefully misled the court with his testimony" the matter concerning Paula Jones)


'Nuff said.   Thanks for waking up with us!
El Gringo Viejo