Friday, 4 January 2013

Col. Hugo gets to smell the sulphur again, soon.

     We have been sorting through Cuban, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Mexican, Argentine, and European commentary and reporting about another dictator who rules by means of heading a operative majority of low-information voters.   It is tiresome.  These thugs who take power and say that they are democratically elected, strutting around as if they have some kind of moral high ground because they spend public money to stay in power.   They all but give money away to the procreative class that supplies troops to the gangs of thugs who graduate to become terroristic criminals and government operatives.
El presidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, durante un mitin,
celebrado el pasado 4 de octubre en Caracas.
 / jorge silva (REUTERS)
     People like the little, pudgy, simian-looking "colonel" who arrive to high office without the merest qualification, save for the willingness to promise any and every thing to the graffiti and litter and procreative crowd, are too numerous in the empty halls of insignificant history to bother remembering.   However, it is true that they come and, thankfully, they go.
     What El Gringo Viejo has been able to glean from the various fountains of information that proceed from the pens and convoluted mental processes of the international press is that the peculiar looking colonel is in all likelihood not going to attend his inauguration for the next term of the Presidency of Venezuela.   An unfortunate extemporaneous statement by one of the Spanish doctors has led almost everyone to believe that the peculiar looking  colonel is headed for that great sulphur corral in El Rancho BarZeelBub, sooner rather than later.
     It would have been good to ask the Spanish doctor why it is that Spanish doctors were in charge of events concerning the peculiar looking "colonel" everybody in the world knows that the Cuban medical system is the best, most advanced, and finest in the world....and it's FREEEEEEEEEEEE!   But, oddly, no one asked that question.
     What is being asked is if there are going to be a number of expulsion and assassinations now that Nicolas Maduro (a dolt and erstwhile bus-driver)  the Vice-President of Venezuela,and Diosdado Cabello, the President of the lower house of the Venezuelan Parliament will be obligated to try to kill one another.   Floods of middle and higher ranking losing thugs inside this mafia-like government will be making  quick flights to Miami, Mexico City, and/or Rio de Janiero in a few weeks. 

Diosdado Cabello (izquierda) y Nicolás Maduro,
        con Chávez en diciembre. / EFE

     With the increased demand in Miami for deluxe apartments and penthouse arrangements for the refugee slugs and thugs, Obama's administration will be able to point to "an improved housing market".   Whether the bus-driver Vice President or the life-time professional thug marxist politician wins out is anybody's guess at this point.   Chavez did have a particular and peculiar way of hypnotising the masses and relating to them.   First blame the millionaires and billionaires, and then give them a lot of free stuff, and it relates pretty well to the limited information and intellect crowd.   Chavez used to drone on during his free form television addresses to the nation for three to eight hours at a time.
     There was a joke about the tourist who came to Venezuela and asked to see the jungles.  The local fellow said, "I'm sorry sen~or, but the forests, they are all burned up."
      "Oh! How terrible.  I understand they were very beautiful with different birds and wildlife and interesting flowering trees.  Was it a horrible forest fire?"  the tourist asked sadly.
      "Oh! No, no sen~or.  El Presidente, he is a great admirer of Franklin D. Roosevelt", the local man answered.
       Puzzled, the tourist finally asked, "What does Roosevelt have to do with it?"
       "We had to cut the forest down for the firewood, is 8 hours of a fireside chat".

     All dull humour aside.  Chavez is a slug and a thug.   He is exactly the same kind of president as the one we have in the White House now, only a bit smarter and more audacious.  Chavez was not distracted by golf and piddling around with small things like trying to say tricky things that leave false impressions ....Hope and Change....fundamental transformation....spread the wealth....Save General Motors....
     Chavez expropriates.  He bullys, sends in street gangs to destroy businesses, he confiscates, and he has street gangs kidnap children of opponents and of editorialist who write inconvenient truths.   He calls middle class and wealthy people "exploitative devils and swine"....something that Obama does not have the guts to do in public. 

     With luck, Chavez will soon be gone, or at least will be semi-comatose for many, many painful years.   With more luck, the street gangs, the brown shirts, the red shirts, and all the marxist, bolshevik, maoist, socialist workers' party, and criminal elements will get together and destroy one another so that the country can return to the relatively pleasant place that it used to be.   It will be difficult due to the recent development of a really, really rough thug class that will be difficult to moderate and/or eliminate for the next several years.   It is similar to what the communist troublemakers in Honduras and Guatemala have developed over the last 30 years, the final product of which is the Mara Salvatrucha XIII .

     What is good, in a way, is these various extreme left and extreme anti-social groups that Chavez has been able to, more or less, keep on the same general path, will immediately begin to start to eat each others liver and gall bladders as soon as it is apparent that Chavez does not have enough strength to pull a trigger.   It will be like Uncle Joe and Trotsky...and like the Molotov, Kruschev, and Yahkov, and Beria days.

Stalin and other Soviet VIPs with (front right) Nikolai Yezhov

The same photo ‘updated’ after Yezhov’s fall. (For a similarly chilling photographic disappearance, see
Vladimir Clementis.)  Behind Stalin's right shoulder is Molotov,
and to Molotov's right is Beria, "the engineer of the Georgia purge".  Of course
Yezhov was the "minder" of Beria.  Ah...what pleasant games the commies play
killing each other for fun and profit.   And just think, the man with the Napoleanic
hand, and the funny cap...he always said that Al Gore, Sr.'s bossman, Armand
Hammer, Occidental Oil, was his favourite capitalist.
(You know...I really wonder how Uncle Joe managed to make that little gargoyle Yezhov disappear?)

Read, also, Trotsky's demise in his up-scale digs in Frida's and Diego's neighbourhood in Mexico City.   There are many fairly decent accounts that speak to the love among the comrades of the Workers' Paradise.   We hope that the communist and criminal elements in Venezuela can warm up that old fraternal affection, one more time.

Toissot's -  Les  Rois Magos en Voyage
Thank you all for your interest.  We prepare our vigil for the three noble venturers from the East who have followed the guiding star.   We understand they arrive in Bethlehem in a couple of days if their horses and camels keep up their noble pace.
El Gringo Viejo