Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Some Doubt?

To any who might have doubted what El Gringo Viejo might have stated about the kind of people who go to Democrat, marxist, national socialist, or progressive rallys or meetings one can run this bit of video:
A particularly obnoxious anti-OROG accused your humble servant of maligning the people who are robbed by the one-percent.   Please forgive this view of your national patrimony, the capital and capitol grounds and environs.   It is called the Nagin / Blanco effect....Let something negative and/or really bad happen in a place where you are in charge, and then blame George Bush.

This clip is after Glen Beck's Rally "Restoring Honour" a few months ago, also on the mall. Something like 800,000 in attendance, all of whom had to pay their own way, and take care of themselves, their neighbours, and be stewards of their surroundings.  For them, it came

Thanks for the extra time.
El Gringo Viejo