Tuesday, 22 January 2013

All Nature of Vileness



It brings back a lot of Memories....but I can still see the tobacco smoke streaming up from the crowd, and shining with the stadium lights beaming down on the lung-filtered swirls...it was beautiful.
     Some months ago, we wrote briefly about the time Paul Harvey, as a very young firebrand, conservative speaker, came to McAllen and the Lower Rio Grande Valley on a speaking tour.  It was something like Limbaugh's "Rush to Excellence" period back when he first went on nation-wide AM radio.   Paul Harvey, with his trademark pauses and smiling through clenched teeth as he spoke, was an acclaimed speaker and radio personality, already surpassing Aurthur Godfrey and Edward R. Murrow as America's favourite voice from the magic box.
     To make the story short, McAllen in those days was almost a perfect place.   If people were to be transported back to that place and that time, some would think they had entered Stepford.  The differences were that it was real and the people were not perfect or clone-like, but they were a noble sort...warts, scars, and all. 
     Paul Harvey filled the north half of the football stadium (he could have filled the entire stadium several times over, but he did not like to turn his back on his audience as he spoke) 2,500 folks of all stripes and types.  We played and sang the national anthem (McAllen High had a really good band) and had an invocation presented the colours and said the pledge of allegiance...(that was before Yahweh had been born apparently)... and then Paul Harvey said, "Good Evening...Ladies.....and Gentlemen."
       He then went on to extoll the notion that all men were entitled and had a right to food, a job, housing, a fair and living wage, an education, and a system where medical services could be provided at no cost, because...by any standard, religious, moral, or ethical...no man should be allowed to profit from another man's illness.
     Paul Harvey had an IQ of about 160.   He was spellbinding on the radio, but in person he could make people nod in agreement to anything.   Even if he were to say "Fish for sale!"...most or all of a crowd would be nodding in agreement.   As he spoke it was clear that he was setting up our rustic little grey cells, because there was a lot of pleasant nodding going on.  Everything he was saying was nice, considerate, generous, and comfy.

     My father was embarrassing my mother, because he kept muttering in his very baritone voice..."That's all wrong" "That's not true" "That's Roosevelt's jibberish" "Can't work"...with my mother saying "Sshhhhh! " about every twelve seconds. She sounded like one of the old steam locomotives still in use over at the Southern Pacific about 4 blocks west of the stadium, letting off brake.
      Then there was a long....long...pause by Mr. Harvey.   Ladies stopped fanning themselves. Men stopped chewing on their cigars and puffing on their Camels and Luckies and Pall Malls. Did the microphone go dead? Is something wrong? All craned forward to see what problem might have befallen out visitor. He was looking down, from behind the lectern, that was mounted on a flatbed trailer with green cemetery carpet and R/W/B bunting all around its perimeter.
    He looked up, still with that smile that was not quite a grin and not quite mischievous, and declared,"Folks, I hate to tell you:     When something sounds too good to be true....you know it almost always has to be false. What I have been telling you for the last eight minutes is published every day in Izvestia, and it is the basic speech given by the commissars in the Soviet Union and communist propagandists everywhere in the world, including right here, in the United States, in our labour unions...in our colleges and universities...in our churches....and sadly even among our major newspapers and from the lips of an increasing number of what Uncle Joe refers to as 'the useful idiots'".
    Lamentably, the speech intoned yesterday by Obama was something very much akin to the openning remarks made by Paul Harvey on that Spring night in McAllen, Texas.   The dolts at the event (those who were listening) were drooling, Chris Matthews swooning, terms like "Gettysburg" were being used.
    And, when it was all over....and the "minders" were running around prohibiting pictures of the mess, the pampers, the Styrofoam, papers, litter, and garbage strewn throughout the property of everybody/nobody....we knew that the crowd had not been a group of conservatives, or even Republicans, or right-to-lifers, or gun-nuts.   Yes, Virginia, even the gun nut shows are spic and span after everyone goes home.
Obama in a previous life
     But, it seems,  never for a march of the Partido Revolucionario Democratico...the lefty amalgam in Mexico...or the OWS crowd, or even when the original "I have a dream speech" was given...everthing was a mess, and that was before pampers and disposable everything.    The slack jawed and dependent produce graffiti, litter, garbage, ruin, and disorder, and then blame the people who are orderly, clean, and responsible for the mess caused by the morally devoid and dependent.   It goes with the territory of being morally devoid and dependent.  Wherever the Left meets, governs,  or resides,  filth, litter, and degradation presides and remains.
     In ever tightening bands, the filthy and incapable are surrounding the bakeries.  Soon they will be led to the galleries to watch the work of the guillotines, led by the servants of Lucifer and the ghost from Hell of the man pictured here on the left....one Monsieur Maximilien Robespierre....who presided over what the Left assures us was 40,000 unfortunates, most of whom needed a bit of a haircut anyway.
     The number of those killed by Robespierre number far, far, greater.  Even children born with title were slaughtered, and literally millions of children were thrown out to starvation and deadly neglect by the loss of their parents and/or other relatives who have been liquidated by the 290 pound falling blade of steel.   Only the simplest of country folk far removed from Paris would even chance taking them in....for those closer to the blade had reasonable fear of Herod's wrath.

     The address made yesterday by the Grand Poseur was essentially a cultural and political declaration of war against free enterprise, normalcy, self-reliance, the Constitution of 1787 / 1789, and any person of free spirited mind and a soul that espouses liberty.    The Gettysburg Address?....I do not think so.    But like the promises made by the "reformers" in those days, and after all the loss of life on all sides, we saw that the promises made to an enslaved mass, once fulfilled, would simply mean that we would all become equal....We were to become all equally enslaved by an increasingly totalitarian and powerful state.   It all seemed to fair at the time, did it not?   The words about equality and fairness are especially comforting, are they not?    Such are the words as they were spoken to the Nazarene during the Temptations.

Pray for the restoration of the American Union that began to be lost at the moment the government established the notion that it could give something to anyone without exacting a terrible price on everyone.
Pray for a peaceful exit of Texas and her entrance into the ranks of Independent Nations.   And further petition Providence that we eschew the temptations that come from the devious minds of people who think they can establish a perfect order on this Earth.

El Gringo Viejo

Texas, Our Texas  -  National Anthem,  then play
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63LuCiGOHGI ,  from a commencement and graduation at Texas State University, where El Gringo Viejo graduated, and then his daughter and son graduated.