Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Nice try (Sir Edmund)

Madame Secretary, please remember what you told the parent of one of the deceased Benghazi casualties.

     After apologizing for his loss, Woods said Clinton told him that the U.S. would “make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted.”    Obviously, Clinton was referring to the anti-Muslim YouTube video that the Obama administration spent nearly two weeks blaming for the attack. … “When she said that, I could tell that she was not telling me the truth,” Woods said about Clinton.
Incompetence, mendacity, complicity, Arab Spring, women's
issues Election just around the corner,  what are all
 these stupid hearses doing around here?  Does
 my hair look okay?
  Should I smile sadly or look stern?
  It doesn't matter how I explain this in acouple of weeks.
  They know I'm solid on abortion.
  The Bald Faced Lie has always worked in the
past.  My voters are stupider
 than tree fungus.

This followed a particularly crass and white-trash like comment by Biden, who told the father, "Your boy must have had ***** the size of cue balls" .   Real class, really real class to speak in such a manner when the whole gaggle of you reprobates had turned your back on a mess of your own making and were, even as the bodies were still warm, figuring some way to blame it all on George Bush or the Tea Party or a failure to fund security needs by the extremists in the Republican House of Representatives.  It has worked before.  Your electoral base is mentally slow...and/or enured of an undeserved sense of anger about their victimhood, and the elitist leftist press will back up anything you say.   You could blame the entire Benghazi thing on an attack by flying saucers piloted by the Siamese Sasquatch Sisters of Doom, and Whoopee Goldberg would swear that she had seen them too.  The Obsolete Press would produce pictures to prove it.  What truly horrid people you are.  And (Sir Edmund)Hillary...Liar, Liar , Pantsuit on Fire, to think that you would even go before the Congress and continue to be the same mendacious old beat up hag you have always been. 
      Just once you could have said,"You know, I'm going to tell you what actually happened.   I was following all of this on the live television linkage that Miss Lam had on and saw what was happening and I ran out and hailed a taxi and we drove lickedy-split straight to Andrews AFB and arranged me a pilot, and we jumped into the SR - 71 because of its cruising speed, and we took off...I only had Vince Foster's old .41 revolver.  But with six shots, I figured that it would be six fewer film makers going around shooting pornographic Mohammed movies.  We had quite a landing there in Benghazi....having to corkscrew down at runway runway...and the semi-automatic assault rifle AAA sniper fire was flicking past could see the lead and mercurial pollutants trailing off of the tracer was coming right a my head.   Now you know that I did not actually fall down...I was hit in the head by a semi-automatic AK-16 anti-aircraft assault rifle cannon.  It was terrible.  The bullet then came back around, you know, it was one of those "boomerang cop-killer bullets" that George Bush authorised with that secret fund from the NRA, and it killed the driver of my SR - 71 or was it an RS-15?  Anyway, I managed to pilot the plane real, really low and I snatched those horrid films right out of the hands of that bad, bad man who was making those dirty anti-muslim movies, and flew back with the poor dead pilot.  It was really like a real James Bond movie know...except that it was really real.  I mean, really real.
     You have no idea how much I suffered with what I had to suffer through.  I was most concerned about those things about which I am concerned, like the mercury affecting the roufous bellied snotblotter, which is endemic to that area where I always have enjoyed camel riding when I am suffering one of my bad back episodes that I have with almost the same frequency that I used to have them before I found the medicine that I am using now.  I used to use a different medicine, but I changed....recently.
   So you see, gentlemen, this is not all about you.   Just think of all the flying I have had to do.  Must think of all the sacrifices I have had to make.  Just think of the suffering I have had to endure, and just think about what a stupid waste of time it is for you peons to be here questioning me.   Don't any of you have any idea who I am"  What my importance to the scheme of things on this Planet is?  Do any of you even remotely know what the meaning of is,  is?   I'm leaving.  I have have an appointment with Madge...time for a perm...  Ciao!

Thanks for your time with us Madame Secretary.   Can someone hail (Sir Edmund) a taxi please?
El Gringo Viejo