Thursday, 24 January 2013

Some Thoughts on Hegel

Just a tidbit.
Chuck Hagel, per the main stream mindless dolts, “volunteered” for military service. But not so fast. Politico said the following:

“Chuck Hagel was technically a draftee, joining the Army’s 9th Infantry Division.
He was called in by the draft board in 1967 and immediately volunteered.”
In the same article, a hometown chum said he was drafted at the same time as Hagel.
My interest was piqued when it was made public during his nomination for Secretary of Defense that he only served 2 years, 1967-1968. Draftees were conscripted for two years only. Volunteers could sign up for two years in the Army and Marine Corp but for that enlistment they would be committed to infantry only. If an enlistee went for 3 years or more he could choose his career choice. The Navy had an enlistment kiddy cruise of 3 years (no draft) and could choose a career field. The Air Force did not have a draft and the minimum enlistment was four years. So if this guy did immediately volunteer he could had done so for as little as two years. Since he was in the infantry, it doesn’t make sense that he would volunteer. Another political spin to pretty up Hagel’s resume.
In addition, purple hearts were given out for toothaches (remember Lurch and the one he got for getting a grain of rice in the butt when a grenade exploded on a riverboat?). I had a facial injury in Vietnam for which I was offered a purple heart by a superior but I refused because it was not worthy. I had been hit in the face playing intramural football in off time at Cam Ranh Bay. For that I spent 6 days in the field hospital for a nasal septal reconstruction then off I went back to the field no worse for the wear. I do have residual effects, apnea, for which I have been compensated.
This is not really an issue worthy of exploitation; however, it does smell like a dead carp. The lies and whitewashes are rampant in this administration. If you liked Pinetta, you’ll love Hagel.
I pray for our defense;  standing army as well as militia.
JRH -  El Zorro....


Rambling statistics and observations....

Gettysburg and Chickamauga  -  five days of battle  -  combatants indiscernible save for banners, pennants, and uniforms, one side from the other.

Two battles,      5 days,   12,500 dead  and approximately      100,000  wounded POW / MIA
Viet Nam 35,000 days,   60,000 dead  and approximately   1,000,000  wounded POW / MIA
     During the Viet Nam period, there were more young men killed in auto wrecks in the United States than in combat or military deployment activity in Viet Nam or Indochina.
     Gnarley, dude.   And of course, El Zorro is correct.   A conscript was drafted for a 24 month term.   Since I was a graduate of an accedited university, they automatically tacked on 6 months for the additional time required for the coming and going  and passing the necessary training and military preparation in the Officers' Candidate School.  My completions were confounded essentially by the beginning of a rapid draw-down of deployments to Viet Nam by the new Nixon administration which took office in January of 1969.  Suffice to say, my experience in the military was nothing akin to heroic.  Perhaps the greatest act of "heroism" committed by this particular soldier was "allowing" himself to be drafted....I served where sent...and was honourably discharged without a negative in my file.   But, like most of the Viet Nam El Zorro, and really everyone I can bring to mind right now....we just don't talk much about our  service during those times.   We have a kind of rule we follow.  "The more that is said, the less that was done".   The American military won the war and the marxists and anti-American elements in the United States Congress lost the peace.

     Mr. (Sen.) Hegel and his brother volunteered for induction and this was normally done by young men, so as to place them on the fastest track to leave the military, usually after doing a lot of boring hanging around, and a lot of grunt work, and during that War, some pretty ugly combat. "voluteered for induction" so as to keep the quickest path to the exit door possible. 
     The regular enlistee had a different bearing and sense of mission,  The OCS guys, the two-tour guys....they were numerous and a bit wierd...because they liked  the food.  And they had that particular American...push..compliance...and fair play notion.   It is hard to explain.
     The Hegels were trained up well as warriors, with 8 weeks of basic, and since they were bound for the infantry, 8 more weeks of  Advanced Infantry at Fort Ord, formation and assignment, and then off to face the vagaries of a war without fronts.   I am glad that they did well, that they served.  But, neither the Hegel brothers nor El Gringo Viejo were "volunteers".  We were concripts...USA (United States Army), not RA (Regular Army);   The military citations (medals) issued to Mr. Hegel were the minimum to be expected for an honourably discharged soldier.
     In my way of thinking Col Alan West would be more qualified to understand the nature and necessitie of the War Department in these times.   He does lack theatre command experience, but Mr. Hegel lacks a great deal more.

El Gringo Viejo.