Friday, 11 January 2013

A Note to OROGs - Archive Access

     We are finally doing a bit of tweaking and upgrading, trying to drag ourselves up to the early 1800s as best we can.    This particular note is just to advise all readers that we have brought all of our ancient writings that were recently uncovered in a cave in Judea back to the Republic of Texas.
  A Bedouin goat herder found the cache, and he retrieved them all just before his camels and goats ate all that wonderful history.
    The shepherd shook me down for three Euros....he would not take the 1,000,000,000,ooo dollar platinum coin, because he said that it  had an image of Obama on it.   Nobody seems to want it.   Now, where did I put it?   Hey....Camel....come back here!!   Mohammed..Mohammed!  Wait!  Your camel ate my 1 trillion dollar Obamacoin!!!!  Wait, Mohammed...Camel...wait....!

Unknown Person Trying to Loot Our Archives from Secret Cave
     Oh, well.   If you all will check on down and to the right, you will find a chronograph, and by clicking on, you will be able to know more or less where the  particular blog entry you for which you might be searching.  Or, an OROG can just page through and be overwhelmed by the modest brilliance of it all.   There is quite a bit of somewhat funny stuff....a bit of profundity....a few jewels in the  gravel...a few sparkles of gold in the sand.
It's open to you and thanks for the interest, as usual.
El Gringo Viejo