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An Armed Citizenry, Valour, Commitment....

     Emboldened by the Mexican Army and certain regional authorities, young men in a remote location in the State of Guerrero, in far southern Mexico have decided to take up arms against residual groups of cartel members who have been tormenting some significant villages and agricultural and seafood production areas.    The first thing that was done?   The relaxation of the idiotic gun laws for a number of contiguous counties in the State, and the call for a militia of civilians to formalise their already operational resistance to the bandit/extortionists.
     They youngsters have been given a point of administrative connexion to the  Mexican Army and they have been authorised to exercise powers normally reserved to the constabulary.  They have been authorised to inspect traffic entering their communities, to board busses, and to serve arrest warrants....using any necessary force to bring such individuals before the bench.
     Most of the miscreants are left-overs slugs from the semi-organised band that were loosely incorporated into one of two different cartels   (the "Caballeros Templares" [knights templar] and the cartel de Michoacan/Sinaloa).   Both of these groups were fighting over the control of the area and both were severely degraded during the past two years.   The centre of operations was around Apatzingan, Michoacan, somewhat near the zone of activity under discussion here, but in the State of Guerrero.
     BUT....this is not the really big news.  What is interesting is the reaction of the people in the area and throughout the Region.  What is telling is one Mexican's writing in to the newspaper with these comments....
Mercenario1945 1 comentario oculto Ocultar Expandir
"La razón más fuerte para que la gente retenga el derecho de conservar y llevar armas es, como último recurso, protegerse a sí mismos de la tiranía del gobierno."
-Thomas Jefferson
"La democracia dejará de existir cuando les quites a aquellos dispuestos a trabajar y les des a aquellos que no lo están."
-Thomas Jefferson
México deberia tener una milicia completamente idependiente del Gobierno, ya que la milicia a diferencia del ejercito, esta primera esta a los intereses del pueblo y a diferencia del segundo que esta al mando del presidente en turno, (vease tlatelolco 1968, chiapas 1994, Sindicato Ferrocarrilero 1959, Asesinato de Rubén Jaramillo en 1962 a manos del ejercito, Asesinato del profesor Lucio Cabañas Barrientos a manos del ejercito nacional).

"Mercenary 1945 writes: 
     The strongest reason for the retention of the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resource, to protect they themselves from the tyranny of the government......Thomas Jefferson
      Democracy will cease to exist when substance is taken from those who are disposed to work, and substance is given to those who are disposed to not work..............Thomas Jefferson
     Mexico should have a militia, completely independent from the Government, since the militia is different from the Army, firstly it is the interests of the people, and the difference, as a second point, that the Army is at the disposition of the President of that particular term. (consider Tlaltelolco1968, Chiapas 1994, Railroad Workers Union strike 1959, and the assassination of Ruben Jaramillo in 1962 at the hands of the Army.  And, the assassination of Professor Lucio Caban~as at the hands of the National Army).
     This particular column had several score "readers' comments" , all of which were overwhelmingly in favour of the 600 lads who had formed up their militia and required that the State and National authority recognise them.   The submission by "Mercenario 1945" however was the most interesting because it is the confusion of a marxist's notion of order,  while condemning the brutality of a socialist, paternalistic, corrupt, and politically all-powerful government (the PRI) using its power against communists who were (are) dedicated to the violent overthrow of the Mexican federal republican union. 
     Tlaltelolco was the site in central Mexico City where communist insurgents had called for a demonstration against everything from the War in Viet Nam to the fascist prostitution of Mexico in favour of  the interests of the industrialists and corrupt politicians by having spent so much money on the Olympics.   Their intent was to stop the 1968 Summer Olympics.  After several day of increasingly violent confrontation, and then furtive people firing upon the cordon of soldiers (clearly shown in various filmings), the large contingent of soldiers fired, without warning shots, directly into the crowd of agitators and university level students and such hangers-on who might normally be found in a group such as that.   The communist organs declared that it had been a massacre...over 1,000 shot down.  The government said that various soldiers had been wounded and that it was lamented that the prevaricators had taken refuge behind the demonstrators who had been told repeatedly to desist and disperse.  They estimated the number of dead at 12 and the wounded at something like 100.    The order to fire had been given on site and personally by the Secretary of Government  (number two man in the Mexican governmental organisation)...the famous extreme marxist Luis Echeverria Alvarez.   He was to become president himself two years later, and begin a destruction of the  Mexican economy (lots of shovel ready projects and wealth redistribution and unbalanced budgets) that would take 25 years to cure.
    Chiapas, of course, is the Grand Movement of sub-Comandante Marcos, a tragi-comedy funded by the widow of Francois Mitterand... he a famous Nazi collaborator during the Vichy period, then arch-Socialist anti-de Gaul maniac, President of France for a time, before the devil came to collect his debts.   Marcos (actually the scion of a well to do doctor's family from Tampico...a white Mexican born to wealth...) led his "indigenous socialists' revolution" into a quagmire of never-ending pontificatory, pointless plans, pronouncements, and proposals that would ultimately solve all the problems of the perpetually poor and exploited again, just like they always had.   In other words, things are worse for the Chiapaneco and Lacandona now than they were before.
    The Railroad Workers' Strike of 1959 was another communist effort, in solidarity with the advance of the Cuban Popular Marxist Democratic Revolution,  to take over a union that was one of the biggest emeralds in the clunky, massive Crown of the  Institutional Revolutionary Party (the PRI) that had ruled Mexico, by that time, for two-plus,  iron-handed, paternalistic generations.   The Communist agents trying to take over the union, also tried to take over the locomotive and rolling stock of the National Railways of Mexico....and at the end of the day....they lost.  Many learned a very brief lesson about the exercise of political power,  and were carted off in meat wagons to the funeral homes in various major Mexican rail termini and centres.   Some estimates rise to the level of 240 or so went to be with Joseph and Karl and Nickie in nirvana.

     All of this is in keeping with the nature of marxist, progressive, and communist commitment to sacrifice the common dumboe union member, daft-brained 20 year old universitario, or peasant who have been loaded up with ten or twelve beers or half a bottle of new aguardiente (literally fire-water...125 proof sugar cane pre-rum ..aka "anticongelante" which means anti-freeze). 

     What is compelling is that  our friend, Mercenary 1945 on the one hand lauds the idea of a citizens' militia, and invokes the democratic-republican notions of Jefferson, which directly contradict the marxist precepts he seems to honour by his further citations. Yet, we as straight-thinking conservatives could only join hands with him and his apparent gradual abandonment of tumbled down marxist windmills to side with the self-provident.  We must remember that the greatest Mexican philosopher, poet, and writer of modern times was Octavio Paz who journied from beyond Diego and Frida, finally winding up at home with Adam Smith and Milton Friedman long before his death.

An armed citizenry, eliminating their
tormentors.   These boys from the coastal
areas in western Guererero State brought
peace through strength and fortitude
to their home, freinds, and family.

     It has been several weeks now  that these boys (essentially boys) have restored order in five counties, scruffed up about forty snivelly scumboes with serious, serious warrants out on them, and done it all with their beat-up old shotguns, .22 revolvers and semi-automatics, co-ordinating and taking a little better than basic training and guidance from the Army...and all without any known breach of honour or abuse of power.  These lads, and many like them, were frequently "chaperoned" by small contingents of Regular Army, but it was the Army's decision to let the boys genuinely do the heavy lifting, thereby gaining the respect and confidence, both ways, of everyone concerned.....except for the bad guys.

Enough venting for to-day.   Everybody can relax again.
El Gringo Veijo