Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Crazy Ones? (cleaned up and corrected/31 December2012)

     At each turn in the argument, the left errs.  While the dregs who compose a majority of the Socialist Democrat Party's voting block are concerned about "their" stamps, section 8, SSI, SS Disability, 96 week perpetual unemployment compensation, AFDC, and lumenescent lottery ticket programme, while their millionaires and billionaire Socialist Democrats lug money into off-shore accounts and into dodges of every known and unknown sort.  But, of course, these same leftists say that is what we do, and what the "extremists" Tea Party and Conservative Republicans do.
     They say that "our side" is held captive by extremists.   Extremists who are so extreme that they are adamant about the notion that the Central Government should run a balanced budget.   They further believe that any money sent to the Central Government in Washington, D.C. will first be wasted, second be used to reward friends and neighbours, third be lost, and finally some might trickle down to the original objective which might or might not be, in any wise, Constitutional.  How extreme!
     The "extremists" who hold "our side" captive also believe that any nation that mortgages the futures of it own children and grandchildren is a nation that has become a slob nation.  But what is more interesting is that the overwhelming majority of the "extremists" are 110% opposed to the increase of any form of taxation on anyone...including the wealthy....although these same "extremists" are not representative of the "wealthy".   So the "extremists" are defending the future of their children and grandchildren, and also resisting the demand that the "rich" pay their fair share when, in reality, it is obvious that the "rich" are already shouldering far more than say...."the poor"...who pay nothing.   In each case the "extremists"  argue against their own self-interests, while defending the interests of  others.   And for this they are labelled as "extremists" by hypocrites like Nancy Pelosi and the very vast majority of the membership of the American Chapter of the  Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei  known locally as the Democrat Party, USA.

     To put it simply, our people worry about others, and then they take care of themselves so as to not impose on others or to demand a "safety net" thtat almost always becomes a safety hammock.    While the main body of draculene blood suckers that compose the majority of the Democrat Party's electoral bloque concerns itself with its own welfare and access to the public trough,  the"extremists" who supposedly hold the Republican Party "hostage", worry about others folks first.
     Go to a rally that fronts for a liberal cause...such as the labour union takeover of the Wisconsin State Capitol building, and the place looks like a disaster area upon the departure of the participants.   Urine soaked walls of the interior of the building point to the pride the demonstrators have in their ability to degrade any venue, public or private.   Their best minions are the shock crowds that invade department and convenience stores and sack merchandise and products in a low-grade riot format, celebrating and laughing all the while.
     Then attend and give witness to the aftermath of a Tea Party "extremist" rally or a Conservative or Republican gathering, and the site is as clean or cleaner upon its termination as upon its commencement.
    Then simply consider the case of a mean and small snippit who comes from and is surrounded by "untaxed wealth", attends Georgetown University, essentially for free, and then still demands that my children and grandchildren pay for her birth control pills.   Why?  Because she is a narcissistic, selfish snot.   Consider the pride the American Chapter of the  Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei has in its finest, like Hillary and Bill Clinton, both of whom are mendacious criminals, in Charley Rangel, in Barney Frank, the murderous, spoiled slug known as 'Teddy'.   Pocahantas Warren is a mendacious slug, but is hailed as a heroine.  To think, an entire political party built on graft, violence, gimme-gimme, and treachery.   Think of Corzine and Torecelli, of AlGore and his deranged, mendacious Climate Change shake-down.   Think of Marc Rich, and Bernie Madoff, and all the actresses, rock and rollers, and actors who are so, so much wiser than us.   Think of all those people who have done so much to improve the world....and, of course, the Children.   Think of the pure low-class, white-trashedness of flying out on Air Force One to Tucson to give a campaign ralley speech about "tolerance" when the bodies of the fallen are still warm, and a seated Congresswoman is intellectually destroyed by a bullet in her brain.  Let no good crisis go to waste, right?
    Think of their Schumer and Durbin.  Think of California.   Imagine New York.  Celebrate, shan't we, places under Democrat Socialist control where gun violence is thought of as free speech and self-expression....where 500 have been killed during the year 2012 in Chicago....and somehow it is our fault, and not the system that produced millions of fatherless, soulless zomboes who will kill another person over a pound of crack or a six-pack of Colt Malt Liquor.
       And remember Auntie Zietuni and Uncle Omar Onyango....Obama's auntie and uncle.  illegal aliens under complete public assistance and protected by law firms that Donald Trump might think twice about affording.

Obama, just get it over with and say, "I want all you white dogs and any of your coloured lackeys and/or "hispanic" lackeys in prison or working in the New We Piddle Around for your rice and beans.  And, I want all of your assets and your guns and your stinkin' Bibles."    Now, don't you feel better, Barry?  Have a snort...break out the old bong...chill, man.
Forget about your dull-normal lumps in your focus groups who actually believe the things you and Harry Reid say.

Islamic Film reaction, anyone?
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