Monday, 31 December 2012

A Must Read with the Anglican Curmudgeon!

     We vigorously urge all OROGs to review and study the  the above linkage which leads to a Soliloquy of Exasperation of a very well-spoken, well-written student, analyst, thinker, and instructor about things traditional, legal, and pertinent to the American Culture, past, present, and future.   Mr. A.S. Haley is a meticulous, carefully stated person who is also an attorney, comes to us out of the Harvard Law School, and is one of the great current authorities concerning matters pertinent to the internal conflicts affecting the Protestant Episcopal Church of America and the Anglican Communion in general.
     Mr. Haley frequently writes forcefully, as one might when he is in full command of the facts of an issue.   But, depressingly and perhaps even appeallingly, in this submission to his own blog, he writes with the same command mixed with a bit of ire, exhaustion, and  disappointment about the American Condition.  Please take the two minutes and eighteen seconds that are required to review the thoughts of a person with an IQ of 150 or better, who can think critically, and who worries about things like Goodness and Badness, and who truly cares about the children....especially to-morrow's children.
And a very happy New Year to all.    Endorse an Independent Republic of Texas....amicably withdrawn from the hopelessly in free-fall American Union....with malice toward none, and opportunity for all within the Frontiers of Republic of Texas.
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