Friday, 16 November 2012

Simple Solution - Quick and Easy

(1)  Freeze all spending at present levels, while simultaneously rescinding the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative.
(2) Reduce the tax rate for millionaires and billionaires to 20 percent, c0mbining
capital gains and standard income tax rate.   Reduce the tax rate for people
 making $20,000 or more to 10 percent.
       Require anyone receiving AFDC, Food Stamps, Section 8 rental assistance, WIC, or
 free Obamafone or free Obamascooter to pay the 10 percent tax on their gimmes just as if they were real human beings.
(3)  After having abolished most of the repressive taxation upon anybody who
 matters, then we could have a 2% sales tax on most purchases beyond groceries, medicine, medical procedures, but not on birth control pills for Miss Flukie.   That rate would not be changed and would also usher in the new period of having currency backed in silver and bonds backed in gold.   By the end of the 7th year, the income tax would simply disappear.
(4)  Advise everyone that public welfare will be turned over entirely to the States and
that parasites will have to do their Queen for a Day Routine at their various State Capitals.   We recommend that they move to New York and/or California.   There is a reasonable chance that Due to the Civil Rights for Parasites Act, they will be able to draw public assistance from those two states simultaneously.
(5)  For corporations and financial institutions who deal with the central government, all payments will end, and all deposits for the central government's fiscal activity will be deposited in the New Dime Box State Bank, in New Dime Box, Texas.   That also includes food stores and convenience stores that sell food to people who are receiving food stamps.  But, of course, they will be hard pressed to do that because they will have to whine and beg to the States, just like the Queen for a Day Parasite Union.   Or, they might try just selling things for something called, "money".
 PLEASE NOTE:     Any government agency, along with all its employees,  trying to spend more than the level approved for the previous fiscal year would be placed in the Giant Solar Powered Microwave that was confiscated by the FBI from Solyndra's black-ops department....and Zapped.

As always, we are very appreciative of your time and attention.
El Gringo Viejo