Friday, 16 November 2012


Just a note concerning the probabilities.
Not the probabilities of Jake telling Ole' Bubba,"Y'all know it's prob'ly gonna rain".
But, the probability of several thousand people doing the same relatively simple process 100% correctly.   Truth be known, if one thousand people vote on paper ballots, it is almost impossible for all 1,000 to vote for the same person, even if that had been the intent of the 1,000 people involved.    The normal number of votes in error would be between 18 and 30.
That assumes that all are literate at an 6th grade level and are reasonably only slightly stoned, drunk, insane, or otherwise hopelessly physically impaired, or suffering from only moderately severe TDS (total dufus syndrome)

The rate is the same for almost all machine voting, except of course for certain counties in Florida.   There the rate can go much higher, especially if the voter forgot to leave his auto's turn indicator firmly in the left turn mode while he was in the voting precinct.
Otherwise, it is patently statistically impossible for that many people to have voted in the same manner without fail unless they all had just a little teeninsy, teeny, tiny, teeny, teeny, teeny little bit of help, from the nice ward boss and the precinct voting judge.

The facts about the odds of repeated outcome participati0n deviation is not a joke, it is a fact. Thank you for time as we stew here in our cauldron.
El Gringo Viejo