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                                  Monday, May 28, 2012 7:01:49 AMby Kartographer
The Eagle’s Watch,by Kartographer

And this is the poem I wrote to go with that picture. I hope you enjoy it.

In a quiet river valley,
Lies a green and peaceful place,
Were warriors come to rest,
Having honorably met their fate.

 No more do they stand the watch
 O'er other Father's son,
They’ve passed their duties on;
 Their worthy service, done.

  Yet flying high above them,
On silent wings spread wide,
Soars freedom's embodiment
And a country's sign of pride.

The mighty Eagle watches o'er all
And guards their well-earned rests.
For he like they, knows the feel
Of Freedom in his chest.

And though he does his best to guard
The fallen warriors' sleep.
Still at times he grows so weary
And must rest his wings a-beat.

So slowly he glides his way
To where the fallen rest,
And there he bides his time a bit
Among the honored Vets.

And though he knows no words
Of the valiant warriors' speech,
Still they communicate
In a way that words can't reach.

Having communed with those who lie
Among the rows of stone,
The Eagle takes to flight again
And resumes his post alone.

In endless soaring circles,
He surely makes his rounds,
Guarding fallen heroes
 Abiding in this hollowed ground.