Friday, 16 November 2012

A Brietbart Contributor Tees Off....

This is the response of a fellow traveller on the trail of truth to a posting by El Gringo Viejo.  In other places, due to El Gringo Viejo's low self-esteem, he uses a psuedonym as well, and styles himself as GeneralLee.

    El Gringo Viejo wrote under that nomme de plume the following, drawing the response we have included immediately below GeneralLee's submission.

It disgusts me to no end that this is the riff raff that affects our lives.
4th graders know more about our country, and can probably to a better job than she.


     It is regretted to have to inform anyone who will listen. Unless your child is home-schooled, or in a private, Christian school, he/she will know nothing about American Civics, History, or economics upon graduation.
     Ask 10 people aged 15 to 18 which came first....World War I, the War Between the States, the War of 1812, or the Spanish-American War and the Phillipine Action.
     You will break down, laughing and crying.


We are born with the despotic progressive behaviour gene; i.e. no empathy for those upon whom we make demands combined with an ever growing list of expectations. The cognizant, skillful and civil society, of parents and teachers have a duty to educate and guide their young toward responsible, honourable, independent self-sufficiency.
       The source of our blossoming malignancy goes back generations. It manifests now in individuals in high places who, as leaders, judges, legislators and educators are but children who never grew up. They have many demands and expectations with no demonstrable feelings for those expected to meet their demands.     They emerged into public view as the 'flower children' of the 1960's. The work product of a cultural cancer that took root in US academia when refugees of Hitler's purges brought the Institute for Social Research to the United States.
      This infection has metastasised over 2+ generations and now manifests at all levels of education, legislation, courts and the White House. The Honourable citizen is dogged daily by 2+ millions of administrative officials who craft law without representation, administrate, enforce and punish . . . all within a tightly knit bureaucracy.   We are witnessing a real-life repeat of the "Stanford Prison Experiment" where it was shown how a child's intellect drives demeanuor and behaviour that abandons any sense of honor when (1) given power and (2) shields from consequences of their behaviour.
      They become incapable of independent self-sufficiency. Their sense of elite status is juvenile . . . like getting a row of gold stars after your name for various and sundry 'achievements' which in fact took no extra-ordinary effort.  Aged children become dissatisfied with the gathering gold stars. They seek nearly worthless diplomas, Oscars, Nobel Peace Prizes, high offices in government, specious awards for best-off-the-year, etc. etc. I wonder what Mr. Nobel would think about having bestowed planet wide accolades and so much of his money upon the likes of Carter, Arafat, Gore and yes, Dear Leader.
      Our salvation is at the voting booth but this presupposes educated and honorable voters. I will suggest that the future of the nation is in the hands of our teachers, parents and those of their students sill capable of an honorable thought . . . and a willingness to exercise those thoughts in defense of their persons and property.
      The Founding Fathers would surely weep over what masquerades as honorable allegiance and application of their wisdom. Wisdom they shared at great personal risk. Much of what I read in the chronicles of world events today gives rise to blurred vision in me too. I grieve for the likes of Pelosi, Reid, et. als. for their teachers most certainly failed them.
Given present trends in the national halls of power, I grieve for my grandchildren.
Here below is the legal and cordial and procedural permissory activities that El Gringo Viejo went through to gain contact and approval to reprint this fine material.   As with the work of El Zorro, we are trying to form a Battalion of Messengers to signal to all that something much worse than the British are already here.
nuckollsr wrote, in response to GeneralLee:
Condescend? My friend I am honored that you find value in my effort to share what my teachers have shared with me. This and similar sentiments offered from my keyboard have been published in the public domain.

These are not MY ideas. I have no ownership . . . only a willingness to ponder, observe and connect the dots. To the extent that you wish to join in this sharing is gratifying and a validation of the efforts of my teachers.
GeneralLee wrote:
Would you condescend to allow this poor old, straight-Republican (44 years of voting), honourably discharged, rightwing curmudgeon, to re-publish your contribution on his blog? It is a rightwing type blog, kinder and gentler perhaps, but only because we do not advocate grabbing people around the neck and shaking them. It accompanies a web-page about our little place in the Mexican outback that is a center for bird and butterfly watchers....and beer and margarita drinkers...or not.

Then El Gringo Viejo sent his appreciation with the following:

GeneralLee writes:
      Your kind generousity is most assuredly appreciated. Your words are soon to be spread upon a small, but potent little Double AA - minor league blog and birdwatching page. We must join and make solid lines of interior supply and communication. The enemy is all about us, we are surrounded, but we are stronger because we think in terms of our grandchildren and our great-great grandparents.
      I had two great uncles who died in the War Between the States who were with the Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, 96th Regiment and Several who fought, but survived, save for one fighting for the concept of local control attached finally to Hood's Brigade in the service of the Confederate States of America.
In the War with the British in the 1770s - 1780s, we had people on both sides as well.
My disposition would have been with the Continentals in the first case and with the Confederacy in the second. You will understand me, agree or not, but this conversation would be met with blank stares in the Student Union Building in most Colleges and Universities in these days.
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