Thursday, 1 November 2012

Pointless Self-serving Post

     A friend...of the few such that we have, and I had a bit of a sit-down to-day at a nice little place over in the Sharyland community not far from our hideaway in downtown Mission.  We solved all the problems in the world, cussed the bad guys, and praised the good guys.   My friend is a little older than El Gringo Viejo, and he asked me if I was having difficulty remembering things.   So then I said... something about ...what was it??  What we were talking about now?
     But in all seriousness, he wanted to know if my early admonition about buying things from off the pages with the little advertisements was still prohibited if the readers are family or close friends, or whatever.  My answer is that its probably better than to uslessly click onto the advertisements, because that creates a truly false impression.   There is nothing false about a purchase, I am given to understand, and that does make sense.   So if you are going to book a one month river cruise of the Danube for your family reunion of your closest 35 relatives, go ahead and click forth.  And yes, that would help El Gringo Viejo's bottom line.  But, it would still be advisable to check for good, better, best in terms of what it is that is desired and what is desired in terms of costs, etc. before anything is bought.   Sometimes there are deals and sometimes there are....whatever.   Think of yourself first, in these matters, and of us, none at all.
     We have tried to filter out as much as we can of offensive or obvious schill and junk.  We have tried to make the offerrings something that is as classy as possible and as high in quality as possible while avoidings products that we deem to be coarse, vulgar, and depraved.   We negate anything that has to do with Red China, although we permit tourism offers out of Cuba.  We use the rule of thumb, "Would Mr. Rogers  and Anita Bryant want these products advertised on their blogs."

     The Old Friend who was the lunch-mate is actually an old competitor back in the Excursion Company days.   We grew to appreciate each other's practices, although I would still do things my way were I ever to go back into the business.  We have clone-like political and cultural intuitions and preferences.   To show the lack of my imagination, perhaps, El Zorro is also one of the same stripe.    Each of the three personalities being compared are very, very similar in terms of catechism, old Episcopal background, wealth and poverty factors, education, rural/urban orientation, attitudes about race and ethnicity, work ethic,compliance, and such matters.   El Zorro is much further down the road in actually making guns shoot straight, computers run correctly after they become derilict, and electronic things know....doing things that actually matter.    Another pair of personalities who are very similar are my brother-in-law and my concun~o (husband of my sister-in-law) would be a terrible thing to do to put all five of our personalities into one small town.   It would be remade in about 4 days.   For the good of all, of course.

     In any regard, feel free to click on things if you are doing it from normal motivation.   Thanks for this totally egocentric message from
El Gringo Viejo